Monday, 21 April 2014

A small Lush haul

 I love Lush and the amazing smelling products they sell but by far my favourite smell is that of Snow Fairy shower gel. Unfotunately it's only released at Christmas so I've had to look at other ways of getting my fix!
I've wanted to try a Lush lip scrub for a long time and given my love of the Snow Fairy sent I just had to pick of the Bubblegum one, it's exactly like Snow Fairy and you can even lick it off your lips! I've only used this a couple of times but so far so good. It's making my dry lips extra soft.

I couldn't resist picking up some of Lush's seasonal easter offerings, especially when they're as cute as this egg and bunny. Fluffy egg is bright pink and sickly sweet, it's fragranced with an old Lush scent - Candy Fluff and smells pretty much like Snow Fairy. I am very much looking forwards to having a bright pink bath.

Bunny is a bubble bar, probably my favourite kind of product from Lush. I've yet to use these but I think I'm going to cut it into smaller pieces to get a few baths out of it. I like to do this with all my bubble bars but I kind of feel bad with this one as it's so cute! Bunny has a pink middle and blue cornflowers in it that float in the bath it's also full of moisturising oils and butters which is going to be a real treat! Again I think this one smells like a less intense version of Snow Fairy.

What is your favourite Lush product? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Ah gotta admit I'm a little jealous! I picked up a couple of the Easter goodies but my store didnt seem to have the Bunny's in! Let us know how it goes 'cause I think it's a must try for next Easter :D

    Best wishes, Danielle.


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