Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What's in my work bag

I had a quick look back over my posts and I don't think I've ever done a what's in my bag post. To be honest I prefer small bags and I don't carry all that much around with me. My work bag is a different matter though as not only does it have quite a few things in it but for me it's quite large too. So I've decided to do a what's in my work bag post. 

My big is a pink satchel from this Ebay seller, I'm really impressed with it. I originally bought a tan satchel from Primark and after only two weeks of use the strap snapped on both sides. My bag isn't even that heavy so I wasn't impressed. On my new bag the strap is fixed to metal loops rather than been stitched on which makes it much sturdier! I think it's perfect for winter and summer too which is what I wanted rather than getting two bags and there's plenty of room in it for all my stuff. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the inside as it's barbie pink but I'm not all that bothered because no one sees that anyway. 

Onto what is actually in my bag...

In the front pocket I keep two bobbles, two pens, MUA power pout in Rendezvous which is a really nice colour for during the day at work and super easy to apply, chewing gum and my lanyard with my signing in/identity card and my fob for getting in the door which gets thrown in my bag at the end of the day, it's facing down as the photo is awful plus it has my full name and place of work on it, internet safety and all that.

In the main compartment I keep, that weeks lesson plans and any other pieces of work, Filofax, gloves, umbrella, hand cream, hand gel, mini brush, paracetamol, ipod, keys and purse. 


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