Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Valentines Day Bits and Pieces

I personally quite enjoy valentines day, I know some people get a little grumpy and moany about it but I don't see anything wrong with it! Showing someone you love them shouldn't be kept to one day or be about expensive presents a little extra love every now and then is all good.

With this in mind I've been looking around for some valentines goodies and here's what I found...

1. Rosie for Autograph bra - this comes with matching high waisted or Brazilian pants and looks so pretty and classy. Just because it's valentines day no one wants trashy undies!
2. Pink and white love heart shirt - I think this is really cute and I'd quite like to own this!
3. Good morning gorgeous travel mug - practical and cute. Anything to make mornings a little cheerier!
4. Valentina by Valentino perfume - I'm not sure what this actually smells like but I do like Valentino perfumes and how cute is the bottle?!
5. Love Locket bath bomb - good old Lush providing some pretty bath bombs. This one is quite expensive for a bath bomb but the pictures of it look good!
6. Prince Charming shower gel - again Lush has come to the rescue and provided Prince Charming just in time for valentines day. OK not a real one but this shower gel sounds lovely!

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