Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Loving Lately List #5

I didn't realise it had been sooo long since I last did one of these posts but I am back now with another roundup of internet lovelies, also known as 'The Loving Lately List'.

Josh found this on Facebook and tagged me in the comments, it was a on day when lots of things had gone wrong, I'd spilt expensive face oil all over my carpet, knocked a savings jar off my shelf on the way to work and money had scattered all over and I'd walked home in sleet with shoes on that leak. It just made me smile and indeed all I needed that day was a cookie!

It seems that some of my most loved blog posts of late are food based. Make of that what you will but the bacon and egg breakfast baskets and the beef and onion cobbler from Nouvelle Daily look pretty yummy to me.

Becca summed up something I want to achieve this year very nicely in this blog post about enjoying the little things in life. I've always been a believer in this but this year I really want to focus on feeling happier and more positive.

Olivia looks simply stunning in this blog post (actually make that every blog post!) but these photo's are just amazing, I also really want the shoes she's wearing!

Oh look another food related post this time from Rosie. This orange curd looks and sounds incredibly delectable and it's something I plan on having a go at making at some point.

Bee's book reviews are always so well written and whenever I see she's posted a new one I get a little bit excited. However I always come away from her posts having added to my book wishlist!

As I've already mentioned I really want to work on positivity and happiness this year so to set me in the right frame of mind I've made a pinterest board dedicated to quotes about happiness and positivity. Who doesn't love a good pinterest quote!


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