Thursday, 13 February 2014

BEAUTY: My beauty urges tag

A few weeks a go I read Lily's beauty urges tag post. It's not a tag with questions just more a chat about the beauty things I'd like to do but will probably never have the courage to do!

Pink hair!
Blondie: When I was younger I dyed my hair lots of different colours. Then I left it alone for years before experimenting with temporary pink dip dye last year. Naturally my hair is a golden blondey/brown shade that I actually quite like but every new and then part of me wants to go really blonde like a white peroxide blonde. I don't think I could cope with the damage and the upkeep though!

Piercings: Are piercings beauty?! Well they are now! I have my ears pierced once on both sides then I have a second piercing on the left side. I was young and decided just having one side done would be cool. Now I really want it evening up so I want the right side piercing again. This I think I'm definitely going to get done, I'm not that much of a wuss. However the piercing I really want but know I will never get is my tragus, I love how it looks but I could never have it done.

Eyes that 'pop': OK so this one is a bit of a funny one as I have actually had this done before and it's not even a big thing but I'd love to get my eyelashes tinted regularly. I had it done a couple of years ago and I have to say I was not expecting the stinging sensation that came with it despite the fact I had been told about it! It's kinda put me off even though I loved how it looked, I don't wear makeup everyday but I will admit that sometimes, with wearing glasses, my eyes could do with a bit of something to make them stand out more and the eyelash tint did just that!


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