Tuesday, 11 February 2014

STYLE: A look in my jewellery box

Quite a while ago now I decided to buy myself a nice jewellery box for all my good pieces of jewellery. I'm not really one for costume jewellery as I have a few nice pieces that I wear everyday and that are special to me so I don't like to take them off. If I do swap my jewellery around for a special occasion I take something out of my modest collection of nice jewellery. 

To be honest I didn't wear any jewellery aside from earrings until I met Josh but over the years he has very kindly bought me some lovely pieces, infact I think everything in my jewellery box is from Josh! I have a ring and a necklace from Josh that I wear every day then I have a Nomination bracelet that Josh's parents bought me for my 21st that I'm slowly filling with charms that I've either bought myself or been bought as gifts. And finally I have a rose quartz bracelet that Josh bought me on my 22nd birthday after we saw it in a shop.

Now for a little peak into my jewellery box...

It has a top try which is removable, in here I keep my DKNY watch which is the first Christmas present from Josh, spare Nomination links, Vivianne Westwood brooch (as it needs repairing), a heart pendant that I sometimes swap with the one I'm wearing, a ring that Josh bought me when we first got together (it's a little thin and mishapen now so I don't really wear it), a bracelet and 3 pairs of earrings from a shop in York called Avatar. In the bottom try I keep a CheChe cupcake watch and a pink necklace.

Even though it isn't kept in my jewellery box I thought I would include photo's of the jewellery I wear every day too seen as I mentioned some things earlier.



  1. Some lovely pieces! That bracelet holds such great sentimental memories - such a good idea and I love your pink watch x

  2. Gorgeous collection of jewellery. I especially love your ring and your necklace. Is it a diamond ring?


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