Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tuesday Treats #35

Now I've started my job I'm trying my very best to not spend lots of money and save it all instead. This is becoming very difficult though as I have my eye on quite a few different things.
Surprisingly the main shop clothing wise that has been luring me in is New Look, I used to be a big fan of New Look then I just stopped shopping there, however there's definitely some really nice pieces in there at the moment which is why this whole wish list is from there!

  1. Daisy Top
  2. Coral Coat
  3. Mint Flats
  4. Stripe Top
  5. Tunic Dress
  6. A-line Skirt
There's a bit of a monochrome theme here with some splashes of colour and I'm really liking that at the moment. The coat and shoes are perfect and the tunic dress is such a bargain. Providing the v isn't too low I'm going to have a look for this for work! 

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