Wednesday, 31 July 2013

BEAUTY: Miracle Moisturisers

I have very dry and quite sensitive skin on my body, shaving causes irritation unless I soak in the bath for quite a while beforehand and I get occasional small patches of eczema in various places. It's safe to say I'm always on the look out for products that will add a heap of moisture to my parched skin. 
Today I though I'd show you the current products I'm using and loving to keep my skin feeling baby soft and smooth!

Cocoa butter body scrub - this scrub isn't like any other I've used, it's really thick (almost solid in the tub) and really creamy. The crushed cocoa beans are coarse enough to effectively buff away dead skin but not so rough that it's like send butter and the cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E formula helps to really soften my skin. 

Nivea in shower moisturiser for dry skin - I hate the texture of this product on my hands I think it feel very waxy and I could never use it for it's intended purpose, as a replacement for body butter as my skin is too dry for that, however I do love this stuff for after shaving. It really calms any irritation down and adds back some of the moisture that was stripped away during shaving. I slap lots of this on my legs and under my arms after shaving and they feel lovely!

E45 Cream - I use this when my skin gets a but itchy and irritated as it's a really simple product that won't aggravate my skin further. As it's intended for dry skin conditions it's good at clearing up any patches of eczema I occasionally get.

Soap and Glory The Daily Smooth body butter - I love Soap and Glory body butter's but this one has to be my favourite. It's really thick but non-greasy and sinks in very quick, it smells lovely and it's in a tube which means no body butter going under my nails when I'm reaching the bottom! This body butter leaves my skin incredibly soft and I thin I'll be sticking with it for a while. 

So that's my little collection of products that work miracles for adding moisture to my skin, I do like to try new stuff out now and again but when I find things that work as well as these products do I like to stick with them.

Do you have any moisturising products that you couldn't live without? Let me know!


Monday, 29 July 2013

22nd Birthday Photo Diary

Yesterday I turned 22 (eekk!) I didn't have anything special planned as it's not exactly a big birthday and my niece was staying all weekend so most of my time was spent playing with her, I also have a cough and cold too. We risked getting rained on though and my Dad packed up a big picnic and we headed off to a tram museum (I'm aware of how geeky that sounds but it's actually really good) and had a good laugh at my niece riding up and down on the trams and clapping at the Mini rally that was taking place. I thought I'd share a few photo's of my birthday including some photo's of my presents. There aren't too many as we took loads of my niece and I don't put photo's of her on here.

 The tram museum and some of the Mini's gathering for the rally
 My birthday cake

Presents - Samsung wifi camera from my Dad and step mum (mines white though not black like on the box) / bag, blu-rays, books, Hogwarts letter (yes really!) and cat clock from Josh / Nomination charm from Josh's mum and dad / scarf and bracelet from my best friend / grey Beatles top from my uncle / black Beatles top and box of chocolate from my mum 

 Close up of my new Nomination charm (the flower one)

Close up of my new bag

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Happy List #92

It's been nearly a month since I last did a Happy List but life just kinda got in the way what with leaving Coventry and moving home, going on holiday to Wales (you can look at all my Wales photo diaries here) and everything else I've just not had the time to sit down and have a proper catch up. But I'm here now and considering it's my birthday tomorrow I'm sure they'll be plenty of things to make up another Happy List real soon. 

So what's been happening in the past month, well alongside the things mentioned above not much really as they've been pretty big things, as of the Tuesday just gone I've took up aqua Zumba and I'm hoping to give normal Zumba a go next week, I've being enjoying the sunshine and this weekend we have my niece staying which means lots of cuddles!

Me walking Josh's new cat, Lexi / At the top of Snowdon / Me and Josh paddling

Enjoying a Starbucks in the sun / Josh made me an early birthday cake / Enjoying the evening sun in Coventry / Our last night in Coventry

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

HOLIDAY: Portmeirion

This is my final photo diary from Wales, you can catch up on the previous three here.
Thursday was our last full day in Wales so Josh and I decided to tag along to Portmeirion with my Dad and stepmum. We'd seen a leaflet for it but we didn't really know what to expect. Portmeirion is a village which took 50 years to built and was the vision of one man who wanted to create a village without spoiling the surrounding area. I'm so glad we decided to go as the leaflet didn't do the place any justice, it's just beautiful. It's designed in the style of an Italian village but takes influence from many different architectural aspects including Wales itself, given that we visited on a scorching day it really did have a Mediterranean feel to it. It's also nestled between a beach and a forest which just adds to its charm.

This one turned out to be quite photo heavy but we took sooo many photo's of Portmeirion it was hard to narrow it down!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

HOLIDAY: Snowdon

I have another Wales photo diary for you today, you can catch up on the first two here and here. On the Wednesday of our holiday we went up Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales and the third highest in Britain! We went up on the train that takes you almost to the top, you have to climb a couple of steps to reach the summit. The views on the way up were amazing as were the one's from the very top. Despite not having a signal for most of the holiday I even managed to tweet from the top of Snowdon. You don't get long at the top but then I suppose how much time do you need at the top of a mountain but it was certainly enough time to get lots of lovely photo's. On the train ride down we even caught a glimpse of a waterfall as the train stopped for a little while so people could see it. 

 Me, Josh, my Dad and stepmum at the summit of Snowdon / An old chapel half way up / Views on the way up and from the top / Me and Josh at the top / Waterfall / At the station / Me at the summit

Tomorrow I will be doing a photo diary of Portmeirion.

Monday, 22 July 2013

HOLIDAY: Llangollen Canal and Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Yesterday I did a photo diary of all photo's from Wales (here) that didn't really fit in anywhere else, today I'll be doing one of our first full day there in which we went on a canal boat in Llangollen and over Pontcysyllte aqueduct which is the longest and highest aqueduct in Britain. The trip was a surprise one that Dad had booked for us and it was really good. We got so many lovely photo's and afterwards we went into Llangollen which is a beautiful small town. On the way back we stopped off at a pub with views across the valley's and stream and afterwards we popped down for a little paddle (the photo's of us in the stream can be found in yesterday's post). It was a really lovely surprise trip.

 On the canal / Ducklings / Views from over the aqueduct / Llangollen / A horse for the horse drawn boats / Views from the pub / View from the stream

Tomorrow I'll be doing a photo diary of Snowdon.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

HOLIDAY: Wales Photo Diary

On Friday I returned from a five day holiday in Wales with my Dad, stepmum and Josh. I've never been to Wales before but it was lovely, there's some seriously pretty places around there. We stayed in Porthmadog then went to a few different places on the three full days we had there. Now it really helped that the weather made it just like being abroad but it was a very good week and I even got a tan! It was such a relaxing time getting to visit lots of new places then spending the late afternoons, feeding the ducks in the holiday park or climbing over the dunes and down onto the beach to dip my toes in the sea. We even managed to win three Despicable Me Minions so I have one, Josh has one and we're giving the third one to our niece. We took that many photo's that I wasn't sure where to start so I've decided to post some odds and ends photo's today then photo diaries from the places we visited over the next few days.

Paddling in the sea with my Dad / Josh in a stream near Llangollen / Me in the stream / Porthmadog harbour / Blowing bubbles / The three Minions we won (one for me, one for Josh and one for our niece) / Eating candyfloss / Me and Josh in the paddling in the stream

Tomorrow I will be doing a photo diary of Llangollen.