Monday, 25 March 2013

Creative Minds

I had the urge to write so here I am. It's going to be a bit of a ramble (but in a good way) however I just wanted to get all this down whilst I was still in the moment. 

I'm feeling creative which is quite a strange feeling for me. I've never really classed myself as a creative person but maybe that's me been overly negative about myself, I have that tendency. When you live with someone bursting with creativity and talent (don't get too big headed about this Josh) it's easy to wonder why you aren't like that but you're probably just ignoring your own talents and creativity by thinking like this. I like to think that when I was a kid I was pretty creative, I had notepads full of stories, boxes upon boxes over flowing with art and craft materials and a room that resembled the inside of hobby craft I had that much arty stuff. Then all that disappeared along with my childhood, the days of sitting and writing page after page of stories and carrying a box of art materials around with me wherever I went were gone. If you were to ask me as an adult am I a creative person I'd probably answer no. That is until today...

There's noting special about today, I woke up ridiculously early thanks to the thin walls connecting me with next doors loud children, I was going to be home alone (I'm back home for the easter holidays) with nothing to do accept make a proper start on my final project which is equivalent to a dissertation. I was beginning to question why I'd chosen a final project over dissertation as although I liked my idea it was just too well creative for me to pull off. So I begrudgingly sat at my laptop in the 300 layers I'm wearing to keep warm and began my research. Then an idea for my project hit me, shortly after another one came flowing along. After half an hour my mind was filled with ideas all swimming around and bursting to be made into something real. There I was happily typing away making my first idea into something worthy of a final project when another huge idea hit me, one I knew would really tie together my project. So I sat and basked in the glory of a feeling I've never really known before, been a creative person. And it felt good. I was actually excited about my project, for once I was confident in my ideas and my ability to make them happen. Emails have been sent, idea's noted down and I feel pretty bloody good about it all.

I'm choosing to keep my final project under wraps as it's all still so new and I'm feeling very precious about it at the moment. I want to keep something back that's just for me to allow myself to enjoy this feeling for a little longer. I'm sure you understand. 

I've come to a realisation today, that I am perfectly capable of doing all the stuff that I doubt myself on. The above quote could not be more true for me I need to stop worrying that my ideas just aren't good enough and loose that fear. The notepads full of stories and the art materials may have gone but I've grown up and found new talents and new creative outlets that I need to be more confident with. Ten years my have passed but I think it's time to start seeing myself as a creative person again.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Video: Recent Buts #14 Primark, Boots, Asos, Zara and more!

Today I have a huge recent buys video for you. There's quite a lot of stuff as I haven't done a haul video in quite a while. There's lot of Primark stuff too as I know a lot of people like Primark hauls! A few of the things are quite springy which is a little inappropriate given the horrible whether at the moment. 
Just a quick note on the video, I'm aware my face is quite bright in this video as I've decided to film in a new place however you can see the stuff better in this new place now so just ignore my white face!
Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching and as always watch on Youtube for extra links and please subscribe to my channel. 


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

BOOKS: Mini Book Reviews #3

I know there's always quite a bit of time that passes between these post as I review for books at a time and review them in full on my other blog. So incase anyone is new to these posts, I'll just remind you that there will be a link to the full review under each book. On an unrelated note I'd love it if you could follow Bits and Bobs on Bloglovin (if you want to that is!) just incase GFC does go!

The four books I'll be reviewing on this post are: Don't Look Now, Tuesday's With Morrie, Room and The Forgotten Garden. 

Don't Look Now (and other stories) by Daphne du Maurier
A collection of five short stories with an overarching theme of the strange and paranormal. Out of the five novella's my two favourites had to be Don't Look Now and  A Borderline Case which were full of suspense and perfectly written. Although only 52 pages long the title story manages to achieve more than what some writers do in a whole novel. It had a very strange ending that was so far of anything I expected giving it a brilliant twist.
Full review here.

 Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
The true story of one man's love for his mentor. When Mitch discovers his old college tutor Morrie Schwartz is dying he rekindles his friendship with him for one last lesson, a lesson on living. The book covers all the topics Mitch was eager to learn about before it was too late. Throughout Morrie offers some beautiful mantra's to live by and there's something for everyone to learn a lesson from. This is the second time I've read this book and it will forever be my favourite book. I urge everyone to read this book and I have no doubt you'll fall in love with Morrie too. You'll laugh and cry in equal measures but you'll feel uplifted too. 
Full review here.

 Room by Emma Donoghue
Room is narrated by five year old Jack which adds an innocence to the story. Jacks world consists of Ma, Room and Old Nick the man who brings food, it's such a small world yet it's everything to Jack as it's all he's ever known. Until Ma tells him that there's a whole world outside of Room. The first half of the novel is very intense and I couldn't put it down however I did find some of the events a little too far fetched for my liking. The second half takes on a slower pace to reflect Ma and Jack's new life. Room has a few faults but it's well worth a read.
Full review here.

 The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
Set across several different periods in time, The Forgotten Garden turned out to be a pleasant surprise of a book given that I'd had it on my Kindle for ages and never given it much thought. The story centre's around the story of Nell who dies not knowing the truth about who her parents were. It goes back in time to follow Nell as she attempts to discover the truth about her life and even further back to piece together bits about her family. It then jumps to 2005 as Cassandra, Nell's granddaughter finishes off what Nell started. Despite the many shifts in time there's no confusion although I feel some of the major characters lacked description. I also guessed the big secret about a quarter of the way through the book which I don't think was supposed to happen as it's still built up to be a big reveal at the end. The Forgotten Garden isn't overly original or groundbreaking but it's an enjoyable book if your after an easy read.
Full review here


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Photo Diary: Happy Birthday Josh

Yesterday was Josh's birthday so I thought I'd share a few photo's of the day. We didn't do anything fancy as he really isn't into birthdays and making a big fuss but it was still a nice day and I hope you enjoyed it too Josh!
We went for a meal to Harvester at night which was really nice then we watched loads of episodes of Breaking Bad, we're almost up to date with it now. It's so good.
I also baked a cake, although there really isn't much of that left now, it's pretty nice if I do say so myself.


Presents wrapped / Blu rays, Lego, Xbox game and ipod / Birthday cake (the candles in the middle are sparkler candles but we couldn't get a photo of them sparkling!) / Blowing out the candles / What I wore for the meal (I look moody and I don't know why)

Happy Birthday once more Josh xx


Thursday, 14 March 2013

I'm Back!

For those of you interested I'm now back. After a two week break I've decided to return to blogging. I still stand by what I said in the post before I left but my time away has done me good and I feel ready to blog again. 

So what's different around here? Well quite a lot actually! Firstly I've completely redesigned Bits and Bobs. I'd wanted to change quite a lot of things for some time and it was getting to the point where I was really unhappy with how messy some parts looked. It took a long time, a lot of tutorials, a fair few mistakes and a good deal of profanities but I did it. I couldn't be happier with how it looks now and I'm pretty proud that I did it all myself. So just to quickly run over what you'll find here now...I've got brand new social media links to the right which now include Bloglovin' and Hellocotton (I'm sure your all aware of the GFC rumours at the moment so if you enjoy reading my little blog you should probably switch to following on one of these) and a reading list also to the right which includes the most popular things I blog about so you'll find links to all my beauty posts, book review, recipes etc. Aside from that I completely changed my background, colour scheme etc. Overall I think it looks much better than it ever has.

Also whilst I was away my blog turned two (yesterday actually) so the redesign and my return seem very fitting for that moment. I can't quite believe I've been writing on here for that long! Which nicely links me to writing on here in the future. For a long time I've forced myself to blog three times a week, whether I had anything interesting to say or not. It was at the point where I was waking up thinking 'oh I have to blog today, but I have nothing to write.' I'm not going to let it get to that point again, it wasn't interesting me so I'm pretty sure it wasn't interesting other people. I don't have a big blog, I don't have an overly popular blog, to me it's nothing but a hobby I shouldn't have to feel obliged to write on it a set number of times each week. So I won't be. I'll be blogging as and when I want to, that way the posts are going to be way more exciting for me to write and hopefully interesting for you to read. I've got quite a few ideas planned out for some posts but I'm not in a rush to get them all on here asap because then I'll be in a rut again!

In terms of what you can expect on here there isn't going to be anything wildly different, I'm still going to continue with my Happy Lists, Tuesday Treats and Reading, Wanting, Pinning posts it just won't be every week. They'll be mixed in with occasional photo diaries and life posts, recipes and book reviews as these are the elements I enjoy the most. After all this is a lifestyle blog. That's not to say I don't enjoy dipping my toes into the beauty world now and then, I never have and never will be a beauty blogger but I still want to continue providing reviews of purse friendly beauty items and honest reviews at that. I know people feel a bit funny about negative reviews but hey I pay for all my stuff myself if something was sh*t I'm going to say it was. With that in mind I have a few negative reviews in the pipeline as I think it's good to get a variety of views on something rather than just been faced with positive reviews all the time. It can be a little misleading when your considering buying something. 

So I think I've covered everything now! It turned into quite a long post didn't it? Anyway let me know what you think of the new Bits and Bobs and take a look around at all the new stuff on here. Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, 1 March 2013

A Very Honest Blog Post

As of today I'm going to be taking a break from the whole blogging thing, reading and writing that is. This is going to be a pretty honest and blunt post so if that's not your thing it's probably best to click off here now.
Since the new year started I've found myself with no inspiration for my blog and writing it is no longer enjoyable. I've become disillusioned with everything to do with blogging. When I first started Bits and Bobs almost two years ago I didn't have a clue about how big blogging was, I'd seen a couple of blogs and thought that looks good and that was that, Bits and Bobs was born. I was content blabbering away to myself when I had no followers and I never got nervous publishing a post. I talked about my life, what I'd been up to, wishlists etc and then the Happy List feature was born and I was pretty pleased with that. I had no idea about all these beauty blogs and fashion blogs and when I started discovering them I enjoyed them although I knew my blog would never head in that direction because it's just not me.
Now before I say this next bit this isn't aimed at anyone in specific and I'm a firm believer in blogging about what you like but I'm fed up of reading reviews of the same product 10 times, I'm bored of seeing yet another pair of Topshop Joni jeans or JC Lita's (and their copies). 'Well don't read about them then' I can hear some of you shouting and my answer to that is I don't anymore. We're not supposed to talk about this though in the blogging world are we? About what pisses you off. Instead we dress in up in the form of #bbloggers chats or what ever the latest chat is and tell people what we like to see on blogs and what we'd want to see more of on someone's blog. Then turn round and say but it's your blog so you should do what you want. Now is it just me or is that not hypocritical? Why sit there and tell someone what you'd like to see on their blog or that you prefer simple backgrounds as opposed to patterned one's. If someone wants a bright pink background and green writing let them get on with it. 
And that is exactly why I've stopped reading a lot of blogs, you know I'm practising what I preach. If someone wants to blog about the latest £40 candle that they're burning or the new £50 face serum, let them, they enjoy and there's always going to be someone out there that enjoys reading it. I'm just not one of them. Why read about something that one I would never spend that amount of money on and two that just annoys me. FYI my candles cost £2 from Primark and my face serum is from Aldi and I'm more than happy with both of those facts. 
Now I'm fully aware that the response to that is going to be that I'm jealous or been bitchy but I'm not I'm just being honest, I hold no feeling of jealousy towards anyone who blogs about that stuff I'm just choosing not to read it because it's just not 'me'. But again we can't talk about unfollowing blogs or why £40 candles piss you off (yes I do have a slight issue with that!) because it's just not the done thing is it? Maybe if I put this on Twitter and hashtagged it #bbloggers it'd be acceptable.
So that's why I'm going for a while I need a break from all this, I need to reassess where I want my blog to go and be comfortable with blogging about £1 lipsticks from MUA not £14 ones from MAC and accept that the outfit pictures I have now are as good as it's going to get, you know the one's that aren't against a perfect white wall, that don't have my feet in them and may have a pack of toilet roll in the background. I want to feel happy with my blog and not try and mould it into something it's not.
I don't know when I'm going to return to blogging properly, I will be posting a photo diary of Josh's birthday in a few weeks as I don't want to miss documenting that because I'm having a strop with blogging. But I can't say when I'll return fully.
Bye for now.