Thursday, 28 February 2013

Happy List #86

So the Happy List is happening a few days early this week but there's a reason for that, that I will be explaining in a short post tomorrow. I thought I'd do the Happy List today though as I have a few photo's to share and it seemed a waste not use them. As seems to be the theme with most of my Happy Lists there's a lot of food involved!

 Peanut butter Kit Kat's are the best / Happy Meal for lunch! / Lovely strawberries / Looking at cute clothes for my niece (I didn't buy anything though!)

Wetherspoons Sunday lunch / Dessert / Outfit for Sunday lunch

Nothing majorly exciting here as I've had a lot of work to do. The big 3000 word essay is pretty much done though now so I lifted my spending ban and went a little crazy on new stuff. I haven't included any photo's as I'm waiting for my Asos order to arrive but I'm sure I'll do a recent buys video at some point.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

RECIPE: Simple Shortbread

Over the weekend I baked some shortbread. It has to be one of the easiest and quickest things to make and it tastes so good! When I really started to get into baking a went through a phase of whipping up quite a few batches of these delicious biscuits as they're just so simple to make. Of course you can jazz the recipe up if you like by adding things such as chocolate chips to the mixture but I like to keep mine plain. The best part is you only need 4 ingredients to make these as well. Now  I'm more of a chuck it in and hope for the best kind of baker I never really stick to measurements as I often find them to be out anyway but I will try and give you the rough measurements of what I used.

What You'll Need

125g Butter (I always use margarine in mine as that's what we have in and they taste just as good!)
55g of caster sugar (plus a little extra for sprinkling)
180g plain flour
Vanilla Essence


Gather your ingredients together then preheat to oven to gas mark 5 or 190c / Cream together to butter and sugar / Sieve the flour and fold into to butter and sugar / Add a drop of vanilla essence

You should end up with a firm dough like this, if it's a little too dry just add a tiny drop of water then place the dough in the fridge until chilled as it's easier to work with / Flour your surface and roll out the dough, you don't want to make it too thin as your after chunky biscuits, you can cut it into traditional finger shapes or use a cutter like I did / Place your shortbread onto a lightly greased baking try and gently prick them with a fork then sprinkle some sugar over the top / Bake for around 20 minutes (I bake in a microwave oven an they take around 40-50 minutes so I'm not too sure if 20 minutes is strictly right for a normal oven) until golden then set aside to cool.

There it really is that simple! I made 10 heart shaped biscuits roughly using these measurements. They so delicious especially when they're still slightly warm too. 

Have you tried making shortbread? What's your favourite thing to bake? Let me know!


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Goodbye Ozzycat

Yesterday Josh and I got some sad news, one of his cats back at home, Ozzy, had died. We don't really know what happened as she wasn't really old and there were no marks on her. Although she wasn't my cat it was still very upsetting. I've been with Josh for over 5 years and having no pets of my own I felt like she was sort of my pet too. From the moment I started going to Josh's house I've looked after her, cuddling her, stroking her, feeding her, giving her fur a brush and even buying her fancy, pretty collars so it became like she was my pet too. It'll be sad going to Josh's now and not seeing her little face. She was always so quiet and timid yet she always seemed to enjoy me lavishing attention on her when she'd hide from even Josh. Going back at Easter and not seeing her looking up at me from her little basket or sharing my toast with her is going to be pretty weird. Whatever happened to her I just hope she was OK in the end as I've said she was a very nervous and timid cat and I'd hate to think she'd been scared at the end. At least she's OK now I suppose.

Goodbye Ozzy xxx


Thursday, 21 February 2013

VisitBritain Shop Blogger Competition - London!

This is my entry for the VisitBritain shop blogger competition. The challenge is to describe your perfect shopping trip to London and what else you would do whilst you were there. When I went to London last year I loved every second of it but I didn't do any shopping as we wanted to see the sights. Ever since I returned from that trip I've had a longing to go back, I completely fell in love with London. So this would be my perfect trip to London...

Oh just looking at this makes me wish I was back there! Wandering down the South Bank, soaking up the sights and doing some shopping this time. Oh the shopping would be good especially with the spending ban coming to an end and the big wishlist I spoke about here. I think a little trip to Selfridges would be needed too and a peak inside Harrods, you know just to say I've been!
 All the pictures here are my own too from when we went to London last October.

So that's what my perfect shopping trip to London would consist of, I'll be off now to carry on day dreaming and look at my photo's of London!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tuesday Treats #31

Since around the end of January I've been on a bit of a spending ban as I had things to pay for such as rent, valentine's and birthday presents. So rather than saving money I've just got my weekly budget back on track and paid for things I needed to pay for rather than spending on clothes. I did have a small slip up when I bought the shoes featured on the end of this post but I got them cheaper then if I'd have waited so it's justified as I was going to buy them full price anyway. However I have a nice little treat in the way of a bursary gracing my bank account very soon and I'm actually been very sensible and putting the majority of it into mine and Josh's savings, however I will be keeping a little back to treat myself. I think it's well deserved as I've promised myself a little shopping trip once I've got an horrendous 3000 word essay out of the way (I hit 2000 words today, I can hear the shops calling). With this in mind I thought I'd make a wishlist of things that I'm considering treating myself to and I'd like you lovely lot to help me and let me know which pieces you like the best to help me decide which ones to buy!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

  1. I like the cute sweetheart neckline of this dress, it looks quite short in the picture but I checked the measurements and I reckon I'd get away with it seen as I'm only short! I think it would work for pretty much all seasons too.
  2. I love the colour of this dress it says its purple on the site but I think it's more pink. Either way I love shift dresses and again I think despite the bright colour it could work for all seasons.
  3. Another shift dress. I like the simple little colour on this one and I have been keeping an eye out in my local New Look for it. I think it's a very me dress however I'm not sure what the fit would be like in the chest area as dresses this shape have a tendency to hang to sticky-out around my boobs then it makes me look pregnant!
  4. I'm thinking these could be like disco pants without the shine which I'm intrigued about. I reckon I'd have to wear them rolled up on my little legs though. Plus I can't decide if I like these or the next item more...
  5. At first look these just look like plain black leggings but they're actually wax coated denim legging. Er yes please! I live in my Topshop denim leggings so I reckon I'd get loads of wear out of these.
  6. This is so cute and so cheap! I'm really hoping my local H&M get this in as I refuse to order online with them. I love the mix of pink and black.
I just noticed the theme of this wishlist is pretty much pink and black, oopps! 
Please let me know which things you like so I can hopefully decide what to buy!


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Happy List #85

Another two week photo roundup rather than a weekly one. This past couple of weeks have consisted of copious amounts of Game of Thrones which we've now finished watching so I really need the third series to hurry along, uni related discontentment and essay writing. Oh and a new pair of shoes despite the fact that in this post I said I'd stop buying shoes (who was I kidding?!) I had a voucher for 50% off and I was going to by them at full price anyway so I snapped them straight up whilst I could get them for £10! Here's the photo's from the past two weeks.

 Cake although it looks a lot better than it tasted / The most ridiculous shoes ever in Primark I don't know how anyone could walk in these (I do like the colour though!) / Hot chocolate and marshmellows at Costa / Pancake day with ice-cream
 Bright pink and pink glitter nails / A red rose for Valentine's Day (I did a full post on Valentine's Day here for anyone interested / Currently reading Room it's really good / Finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie for the second time and cried again it's such a beautiful book and a true story
 What happens when you've had enough of been in a lecture that's completely irrelevant to you / Valentine's baking
My pretty new shoes

I'm guessing it'll be another couple of weeks before I do another Happy List and there may not be too much other stuff on here inbetween that as I've lots of walk to do and I'm still in a bit of a rut with blogging too. 

What have you been up to this week? Let me know!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Photo Diary: Valentine's Day

I decided to do a little photo diary of my Valentine's Day as I love looking back on stuff like this and after all that's the main reason I blog, to document stuff that I can look back on.
I won't bother explaining myself too much as this is my blog but I know some people don't bother with Valentine's Day and I did see a fair share of miserable and moany tweets yesterday but Josh and I do bother, we just take it for what it is, a bit of fun and an extra chance to spend some time together which is why I'm doing this post :) 

We didn't do anything over the top, it was just a really nice day and I got some lovley little presents, including the clothbound copy of Alice in Wonderland which I've wanted for a while, it's just lovely. So thanks Josh! At night we had a little indoor picnic with some sparkling wine in heart shaped glasses and finished watching the second series of Game of Thrones. I also did some Valentine's baking in the form of rice krispie marshmellow hearts and a lovely chocolatey dessert for at night. 

Single red rose
 Cute gift bags
 Presents (not all mine, Josh's are in here too hence the Lego!)
 Baking and a very cheesy note to Josh!
 Big balloon
 Wine and cute glasses

 Little indoor picnic

So that was how I spent Valentine's Day, I had a really lovely day and I'd just like to say a big thankyou to Josh for making it so nice :)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

30 Random Facts About Me!

Queen of originality here with this posts aren't I?! I mean who hasn't done this post now? Oh well, I've loved them all though because I'm just so nosey. I'll be honest it was pretty hard to think about 30 random things about myself so I had to enlist the help of Josh to get all the good one's and he thought of things that would never have crossed my mind. I wanted really random (and hopefully) interesting ones for you to read so I think there's a good selection here. So get comfy with a cuppa as it's going to be a bit of a long one, enjoy!
Cue embarrassing/funny photo's...

Fact 6 / Fact 7 / Fact 15 / Fact 17
  1. I had my belly button pierced for my 15th birthday but it never properly healed and less than a year later the bar dropped out and I now have a scar above my belly button.
  2. If I could go back in time I would go to the Victorian era, I just love everything about it. Which leads nicely on to my next fact...
  3. I'm a complete history geek always have been always will be. Anything historical and I love it. I think if I'd got a better mark in history at A-Level I would have quite liked to have done a degree in it.
  4. When I was a kid I was obsessed with Team Time, I never missed an episode and even had Time Team books, aged 8 I proudly announced to my parents that I was going to be an archaeologist when I was older. Tony Robinson was my hero.
  5. Another obsession as a child was Irish dancing or more specifically Riverdance videos which were played daily whilst I wore plastic dress up heels and danced around the conservatory to get my shoes to click on the floor. I was better than the pros!
  6. I cry at everything, films and books with sad stories, romantic stories and even happy stories, I cry at them.
  7. Past hair colours have included blonde, dark brown, auburn, dark red, cherry red and even black (that wasn't a good time for me and my hair!) 
  8. I've worn glasses since I was 10 and pretty much need them for everything now.
  9. When I was 15 a glass vase fell off a shelf and the heavy base hit my face smashing the tooth next to my front tooth at the top. It's now crowned and I hate it.
  10. I can't stand tea and I can't drink coffee so it's hot chocolate and peppermint tea all the way for me!
  11. Most of you know I love the Beatles however you didn't know my other favourite band is Nickelback I've been a fan since I was 11.
  12. I have abnormally tiny hands, my nails even when grown look like children's nails and rings, bracelets and watches rarely fit me. 
  13. I have a strange bit in the middle of my top lip which hangs down so when I smile I have an extra bit of skin that I've never seen on anyone else. Josh calls it my turtle bit!
  14. I don't need anyone else for a good time, I find myself so amusing and laugh at my own jokes way too much.
  15. One my favourite things to do to Josh's cats is play with their ears, by this I mean pin them down so they look like a seal and but bangles on them so they're wearing earrings. They love it.
  16. Josh once cut a big chunk out of my hair right on my crown so I had an antenna for ages that I had to plaster down with hair spray. I cried. 
  17. On my first holiday abroad with Josh I got so drunk that I tried to get into a closed perfume shop thinking it was a McDonalds, sang Womaniser on our balcony and fell asleep with my head down the toilet after throwing up. Forever classy!
  18. I have a very boyish sense of humour, internet memes provide hours of fun for me as does the programme Bottom.
  19. One of the things that makes me laugh the most is feeding cats crunchy things just to hear them crunch on it. That's not normal is it?!
  20. Thanks to Harry Potter and Dancing on Ice I want to be what Josh calls and ice skating wizard. I'd have loved to have gone to Hogwarts and I wish I could ice skate.
  21. I went through I bit of an emo phase at school (remember the black hair from number 7?) Skinnies, Vans and black hooded tops were my uniform and HIM was to be my future husband!
  22. I was walking to the bus station after college one day and at got really bad chest pains to the point where I couldn't walk, I was convinced I was having a heart attack and my dad got pretty panicked, turned out it wasn't anything to do with my heart and was something similar to indigestion brought on by stress. Oopps.
  23. I can't use lighters at all and matches scare me unless they're extra long ones. 
  24. I have a thing for older British actors with American accents in shows, they lose their appeal when they start talking in an English accent again. I'm looking at you Hugh Laurie and Damien Lewis!
  25. I can't say the words breakfast, keyring or x-ray. I insert extra letters so it's breakfrast, keyering and xer-ray. It drives Josh mad but I can't change how a talk!
  26. There are two songs that make me wish I had a good singing voice, Oh Darling by The Beatles and Call Me Back Again by Paul McCartney, I'd love to belt them out and it actually sound good.
  27. I've never had a single driving lesson and not been able to drive doesn't bother me. However I want to be able to drive just so I can play one song really loud, We Got Married by Paul McCartney, I just call it my driving song now.
  28. I have so many Beatles tops it could now be classed as a collection.
  29. Until I finished school I wanted to be a vet then I realised a wasn't smart enough.
  30. I've fallen down stairs so many times that I now have a fear of stairs and do this weird thing where I shuffle right to the edge, stop and then plod down them. Josh likes to do impressions of this.
So they were my 30 random facts, I really enjoyed thinking up odd things to put on this list so I hope you enjoyed it too. If you've done a random facts post link me in the comments

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Reading, Wanting, Pinning #2

If you missed the first reading, wanting, pinning post then please take a look here for the general idea of what these posts are about (although it is pretty easy to follow!). I've found some little gems since I did the last post so there's a fair few blog posts going to be listed and what can only be  described as the best YouTube channel... Ever! Are you excited yet?! 


Madison asked if old make-up is really as bad for you as we've been lead to believe or if it's just a money making con. 

Helen's huge fashion and makeup haul made me very jealous! Look at all the pretty lipsticks and blushers.

Gem's reminder to herself of why she's awesome was sweet and made me smile.

I fell in love with Demi's new tattoo, so simple yet lovely.

Becca questions what's happened to the sisterhood in her interesting post on feminism.

Poppy wrote about my pet hate, girls wearing leggings as trousers. Very funny!



The best YouTube channel ever... Barackdubs. It's basically someone who has a lot of time of their hands creating mashups of Barack Obama speeches and putting them to songs. My favourites are Can't Touch This and Sexy Back. I love Obama and this channel is hilarious, go and watch!


You can find me on Pinterest here

Cutest photo ever / The cake topper I have to have at my wedding (for anyone who doesn't know Love Love Me Do is a line from the Beatles song Love Me Do and we all know how much I love The Beatles) / I love these shorts / Aaaww a dog in shoes!

So that was my latest internet roundup, I'm enjoying writing these posts so I hope you are enjoying reading them.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Be My Valentine

It's probably not escaped your notice that February is the month of love and with just nine days to go until Valentine's Day I thought I'd join in with the love and do a little post on all things Valentine's! I'll quickly say I know a few people don't bother with Valentine's and think it's commercial and you shouldn't just show your love on one day etc etc but I really like Valentine's day so I don't care about any of that! Josh and I don't spend a lot on presents and we stay in and it's not like we're only nice to each other on one day of the year so yeah I embrace all things emblazoned in hearts and get into the spirit of the day. I've been pinning quite a few Valentine's things on Pinterest and whilst I've been browsing around I've come across quite a few nice presents as well so I thought I'd do a little round up off all the stuff I've come across that I like. Enjoy!

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

My favourites are the scarf (2), the print (4) and the lego heart keyring (6)

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

My favourites are the card with envelopes on it, each envelope has a little piece of card in it that you  can write a message on (3) and the big pop up one just for how over the top and cheesy it is! (4)

This is a selection of my favourite images from my Valentine's pinterest board. The hot chocolate is a cute idea for a little afternoon valentines treat, the mug matches the print from the start of this post, I love the nail art, the cake is a lovely idea for a dessert and the final photo is just adorable.

So that was my big Valentine's round-up. Are you doing anything for valentine's day this year? Let me know!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Happy List #84

I said in the last Happy List that these post probably wouldn't be weekly now I have more uni work to do which is why there wasn't a Happy List last week, also for that reason the photo's on these one are a collection from the past two weeks. Also I should point out that the majority of these photo's are food based, what can I say I love food! I'm not doing anything exciting at the moment my blog is suffering a little for that as I just can't seem to think of anything good to blog about. I have quite a few video ideas but I hat filming on my webcam as the quality is pretty terrible and I don't know how much people enjoy my videos. I guess since the new year I've been having an off moment with my blog but I'm sure I'll be back into it soon. I'm also trying to put more work into my professional site too which means I'm trying to think of new and interesting stuff to put on there too. Anyway I'll shut up rambling and get on with the photo's from the past two weeks!

 Moving rooms (I did a whole photo diary for this day here) / Yummy BBQ chicken / Chocolate fudge cake / New face mask
 Strawberry cream cooler / Django Uncahined (the best film ever!) / Fish and chips with curry sauce / Mini eggs
 New book / Beautiful flowers that Josh bought me

P.S I have some things for sale on Ebay at the moment, Zara, Asos, H&M etc. If anyone is interested you can take a look here.