Wednesday, 4 December 2013

5 Favourites: Christmas Dresses

On Christmas Day I like to get dressed up as we always go visiting other family member on Christmas Day morning. I think this will probably change when Josh and I live together and we get to spend Christmas together as most of the day will probably be spent in Christmas pj's and a Christmas jumper. I've always had a nice dress or something to wear on Christmas Day I like to keep things simple and comfortable, I find a loose fitting dress is essential with all the food! I actually bought my Christmas dress a few weeks ago, a green velvet shift dress although it is out of stock at the moment so I can't link you to it. If you like to dress up on Christmas Day too here are my five favourite Christmas dresses.

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My favourite dress is the first one, I love how a simple black dress looks much better with some gold sparkle in it!

Do you like to dress up on Christmas Day or do you prefer to be more cosy and comfy?

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