Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2013

Last year I did a series of gift guide posts of presents below £30. This year I decided to do a smaller more varied gift guide post with some of my top present picks for a variety of budgets. So if you are struggling for ideas here is some inspiration.

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  1. Kindle - This is the most basic Kindle priced at £69 however you can get Paperwhite and Fire ones depending on what you are looking for. I received a Kindle a couple of Christmas' ago and I love it!
  2. TV Box Sets - There's no shortage of great TV box sets around that someone in your life is sure to have been watching. With Breaking Bad, Homeland, Game of Thrones, Hannibal and more there's loads to choose from.
  3. Lush Hamper - Here's a little fact for you, as pretty as pre-wrapped Lush sets are they actually cost more money than if you were to buy the items separately and you often get less product in the sets too! Make your own hamper full of Lush Christmas treats or if you know some products that someone just can't live without from Lush make a hamper up of those.
  4. Brit Stitch Make Your Own - The one above is one I quickly made, there are 9 colours to choose from and you can colour the straps, body, sides and buckles with up to three different colours. If you don't feel brave enough to make one for somebody there's a good selection of ready made ones to pick from too.
  5. Photo Collage - For a more personal present why not make a friend/family member/other half a photo collage? You can pick collage frames up from loads of different places and have your photo's printed off in Boots.
  6. Olivia Burton Watch - Olivia Burton makes the prettiest vintage inspired watches I think I've ever seen. I could have easily picked about 10 to include on the picture here but in the end I went for the red colour crush one.
  7. Yankee Candles - If your looking to give a bit of a homely gift Yankee Candles are a great place to start. This set contains two medium jars which on their own are £16.99 so this set is quite a bargain. Each candle burns for 65-90 hours and the larger jars are always the best for giving off a good smell.
  8. Penguin Clothbound Classics - These have to be the prettiest books in existence. I own one already and have my fingers crossed Santa will be adding a couple more to my collection. If you have a bookworm to buy for I highly recommend checking these out.
  9. Lomography Camera - Do you know someone who is always snapping away? A Lomography camera may be a good gift for them then! There's so many to choose from all of which take different kinds of pictures. The one featured here is the La Sardina camera DIY edition black.
  10. Whittards Hot Chocolate - There's nothing better than a mug of hot chocolate when it's warm so for a foody gift give someone this festive hot chocolate selection. A bit like a selection box with a twist!
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