Friday, 20 September 2013

BEAUTY: The best beauty products under £10

A few weeks ago I wrote this post on my favourite beauty products under £5. So today I'm going to be writing about my favourite beauty products under £10 (but over £5!). 

No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser £9.95 - I actually buy this with the £5 vouchers you get which only makes it £4.95 but seen as its proper price is £9.95 I thought I'd put it on this post. It's a really good cleanser that leaves my skin lovely and soft. You can read my review for it here.

Garnier BB Cream for combination to oily skin £9.99 - I love this stuff sooo much. It's rare a where makeup but when I do this is the only base I use. It gives good coverage but looks natural and dewy. I can't praise it enough!

Palmer's Gradual Tan £5.35 - On the rare occasions I do tan in the warmer months this is my favourite thing to use. It build up quick to a really nice bronze colour and smells quite nice. I still find I go a bit patchy when it fades though even with lots of scrubbing and moisturising.

Una Brennan Tea Flower Mask £8.99 - This clay mask leaves my skin feeling really clean and soft and like it's actually done something to help my skin. I've had my tube quite a while now so it lasts a long time too.

Boots Seventeen Peep Show Mascara £6.29 - The best mascara I've ever used. It's purse friendly, gives me long and full, fluttery lashes and doesn't flake or irritate my eyes. I reviewed it here alongside another Seventeen mascara.

Topshop Lipstick £8.00 - I have three Topshop lipsticks and I really like them. They come in lovely colours and don't feel drying or show up any dry bits on my lips. They smell quite nice too!

Topshop Cream Blush £6 - I have two cream blushers and a powder blush from Topshop but it's the cream ones I like best. They apply so well, last a decent amount of time and come in lovely colours.

So that concludes my round-up of budget beauty favourites, don't forgot to check out the first post here and let me know you're budget products!


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  1. Great post, i'm a huge fan of Topshop lipsticks and the No 7 hot cloth cleanser, too!xx


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