Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Loving Lately List #3

It's time to share the love again with my list of lovelies from around the internet. Enjoy!

 I'm just in love with this print, it got me thinking that Josh and I could probably create something similar though ourselves, for out future home. This line in the film always reduces me to tears.

This post from Gem is almost a month old however I just adore this dress and Gem looks lovely in it.

Paige's latest photo shoot is so lovely, I can't resist anything with a bit of sparkle.

Megan's proposal story was lovely to read about.

I always enjoy Lisette's Thankful Thursday posts but it was nice to see that even after a rubbish week she managed to find some positive's.

Jennie's list of things she would like to now and in the future had me really thinking about the things I'd love to do throughout my life.

This video of a cat riding a hoover dressed as a shark is just as hilarious as it sounds, the longer you watch it, the funnier it gets!

These photo's of scenes from WWII blended into modern day photo's are amazing as are these photo's of day and night blended together.

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