Saturday, 24 August 2013

BEAUTY: The best beauty products under £5

It's well known that I love a good bargain, drugstore brands to use the American term. I don't see the point in paying out for high end stuff when there's some amazing and cheaper alternatives. Cheap price does not mean rubbish quality. So today I thought I'd show you a bunch of products all under £5 that I love. 

Palmers body scrub £4.99 - this is the best and the cheapest scrub I've tried. It's really creamy and moisturising but gritty enough to buff away dead skin.

Dove oil leave-in spray £3.59 - This is amazing stuff on wet and dry hair. It smells lovely and makes my hair soft as well as taming fly aways.

Tressemme heat defence spray £4.89 - I've used this spray for years and on the rare occasions I do use heat now it's still my go to spray for providing protection.

W7 nail polish £1 - I pick these up on a market stall in my home town for £1, you can get them on the internet but they are a little dearer. There's loads of colours and they're really good quality.

Aldi face serum (around £3.50-£4.00) - I can't remember how much I paid for this but it certainly wasn't a lot. After using a Body Shop serum previous to this I can safely say the Aldi one wins. It's lovely to use.

MUA lipstick £1 - I can't resist picking these up and for such a cheap price the collection I have has hardly broke the bank. There's loads of colours to choose from the the quality is really good.

Sudocreme £2.55 - I've used several lotions and potions tackle spots when they pop up and none match up to this stuff. It gently heals the spot better than anything else.

Barry M gelly nail polish £3.99 - I love how shiny these and are they come in really pretty colours, I definitely need to add a few more to my collection.

I have a collection of favourite products under £10 coming soon so watch out for that! Let me know what your favourite products under £5 are.

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