Tuesday, 6 August 2013

BEAUTY: Confessions of a (non) beauty blogger

Over the past few months I've seen a couple of these kinds of posts floating around and thought it would be quite a fun thing to do. I love beauty products but I'm by no means a beauty blogger. I have some quite bad habits! So here are my confessions...

1. Most of the time I don't wear makeup. Despite the fact I have quite a lot of makeup it's very rare I actually wear any, I mean it's probably less than once a week! I just don't feel the need to wear it, I'm comfortable without it on and don't need it to feel better about myself so I don't bother.

2. When I do wear makeup I sometimes use makeup wipes, shock horror! It's rare but if I'm on holiday or I've had a drink I just can't be arsed with all the different cleansing lotions, cotton wool and everything else. 

3. Up until a couple of years back I bit my nails constantly. Bitter nail biting polish didn't stop me and neither did those stories such as biting you nails transfers more germs than licking a toilet would. Gross yes but I wasn't bothered. I have now stopped though.

4. When I was younger I dyed my hair a lot, blonde, red, brown and every variation of those shades. When I was around 14 I wanted my hair dying dark brown so I got my mum to do it. When we rinsed it off my hair had gone jet black...not a good look on me.

5. Back in the days of my black hair I thought, thick glittery blue eyeshadow was an amazing look on me. Looking back it really wasn't. 

6. When I was 16 I cut my hair really short (above chin length) and have spent the last 6 years growing it and not daring to having anything more than a trim. Looking back I don't think short hair suited me at all and I much prefer the long hair I now have.

7. When I was a lot, lot younger I attempted to dry shave my legs, it was a nice day and I wanted to wear shorts but my Dad was rushing me to get sorted so I attacked my legs with a razor and spent all day with itchy, bumpy, red legs. Not pretty, infact I probably could have left them as I have blonde leg hairs anyway and they probably weren't even that bad!

8. I leave nail polish on my toe nails until it's chipped away that much there's barely any polish left. That's pretty disgusting!

9. The vast majority of the time I use lipsticks before even thinking about photographing them for future reviews. I'm just too eager to try them out to think about getting photo's.

10. My hair brushes get extremely clogged up with hair but I never clean them out, Josh always does it because he gets fed up of seeing them in such states.

So there you have, some disgusting habits, a few beauty disaster and lots of confessions!

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  1. eeek that dry shave story is making my legs feel funny! I'm the same as you and use make up wipes, can't be bothered with all the hocus pocus half the time! I'm the same with my toe nail varnish, Lee hates it! xxx


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