Saturday, 22 June 2013

It's the little things #1

Way back in December I did a list of all the little things I love about winter, it was a feature I hoped to carry on and I have a list of lots of little things I love however I need to find a way to set them out yet so that idea has sort of taken a back seat for the time being. However I thought it would be also good to just focus on one thing from my list occasionally so here it the first little things post!

To me there's no better way to spend a Saturday than having a movie day. Living right in the city centre it's not often that we go out other than for a walk on a Saturday as it's just sooo busy and annoying (I guess even after three years neither of us has adapted to that!) so Saturdays are usually spent in quite a lazy way. This Saturday (so today!) we've decided to have a movie day, the ultimate lazy day, relaxing in comfy clothes and watching a bunch of films. Perfection.
The last movie day we had was actually back at Christmas so of course a few festive films were thrown into the mix then as well. Today we were going to go for a variety of films again before deciding to watch the Harry Potter films instead. We watched the first one the other week so we're going to work through a few more today.
I've been working on a little something over the past few days which I will hopefully be revealing next week and whilst I'm enjoying it there's been times where it's stressed me out and given me a headache to I'm very much looking forwards to doing nothing but wishing I could've gone to Hogwarts and been a wizard today! (Anyone else really wish someone would buy them one of those Hogwarts letters you can get or is it just me?)

What little things do you enjoy when you're having a lazy day? Let me know!

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  1. This makes me regret working Saturdays and Sundays! I have to have movie nights instead of days! x


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