Wednesday, 22 May 2013

BEAUTY: MUA Lipstick Shade 7

One of my latest lipstick buys is another MUA one in shade 7 and wow what a colour! It's very quickly turned into one of my favourite colours, it's just perfect. I've expressed my love of MUA lipsticks before here with more wintery colours however shade 7 is much more suited to spring/summer. 

MUA lipstick shade 7

In terms of how this feel, it's quite moisturising and comfortable. It's quite a creamy formula and doesn't cling to, or show up any dry patches which is always a bonus. It has a bit of a frost finish to it but it's not over the top or too outdated it just adds a nice bit of shimmer. It's the most perfect deep pink/coral colour and I'm a sucker for anything remotely coral coloured so it's definitely a big winner! For £1 I really cannot find any fault with it, I love all my MUA lipsticks that I have and are so good in terms of quality and colour range, I'd recommend them to anyone!

Here's a little picture just to show you what it looks like one.
MUA lipstick shade 7


  1. I just bought shade six and I think its similair but with a bit more shimmer :)

    Good review!

  2. Love these. I bought shade 5 and reviewed it today.
    Great post
    Would love if we could follow each other


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