Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tuesday Treats #32 The Big Spring/Summer Wishlist

Hands up who's ready for some warm weather now? I know I am. Wearing cosy jumpers and big fluffy socks has well and truely lost all novelty now, bring on the shorts, strappy tops and cocktails!
So to get myself (and you) and the spring mood I'm doing my ultimate spring/summer wishlist today. This may be the most inappropriate wishlist ever to grace this blog for two facts, it's full of summer clothing (I still have snow in my garden) and there's a fair few home pieces on here (come July Josh and I will no longer have our own place and we'll be moving back to our own homes) but hey ho I'm not one to let the small details stand in the way. As there's so much I've split it into two the clothing and beauty stuff then the home stuff. Hopefully by the end we'll all feel a bit more summery!

Leopard print top / Shorts / Dress / Lace Top / Pumps / Blusher (shade Satin Magenta) / Perfume / Nail Polish / Both Lipsticks (shades Calamanco Coral and Cashmere Coral)

It's so hard to pick favourite's here as I genuinely love it all. The Barry M nail polish I will definitely be buying though. I love the leopard print top and the Marc Jacobs perfume smells lovely so I'd really like a bottle of it. The blusher and two lipsticks are from & Other Stories, H&M sister company, the makeup is slightly more than I'd usually pay but it does look lovely.

Box / 1st Cushion / 2nd Cushion / Photo Frame / Candle 1 / Candle 2 / Calendar

I'd love all this stuff. As a huge Beatles fan the top three things appeal to me right away. The cushions are quite expensive though. I love the postcard style of the photo frame and the little tile calendar is so cute (I'd get the white one). The candles smell so nice as they also sell them in Debenhams so I've had a little smell. The orange one is pretty different to what I'd usually go for but it's lovely and the powder fresh one just smells really clean.


  1. You've got some great picks here :) I literally cannot wait until its warm enough to roll out the summer wardrobe! Definitely got my eye on that dress :) minty green is the perfect colour <3
    & those candles sound heavenly :) a girl can never have too many candles right?! Xx

    1. I'm loving mint green at the moment. I definitely agree with you about candles! Xx


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