Friday, 19 April 2013

Reading, Wanting, Pinning #3

Wow it's been longer than I realised since I last shared the love and showed you what had been catching my eye on the internet so I'm back with just that today! By rights I actually shouldn't really be wanting anything as I've done so much shopping this week so I've come up with a few things that aren't clothing or beauty related. I've read some pretty inspiring posts lately too so it's going to be nice to share those so I'll get on with it.


Jennie's posts are always amongst my favourite's but this one about how it's ok not to be liked by everyone really is worth a read (then read all her other lovely posts too!) 

Zoe's post about living while your young really gave me some food for thought and actually changed my views on a lot of things. I read it just at the right time as I was contemplating a few things that I wasn't sure if I should go ahead with but have now decided to. I'm thinking of doing a blog post to explain a few things and have a good old chat thanks to this post.

When I decided to give blogging a break last month one of the things I'd really had enough of was the perfect life blogging that seems to have been adopted by some people. Now I'm all for a bit a positivity but I really don't need to read about how amazing, wonderful and sexy your boyfriend is in every post it's like you have something to prove. As it turns out I'm not the only one that thinks this way as Charlotte discusses in her blog post, very funny and very honest! 

When Helen posted about Dina Goldstein's photography I spent ages looking at all her work and it's pretty amazing!  


  Blog Inc book for a little something I have planned / Diana F+ camera as I've wanted it for so long but I've yet to take the plunge


The funniest video of a cat having a bath. I first watched this a few years ago but it never fails to make me laugh and since I watched it again the other day I thought I'd include it here (oh it even has a dog getting a bath on it too!) 

You can find me on Pinterest here. Recently I've been busy pinning summer inspiration pictures after writing this post.
I hope you enjoyed my latest roundup. Has anything interesting/inspiring caught your eye lately? Let me know!

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