Tuesday, 16 April 2013

BEAUTY: Nail Polish Collection and Swatches

Last year I did a nail polish collection post but without swatches (which you can look at here if you like). Since then I have had a clear out of polish and of course bought more! Since I stopped biting my nail around a year and a half ago I love painting my nails, I don't half a massive collection of polishes but I have a fair few and I love glitter polishes it also became apparent whilst swatching the polishes that I love coral coloured ones too though it isn't really a surprise as it's my favourite colour. For this updated nail polish collection post I've included swatches of the polishes so you can see them better, I've done them on nail wheels as it's so much more practical than painting them on my real nails and all the colours are listed above the photo's. Just a quick note the final nail polish is on it's own because I only bought it yesterday and I'd photographed the nail wheels ages ago but I still wanted to include the new polish!

 Missguided Misscellaneous / Barry M Mint Green

Natural Collection Hibiscus / Boots 17 Pink Grapefruit / W7 Barbie Pink / W7 Baby Pink
 MUA Ameretto Crush / MUA Frozen Yoghurt / MUA Bright Plum / Natural Collection Burgundy
 W7 Crimson / Missguided Misschievous / MUA Bright Coral / Natural Collection Antique Coral
 E.L.F Coral / Models Own Golden Peach / Barry M Peach Melba / Models Own Tropical Sun
 Barry M Cobalt Blue / Barry M Blueberry Ice-cream / Models Own Indian Ocean / W7 Blue Tini
 W7 Cosmic Blue / Models Own Pink Fizz / Models Own Northern Lights / Models Own Southern Lights
  Models Own Blizzard / Models Own Jack Frost / Models Own Snowflakes / W7 Moondust

Technic Carnival / W7 Red Dazzle / Barry M Gold Glitter
 Barry M Gelly Greenberry

So that's my full nail polish collection! Obviously some of the colours look much better in real life than they do on the swatches especially the glitter polishes but hopefully you get an idea of what the colours are like.

If you've done a nail polish collection post leave me the link so I can have a read!


  1. I can't imagine doing this for all my nail polishes! I have an absurd number.
    The Barry M Gelly Greenberry is a lovely shade, & I think I need Models Own Jack Frost!

    Jesss xo

    1. Yeah I love the greenberry one. Jack frost is really nice xx

  2. I love all these shades, especially Golden Peach :) x

    1. Thanks. I love peachy shades xx

  3. Hohoho we have very similar nail varnish types, I can see several of mine in yours! I've got a dark green Barry M Gelly but it is too dark for me, this colour looks lovely! I need more Model's Own sparkles but taking it off is a pain in the arse xxx

    1. Woo nail varnish twins! The Barry m gelly one is lovely, I actually bought another gelly shade yesterday oops! The models own glitter ones aren't too bad to remove to be honest some of the other brands are such a pain the the technic carnival one is the worst but it's one of my favourites. Xxx


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