Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tuesday Treats #31

Since around the end of January I've been on a bit of a spending ban as I had things to pay for such as rent, valentine's and birthday presents. So rather than saving money I've just got my weekly budget back on track and paid for things I needed to pay for rather than spending on clothes. I did have a small slip up when I bought the shoes featured on the end of this post but I got them cheaper then if I'd have waited so it's justified as I was going to buy them full price anyway. However I have a nice little treat in the way of a bursary gracing my bank account very soon and I'm actually been very sensible and putting the majority of it into mine and Josh's savings, however I will be keeping a little back to treat myself. I think it's well deserved as I've promised myself a little shopping trip once I've got an horrendous 3000 word essay out of the way (I hit 2000 words today, I can hear the shops calling). With this in mind I thought I'd make a wishlist of things that I'm considering treating myself to and I'd like you lovely lot to help me and let me know which pieces you like the best to help me decide which ones to buy!

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  1. I like the cute sweetheart neckline of this dress, it looks quite short in the picture but I checked the measurements and I reckon I'd get away with it seen as I'm only short! I think it would work for pretty much all seasons too.
  2. I love the colour of this dress it says its purple on the site but I think it's more pink. Either way I love shift dresses and again I think despite the bright colour it could work for all seasons.
  3. Another shift dress. I like the simple little colour on this one and I have been keeping an eye out in my local New Look for it. I think it's a very me dress however I'm not sure what the fit would be like in the chest area as dresses this shape have a tendency to hang to sticky-out around my boobs then it makes me look pregnant!
  4. I'm thinking these could be like disco pants without the shine which I'm intrigued about. I reckon I'd have to wear them rolled up on my little legs though. Plus I can't decide if I like these or the next item more...
  5. At first look these just look like plain black leggings but they're actually wax coated denim legging. Er yes please! I live in my Topshop denim leggings so I reckon I'd get loads of wear out of these.
  6. This is so cute and so cheap! I'm really hoping my local H&M get this in as I refuse to order online with them. I love the mix of pink and black.
I just noticed the theme of this wishlist is pretty much pink and black, oopps! 
Please let me know which things you like so I can hopefully decide what to buy!

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  1. The pink and black H&M top is really nice! A great find.


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