Thursday, 7 February 2013

Reading, Wanting, Pinning #2

If you missed the first reading, wanting, pinning post then please take a look here for the general idea of what these posts are about (although it is pretty easy to follow!). I've found some little gems since I did the last post so there's a fair few blog posts going to be listed and what can only be  described as the best YouTube channel... Ever! Are you excited yet?! 


Madison asked if old make-up is really as bad for you as we've been lead to believe or if it's just a money making con. 

Helen's huge fashion and makeup haul made me very jealous! Look at all the pretty lipsticks and blushers.

Gem's reminder to herself of why she's awesome was sweet and made me smile.

I fell in love with Demi's new tattoo, so simple yet lovely.

Becca questions what's happened to the sisterhood in her interesting post on feminism.

Poppy wrote about my pet hate, girls wearing leggings as trousers. Very funny!



The best YouTube channel ever... Barackdubs. It's basically someone who has a lot of time of their hands creating mashups of Barack Obama speeches and putting them to songs. My favourites are Can't Touch This and Sexy Back. I love Obama and this channel is hilarious, go and watch!


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Cutest photo ever / The cake topper I have to have at my wedding (for anyone who doesn't know Love Love Me Do is a line from the Beatles song Love Me Do and we all know how much I love The Beatles) / I love these shorts / Aaaww a dog in shoes!

So that was my latest internet roundup, I'm enjoying writing these posts so I hope you are enjoying reading them.

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  1. Ooh I loved reading this, looking forward to checking out all the links <3

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