Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Be My Valentine

It's probably not escaped your notice that February is the month of love and with just nine days to go until Valentine's Day I thought I'd join in with the love and do a little post on all things Valentine's! I'll quickly say I know a few people don't bother with Valentine's and think it's commercial and you shouldn't just show your love on one day etc etc but I really like Valentine's day so I don't care about any of that! Josh and I don't spend a lot on presents and we stay in and it's not like we're only nice to each other on one day of the year so yeah I embrace all things emblazoned in hearts and get into the spirit of the day. I've been pinning quite a few Valentine's things on Pinterest and whilst I've been browsing around I've come across quite a few nice presents as well so I thought I'd do a little round up off all the stuff I've come across that I like. Enjoy!

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My favourites are the scarf (2), the print (4) and the lego heart keyring (6)

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

My favourites are the card with envelopes on it, each envelope has a little piece of card in it that you  can write a message on (3) and the big pop up one just for how over the top and cheesy it is! (4)

This is a selection of my favourite images from my Valentine's pinterest board. The hot chocolate is a cute idea for a little afternoon valentines treat, the mug matches the print from the start of this post, I love the nail art, the cake is a lovely idea for a dessert and the final photo is just adorable.

So that was my big Valentine's round-up. Are you doing anything for valentine's day this year? Let me know!

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