Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tuesday Treats #30

This Tuesday Treats post isn't going to be to everyone's taste for the fact it contains no beauty or fashion items whatsoever (shock horror). It contains books. I think we've established by now I love reading and I currently have a whole load of books cluttering up my Amazon wishlist. Despite having a Kindle I do still buy books because if there's one thing that I love more than books it's pretty books and you just can't replicate that on a Kindle. I also love big geeky books, you know those wildlife ones, or the Art of Pixar sort of things and not to forget my recent purchase of The John Lennon Letters book (which let me tell you is amazing!) Those sort of books have been lovingly named 'shelf books' by Josh and I. The sort we want to display on a big bookcase when we eventually have our own place. So I thought I'd make a wishlist posts about all the books I have my eye on. There will probably be more post like this as I have so many books noted down that I want to buy and new one's are always catching my eye so the list is never ending really. 

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  1. I saw this book the other day and had a quick look through it. It's a lovely recipe book split into four sections containing recipes for each season. The recipes are simple and easy which is just what I like so I'll definitely be buying this.
  2. Josh and I have really been enjoying watching Africa and again I had a look though this book the other day and it's beautiful. Definitely a 'shelf book'.
  3. Again when Frozen Planet was on we really enjoyed it. Although I haven't been able to look through this book in a shop I have no doubt that it would be just as lovely as the Africa one.
  4. There are 29 clothbound classics to collect from Penguin but the three on this post are the one's I'm most interested in, just look how lovely they look!
  5. Same as above really, I love the story of Oliver Twist so I would love to own this copy/
  6. I read A Christmas Carol every year (at Christmas obviously) and it's one of my favourite stories. I'm definitely going to buy this copy of it to read this year. 
The recipe book is definitely on my list to buy as I want to try some new things. The clothbound classics are just beautiful so at some point I will own these three!

P.S On an unrelated note I have a few things for sale on Ebay at the moment. All really low starting prices. I have pieces from Asos, H&M, Zara and more. I also have Konad nail art kit and a brand new, with tags on, dress from Warehouse that was originally £50 for sale. Please take a look here.

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