Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Memories

Seen as it's New Year's Eve I though I'd see off 2012 with a big post full of photo's from this past year, a few of them are in here because I just like them but most of them represent all my happy memories from this year. I did a similar post last year and I always like looking back on things like this so this seemed like the perfect final blog post of 2012. A lot of the captions under the photo's will contain links to blog posts I did about about different things so you can look in more detail at stuff if you like.

 January canal walk / Chester Zoo zebra's / Chester Zoo orangutan / Vintage fair cupcakes
 The cutest gosling / The first outfit I bought for my niece / Visiting Harewood House / Day out with my Dad at Creswell Crags
Evening walk the day before my birthday / Pretty sky after the walk / Celebrating my 21st (two posts here and here)
 Blowing out my candles on my 21st / Finding out our names are still in the Cavern in Liverpool (two posts here and here) / Josh's parents vow renewal / Visiting the National Coal Mining Museum
 Lonely tree on a walk around Josh's village / Scarborough beach / The results of my first ever trip to a carboot sale / Pumpkin for Halloween
 Weekend in London (posts here, here, here and here) / Seeing Greg Davies live
 Reflection photo on a walk / Santa at the Christmas lights switch-on / Birmingham Christmas market

2012 has been a pretty good year so I'm 2013 brings much of the same. I hope you've all had good year's too and enjoy celebrating the New Year. 

Happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Photo Diary: My Christmas

This is going to be a long one so grab a cuppa, sit back and relax! I thought I'd do a post letting you know what I got up to over Christmas, just so you know there will be photo's of some of the presents I received in this post, it's not show off or be big headed about what I was lucky enough to receive but I blog for me and I like to look back on things like this and to be honest I was too busy eating and having a good time to get any other photo's. I did get quite a few of my niece as it was her first Christmas but I won't be sharing those on here I'm afraid. 
So I'll get on with it... My Christmas began on Sunday night when I went to Josh's with all his presents, we set them all out under the little tree he has in his room then spent the night watching TV with some drinks. Josh and I don't get to see each other Christmas day so we open our presents from each other on Christmas eve, we were up bright and early that morning for bacon sandwiches and some TV watching before the present opening began! I loved absolutely everything Josh got me and I was so lucky to receive a record player (we have some Beatles records that we've collected and now I can finally play them!) as well as an iPad!!! The iPad is only the first generation one so obviously it's not new but it's perfect for what I want it for and I couldn't believe he'd bought me one, thankyou so much Josh! The rest of the day was spent lounging around in the onsie that his parents bought me (it's my first ever onsie and my god is it comfortable even if it is massive on me!) and watching TV whilst attempting to take the cats for a walk on a lead that Josh bought as a joke, the cat's weren't playing though! 
Christmas eve night I was back at home where I relaxed with my Dad and stepmum and drank Baileys, ate Lindt chocolates and watched the Snowman and the Snowdog and the Trollied Christmas special. The whole day was a perfect start to Christmas.

Christmas day I was awake bright and early with excitement, I like the fact that I'm still quite childish in that respect and the excitement of Christmas hasn't worn off yet. After tucking into some big sausage sarnie's for breakfast I slipped into my new dress and got ready to visit my family including my gran, mum and my stepsister. It was my niece's first Christmas so although at 7 months she is too young to understand what's happening I was excited to see her as the last time I saw her was in September, I swear she just keeps getting cuter! I loved helping her open the presents I bought her and playing with them with her. Whilst there my stepsister took what has to be one of my favourite photo's of this year of my Dad, stepmum, niece and me. I don't like to put photo's of my niece on here so I'm really sorry I won't be sharing it with you but I'll definitely be getting the photo printed off as I adore it! When we'd visited everyone we headed back home for our Christmas dinner which was bloody amazing, my Dad makes such a good Christmas dinner. Afterwards when we were full up on good food we finally opened our presents from each other, I received some really lovely stuff from my Dad and stepmum including another Nomination bracelet charm, remembering that I wanted to fill it with things personal to me they bought me my star sign, Leo.
We spent the rest of the evening with a glass of wine, chatting and watching TV and finally making room for dessert.
I went to bed full and worn out but feeling incredibly fortunate to have had such an amazing Christmas and have such a wonderful family and boyfriend. 

 Pretty lights / pretty tree / Dad's homemade mince pies (which are lovely) / My niece's little stocking
 Presents at Josh / Josh opening one of his presents / my massive onsie
 Attempting to walk the cat / All our presents from each other at Josh's / Huge present
 New Nomination Charm (it's too little to get a good photo of) / Benefit blusher / record player / Beatles t-shirt

 All my presents (minus the record player and iPad) / record player / Jean Paul Gaultier perfume


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Happy List #82

Well this is my last blog post until after Christmas and probably my last Happy List of 2012 as I think I'll just do little photo diary catch up posts over the Christmas period. I can't believe how long I've been doing these posts now but I do really look forwards to these one's. It's nice to keep things cheery and look back at all the good things and I really like looking back over these posts to see what I was doing at the same time last year. It's easy to be miserable and moan and I do my fair share of that but it's nice to have something cheery on here so I hope you still enjoy these posts as much as I do. 
There's been a mix of things happening this past week, last Saturday I let Josh open his main Christmas present from me as it was a little too big to take home only for him to have to take it back to uni anyway (I got him a blu-ray player), we also celebrated our five year anniversary and went out for a meal and some drinks, Josh bought me a lovely charm for my Nomination bracelet for our anniversary it's too little to get a decent photo of but it's this one. Then on Thursday we traveled home ready for Christmas.

 Black forest hot chocolate / Josh opening his main present
 Little indoor picnic / Giant German hotdog

What I wore to go out for our anniversary / Josh sent me this photo of all my presents he's bought me, I've been spoilt this year. We have our Christmas on Christmas Eve as we don't see each other Christmas day so I can't wait to give Josh all his other presents then!

Seen as this is my last post until after Christmas I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and enjoy yourselves! Merry Christmas!


Thursday, 20 December 2012

Video: Recent Buys #12 Primark, Soap and Glory, MUA and more!

This is my last recent buys video of 2012, I can't believe it. I hope you've enjoyed my haul video's this year (well all my video's for that matter!) There's quite a mix of stuff in here as it's things from the last month or so there's a few Primark goodies, some beauty stuff and some Christmas home pieces. 

I hope you enjoy this video, click to watch on YouTube for all the extra information such as links etc and don't forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching!


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

BEAUTY: MUA Lipstick Shade's 2 & 8

I recently bought two MUA lipsticks which I've fallen in love with so I thought I would share them with you, however the photo's really don't do them justice so you'll just have to take my word that they're really pretty.
I'm sure you're all aware of the MUA brand now and I have a small collection of their makeup already, they're super affordable and I find all the products that I've tried to be really great quality especially given that none of the products I own from them have cost me above £4!
The lipsticks cost £1 each which is pretty bloody great, the only slightly annoying thing its that the vast majority of the lipsticks don't have names just numbers but what I do like about the packaging is that there's a dot of colour of the bottom so I can easily find the colour I want when delving into my massive makeup bag.

Shade 2
MUA lipstick shade 2

Shade 2 is a lovely purpley pink colour and it applies like a dream it's super smooth and doesn't feel drying in the slightest. It didn't photograph great but it's a lovely colour and I'm really glad I picked it up. Obviously for £1 it's not the longest lasting lipstick but I'm not complaining as I don't mind reapplying it when it's such a bargain!

Shade 8
MUA lipstick shade 8

Shade 8 is one of the prettiest colours in really life, it's a deep reddy pink with gold shimmer, before you recoil in horror I can tell you it doesn't feel gritty on your lips at all and it doesn't look tacky in the slightest it just provides a subtle festive sparkle that I think looks really flattering and pretty and it's perfect for Christmas! Again it's not long lasting, but seen as it's a little bit darker than shade 2 it does last a little longer. It applies perfectly and again it doesn't dry out my lips or show up dry patches. This is my favourite lipstick at the moment.

I have to say I'm so impressed with these two lipsticks, I couldn't really ask for anything better for £1 and they're perfect colours for this time of the year.


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

5 Years...

Happy 5th Anniversary!
I just want to thankyou for everything you do and for all the amazing memories you've given me in the last five years. Who knew when we first started talking over the chocolate fountain at college that we'd shortly get together and still be that way five years on. The first present you ever bought me was a bottle of coke and a bag of Malteser's because you'd read on my Myspace (old school!) that I loved those two things. Five years on you still buy me a bottle of  cherry coke and a bag of Malteser's every Christmas but I can honestly say it's one of the best presents ever :) 
I love everything we've done in the past five years from our first holiday abroad together, to mini breaks in Liverpool and York and moving to uni together and I can't wait for many more years of wonderful memories with you. 
You introduced me to the Beatles which was probably a mistake as my obsession is at times a little out of hand and you've turned me into a bit of a geek but that's ok because I've turned you into a little fatty by introducing you to good food that isn't chips and chicken nuggets! We're stupid and childish together and have the weirdest of conversations late at night, you make me laugh until I cry and put up with my (amazing) dancing!

I love you so much, Lauren xxx


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Happy List #81

I can't believe it's only 10 days until Christmas now, exciting! This month seems to have gone so fast though, time flies when you're older. Uni is all over for me now until January and thankfully I don't have that much work to do over Christmas either. I know I lot of other third years seem to be swamped down with work so I feel pretty lucky not to be in that situation! It means I can relax and enjoy my time off before I throw myself into my final project (I keep telling myself that is what's going to happen but knowing me I still won't be motivated after Christmas!) This week has been a fairly laid back week I've wrapped a lot of my present that I had here although I can't do the rest until next weekend as I had those delivered home and now I'm looking at the big pile of present under our tree wondering how I'm going to get them home! As much as I don't want to I'm having to give Josh his main Christmas present tonight as it's just a little bit too big to take home for him just to try and bring it back here anyway so Christmas is coming early to ours! We went to the cinema twice yesterday as there were two films we really wanted to see, Nativity 2 (and yes it is a kids film) which there was only us in the cinema for and then The Hobbit and night which was bloody amazing I loved it.
Here's this week's photos...

 Presents under the tree / Two cinema trips / A baby box of Celebrations that Josh bought me / A Christmas DIY which I did a post on here
 Film day with Christmas Carol and The Woman in Black (we also watched still crazy but we don't have to box for it) / New Barry M gold glitter polish and MUA lipstick
Exchanging Christmas cards

What's made you happy this week? Let me know!


Thursday, 13 December 2012

It's the little things... Winter

It's always good to remember the little things that make you happy. You all know that I love my Happy List feature for that very reason, it gives me the opportunity to appreciate the things that have made me happy throughout the week and they're really great to look back on. With that in mind I created a little list (I love lists!) of all the little things that make me happy throughout winter, I'm sure I could have thought of many more but I stuck with the first 20 things I thought of. Considering how much I love lists I may do more of these sorts of posts in the future as it's a nice little thing to look back on!

What little things do you love at this time of the year?

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

DIY: Christmas Picture

I thought I'd share a little DIY project with you today. In yesterday's post I mentioned buying a card from Paperchase that I had a DIY project planned for, well this is it. It's super easy to do and takes around 5 minutes and in total it only cost me about £7-£8! 
Whilst browsing the Paperchase site a few weeks back (I'm obsessed with it everything is just so cute) I came across the cutest Christmas card ever. I loved what it said on the front and I knew I had to buy it and do something with it as it was just too lovely not to. Typically the Paperchase where I live didn't have the card but that was OK because I knew the huge one in Birmingham would have it! The card cost £2.50.
I already knew I wanted to frame it but because the card is square there were no frames that fitted it so Josh suggested mounting it on some card. So I bought some black card for 99p from Rymans then we headed to Ikea to find a frame, the one we ended up getting is perfect as it's also square and really chunky so the card looks perfect inside it and because it' so chunky we can just stand it on our shelf as we're not allowed to hang stuff on the walls but I personally think it looks better stood then hung anyway. The frame cost £4.25.
Rather than gluing the Christmas card to the black card we've stuck it down with blu-tack that way it'll be easy to remove if we ever want to put it in a different frame.

As the photo isn't super close up (otherwise the reflection of Josh would be even worse than what it already is!) I'll tell you what the card says:
A recipe for a Happy Christmas
5 x cups of laughter
6 x cups of Ho, Ho, Hos
1 x jolly fat man in a suit
3/4 festive jumpers
2 x large dollops of presents
An endless supply of food
A pinch of stuffing
A glug of booze
1 x afternoon snooze
A light dusting of snow
Serve with tinsel, colourful paper hats and a generous helping of friends and family

How cute?! These photo's really do it no justice as it's impossible to get a photo of the frame without getting reflections in it but it really looks lovely on our shelf, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

DAYS OUT: Birmingham Christmas Market

Last Friday Josh and I went to Birmingham for lunch and a browse around the Christmas Market, we've been every year since we moved here and this was our last year going to it (sad face). We decided to go later in the afternoon so we could have our food and then wonder around the market when it was all lit up in the dark. We went to an amazing Chinese buffet called Ming Moon which I would highly recommend if you're in Birmingham, there was so much food and they had Christmas songs playing and crackers on the table! Plus it was really delicious, Josh is quite picky when it comes to food and he loved it! After we'd stuffed ourselves to the point of almost bursting we headed to the shops where Josh got side tracked by a music shop so we spent ages in there. I didn't go in too many shops in the Bullring as it was so busy but I popped in Selfridges purely for the huge Paperchase they have in there. I bought some Christmas tape for my presents and a little card that I had a DIY project planned for. 
By this time it was dark so we headed out to the market which looked beautiful all lit up. Some of the stalls looked lovely adorned in lights with pretty ornaments on them. I bought some chocolate things filled with marshmellow, Josh and I call them Dalek's because we don't actually know the proper name for them! I ended up buying 10 because they so cheap but yummy. We then stopped at a stall selling hot chocolate in cute little cups so I had one with Baileys in it, it was one of the best hot chocolate's I've ever had it was really thick, not like any I've drunk before. I imagine it to be like the hot chocolate on Polar Express!
After I was full up on hot chocolate we made our way back down the other side of the market and when we reached the end I called back to the first stall we'd visited and bought a cute little snow globe. Josh and I have a little joke about snow globe's which I won't bother explaining on here so after years of him laughing at me about them it was only right that I finally bought one!
Feeling all festive and cheery but a little worn out we finally headed back home to watch Nativity (which is set where we live!). 
It was the perfect final trip to Birmingham Christmas market.


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Happy List #80

It's not going to be a huge Happy List this week but I thought I'd still do one as I didn't last week. It's not very big because I've already done a separate post on putting our decorations up here. Also I went to Birmingham Christmas market yesterday and I'm going to do a full post on that next week! I also filmed a huge Christmas tag video with Josh this week so if you've not seen that yet go and watch it!
Here's this week's photo's...
 New scrub - it smells amazing! / Festive Friends biscuits / I baked some gingerbread / Josh bought me this which I featured on my Christmas wishlist and he let me open it early!

Our tree / My new little Christmas sign


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Video: A huge Christmas tag!

I filmed a bumper Christmas tag yesterday, I say bumper because it has 18 questions due to the fact I combined questions that I liked from about three different Christmas tags to make on big one that I really liked! When I first mentioned to Josh about filming this he asked if he could give his answers too if he wrote them down for me to read out so I suggested he filmed it with me too so this video has us both in it! If you want to see what the questions where watch it on YouTube and I've written all the question in the down bar. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel too whilst you are there!

Let me know if you film my bumper Christmas tag or if you've filmed any other Christmas tag video so I can watch! Hope you enjoy this video!


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

On Saturday Josh and I put our Christmas decorations up, it may seem a little early to some people but we're going back home on the 20th so we won't get to enjoy them for long. As this is our last year at uni it means it's going to be a little while before we have our own place to put decorations up in again, which I'm quite sad about, so I really wanted to make the most of it this year and buy some little bits and pieces that are a bit more special and that we'll always keep (most of our decorations are really cheap so it's good to have some nicer pieces). I thought I'd share some photo's with you all but I also wanted to do a little post on this for myself to remind me what a lovely time we've had living here and sharing Christmas together.

During the day I baked gingerbread for the first time which after I few minor incidents turned out pretty good so when it came to the evening I pulled on my fluffy pj's, poured myself a generous glass of Baileys, grabbed some gingerbread and turned on the Christmas songs. Well you have to go all the way on occasions like this don't you? Out came the tin of chocolates, fairy lights and tinsel and we begun decorating and adding our new Christmas additions to our tree and room. When we'd decorated Josh even let me open a little Christmas present which was very kind of him, although I suppose it's only fair as he's getting his main present soon as it's too big to take back home! 
 Gingerbread and Baileys / Reindeer candle holder / Bauble I bought for Josh / Back of the bauble (our anniversary and Christmas are only a week apart)
 Advent candle / My new headband! / Little bear decorations
 Little robin and friends / Star Christmas sign / Little robin
 Me opening me presents / Candle holder and star
 Our tree

It was a pretty perfect evening, I just love Christmas and I love our new little additions that will hopefully stay with us for years to come.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

All I Want For Christmas...

After posting some Christmas gift guides over the past few weeks I thought I would post my Christmas wishlist today, this is more of a fantasy wishlist rather than what I've actually asked for as my Dad always asks me for ideas really early then I end up thinking of all the good stuff much later on when it's too late. Oh well! Although I am really wishing I'd included some of these on my actual list now, I guess I will have to treat myself after Christmas! So here is my wishlist...

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

1. I have some boxes back at home that I keep all my stuff from Josh in such as cards, letters etc and they're pretty full. I love the look of this wooden one for keeping everything in as it looks quite big plus it looks a lot prettier than the bright pink  cardboard ones I currently have!
2. This combines two things I love, scarves and leopard print! There's definitely a gap in my scarf collection for this.
3. I'd love to own some decent quality long boots and these ones from River Island look pretty sturdy and I just love the quilting and stud detailing on them.
4. I have actually mentioned this for Christmas so fingers crossed. I love all of these polishes they look so pretty.
5. So I'm sure most of you know by know that I love the Beatles so I just need this book in my collection.
6. I have a Filofax and for years I've been buying the Filofax diary inserts every year until my Mum mentioned Dodo Pads they look so much more fun than Filofax diaries and they're made to fit the Filofax diary I have so whether I get this for Christmas or whether I have to buy it myself I will definitely be using this in my Filofax.
7. Again back to the Beatles thing... I just love this distressed wooden sign, it comes in the design I've featured or in red with white writing, either way I need this!
8.These are quite possibly the cutest candles I've ever seen. I just love candles and I've never tried any from Best Kept Secrets but when I came across the Festive Sevens I knew I had to try them, I have mentioned them to Josh but I seriously doubt he was even listening!
9. Why I didn't think to ask my Dad for this bag for Christmas I don't know as I've wanted a real leather red satchel for years! I'm seriously considering buying one with any money I get for Christmas rather than frittering my money away on lots of little things. 

What's on your Christmas list this year? Let me know!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

BEAUTY: Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 107

I'll be doing a little review on the Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss lipstick today, you've probably seen it quite a few times now but oh well! I've had this post planned for a couple of weeks but I'm only just getting around to posting it and since then I've seen a fair few posts on it. Before I get on with the review I'll just give you a little update as there's no Happy List this week as I have no photo's to show you! Not a lot's gone on this week to be honest but today (with the help of Josh) I'm baking gingerbread biscuits and this evening we're putting our Christmas decorations up, I know it may seem a little early to some people but we're going back home on the 20th December so our decorations here won't be up for that long so that's the reason we're putting them up tonight! I can't wait I'm going to have Christmas songs on and everything!
So on with the review...
Kate Moss Matte Lipstick 107
 What Rimmel say

New Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss.Kate Moss brings colour to a new unique dimension.
The gorgeous colour richness and comfort of Kate’s lipstick, now in a velvety matte finish. Ruby Powder enriched formula to intensify the colour while keeping a matte finish all day long!
Matte is re-invented for the most velvety  comfortable colour ever.  
What I think
I love this colour so much! It's my new favourite lipstick. When I first bought it and then tried it on at home I really wasn't sure, I've never worn a colour this dark and it was a bit of a shock but after 10 minutes I loved it, I think it really suits me! It's a gorgeous wine shade which is perfect for winter and although it's a matte shade it feels so comfortable on and it doesn't show up any dry patches, I only have one very small problem with it and that's when I'm applying it I find it feels a little gritty and pulls a tiny little bit however when it's on my lips it's not gritty at all so I don't really know what that's about! It does wear off when I'm eating and drinking but I'm not really bothered about that anyway as it's not effort to reapply a lipstick! For £5.49 I'd recommend this to anyone as I think it's pretty much perfect. 
Kate Moss Matte Lipstick 107
Kate Moss lipstick in 107

Have you tried this lipstick or any other shades from the Kate Moss matte range? Let me know!