Thursday, 29 November 2012

BEAUTY: John Frieda Luxurious Volume

I have a couple of reviews of some products from the John Frieda Luxurious Volume range for you today (shampoo, conditioner and blow dry spray). I've tried a couple of the styling products from John Frieda before and I've been subscribe to their YouTube channel for ages but I've never tried shampoo and conditioner from them as I'm so picky about those but I think I may just have found my new favourite ones here. 

John Frieda Luxurious Volume

Shampoo and Conditioner

What John Frieda say: Shampoo- Damage caused by styling and daily environmental stress creates 'pores' inside the hair, reducing it's density. Formula contains patented technology and penetrates all hair types, filling damaged areas from the inside out; restores fullness while it strengthens and lifts hair for healthy volume that starts at the root. The resulting textural change makes hair look and feel more voluminous. 
Conditioner - Weightlessly conditions, targeting damaged areas with a specialized conditioning technology. 
What I think: First off these smell amazing I can't quite place what the smell is but I love it! Secondly to put it simply I love these. I really like the fact that this isn't just a shampoo and conditioner for fine and flat hair (I have quite thick hair but it can lack volume when products weigh it down) but that it strengthens and repairs dry and/or damaged hair. The shampoo is clear but when it foams up it feels quite creamy and moisturising however it rinses completely clear leaving hair squeaky clean without any build up which is exactly the thing I look for in a shampoo. The conditioner also feels creamy and quite thick, it doesn't leave that moisturised feeling on your hair once its rinsed off but trust me it really works and leaves my hair lovely and soft. Overall both of these products have become staples in my haircare routine I can't remember my hair ever feeling as soft and looking as healthy and shiny as it does now. You guys know that I've professed my love for other shampoo's and conditioners before on here but none of those compare to these!

Thickening Blow Dry Lotion

What John Frieda say: Enhanced formula contains  a targeting lifting complex with longer lasting hold, a less sticky feel and added heat protection polymers and Panthenol, known to protect and strengthen hair. Unlike other volumizing sprays, it doesn't contain alcohol so hair stays soft. 
What I think: Well I have to mostly agree with what John Frieda say about this product, it doesn't feel sticky and it does add volume however I feel this product is more targeted towards people with finer hair than me. The spray added volume to my roots and also added texture in order to keep the volume in place, this means it would be great for creating high volume hairstyles as this spray would definitely keep them in place. Personally I wasn't overly keen on the textured feeling of my roots, it felt too much during the day for me but I would definitely use this for on a night out or for when I needed added volume in a hairstyle. I think people with fine hair would get the most use out of this though. I do really like the fact the spray also contains heat protection too. 

I so glad I tried these products as I'll definitely be repurchasing the shampoo and conditioner. I'd also really like to try some other products in the John Frieda range after discovering how good these are. I've been having a little look around and I few of styling products caught my eye as well as the hair dye, I've contemplating a colour change for a while now and it's been years since I changed my hair Who knows maybe I'll take the plunge after Christmas!

I received these products to review but that in no way changes my opinion. All views are honest and 100% mine.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: For Food Lovers Under £30

This is the last gift guide post I'll be doing. I was going to do one for men but to be honest it was proving difficult to find decent stuff and keep within the £30 budget I have for these posts plus if your buying for you boyfriend or Dad then it's a bit more subjective, you should know best what they like and my guide would have been based more around what Josh likes which obviously isn't to everyone's tastes so I think you're best off thinking of your own things when it comes to men!
Anyway this gift guide is one for food lovers again everything is under £30 (with the exception of one thing which is £35) so hopefully this will give you some ideas for the foodies in your life.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
  1. Pink Champagne truffles from Debenhams. For a little touch of luxury as a stocking filler these are perfect and come in such a cute box. Priced at £12 (although I'm sure if this is just an online price as they are down from £15).
  2. Jamie Oliver Grow Your Own Herbs from Boots. How cute would these look in the kitchen? Perfect for using in lots of yummy recipes. Priced at £10.
  3. Traditional Afternoon Tea gift experience from Boots. This gift experience is for two people so it would be perfect for a couple who you think deserve a little treat or for your friend (you never know she might ask you along!) there are over 70 locations to redeem this at too. Priced at £29.
  4. Snowflake Tower Christmas Hamper from John Lewis. OK so this one is a little bit more than £30 but look how cute and Chrismassy the stacking boxes are not to mention all the yummy food inside. Priced at £35.
  5. Bistro Bleu Heart Chalk Board from Boots. This would look lovely hung in the kitchen and it's perfect for writing down the shopping list for the next culinary creation! Priced at £8.
  6. My Recipes Book from Temptation Gifts. Aside from the chalk board this has to be my favourite thing on this gift guide. Perfect for the next budding Nigella Lawson to stash all her wonderful recipes in. Priced at £15.16.
So that's the end of my gift guides, if you missed the others you can look at the beauty one here and the technology accessories one here. Hopefully I've provided you with a couple of different ideas to the run of the mill gift guides to make your Christmas shopping that little bit easier!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Happy List #79

I think it's fair to say I've had a pretty good week this week, I've almost much finished an essay I've just got a few odds and ends to tie up, I've practically finished my Christmas shopping I've watched the Christmas lights switch on and I've been buying/ordering little Christmassy things for our room (it's our last Christmas here and our last Christmas living together until we get a place of our own so I'm going all out this year!) not to mention that my Dad sent me what only can be described as the best parcel ever earlier in the week, an advent calendar each from me and Josh wrapped in Christmas paper. Chocolate...wrapped in Christmas paper...I'm all over that! So with a good week comes lots of photo's, so here's this week's selection...

 New Soap and Glory body butter, it smells like marzipan! / Gingerbread shower gel / New nails polish/ Cadbury Coins
 Cute new Christmas candle holder / The best crisps ever / Parcel from my Dad / What was in the parcel

What I wore for a meals at Harvester / Santa / New Crispello, I didn't think it was that good

I did a full post on the Christmas light's switch on which you can look at here, also this week I've posted a technology accessories gift guide and a winter tag video so check those out too. 

I'll be back tomorrow with my Christmas giveaway  so be sure to pop back then!


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Video: Winter Tag

I have a little tag video for you today, it's the winter tag and I thought it would be something fun to film. Click to watch the video on YouTube as all the extra info is on there and don't forget to subscribe to my channel whilst you're there! 
I'll be filming the Christmas tag in a couple of weeks and Josh is getting in on the action because he wanted to answer the questions for that too! So look out for that. 

I hope you enjoy this video and if you've filmed the winter tag leave me the link so I can watch! If there's any videos you would like to see let me know.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Coventry Christmas Cracker

On Sunday the Christmas lights got switched on in Coventry and the whole day was packed with different things happening around the city under the name Coventry Christmas Cracker. Josh and I spent the whole day exploring and enjoy everything that was on offer. It was the perfect day for wandering, the sky was bright blue, it was sunny and the air was really crisp meaning I could wrap up in furry boots and a chunky knit scarf. I don't think I need to point out again just how much I love Christmas so it probably won't come as any surprise to learn that I woke up bright and early on Sunday morning and full of excitement like it was actually Christmas Day! It was also mine and Josh's unofficial anniversary, we tend to always do something a month early as our actual anniversary is only a week before Christmas so it was nice to spend our unofficial anniversary doing things we love! We also went to  Harvester's for a meal at night where I may have eaten slightly too much... oopps! Anyway I have quite a few photo's so I'll get on with it.

There was only ever going to be one outfit of choice for this day and that was the Christmas jumper / Festive nails / Christmas camper vans at the Transport Museum / Christmas scooters at the Transport Museum / Loved this! / Had to resist the urge to scream 'SANTA!!' like Buddy does in Elf / Christmas tree / Fairy lights in the trees / Yes it's Primark but it look pretty with Christmas lights! / More fairy lights

I should point out that the last four photo's were took on Monday night because it was just too busy to get any photo's after the lights switch on so Josh went out the rain  to get these (thankyou Josh!).

Has your city had it's Christmas lights switched on yet and do you have some photo's? Link me, I'd love to look at some other posts!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: Technology Accessories Under £30

With more and more people owning things like iPhone's, iPad's and e-readers I thought it would be a good idea to do a gift guide on accessories for these kinds of things. As all my gift guides are £30 or under then I couldn't exactly do a technology gift guide so this seemed like a good idea. I've even included a little guide for men too! Whilst I was browsing around for ideas to include on here I noticed that the River Island site had quite a lot of things on it so I've included a lot of stuff from there. 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
  1. iPad cover from Etsy. This is so cute with the little cupcake print! It is lightly padded for protection too. There are loads of iPad covers on Etsy to choose from. Priced at £19.50.
  2. Kindle cover from River Island. I really want this myself as I think it's lovely and it has pink leopard print inside! Priced at £12.
  3. iPhone 5 cover from Etsy. Oh god this is to OTT and garish that I just love it! Although this is for the iPhone 5 there are one for 4/4s just type 'Kawaii iphone cover'  into Etsy (I always make sure they're UK sellers though). Priced at £25.82.
  4. Bunny speakers from Skinnydip. Aaww these are so cute, they can be connected to your phone, MP3, tablet or computer. Also available in a bear and koala. Priced at £20.
  5. 15" laptop cover from Paperchase. I just couldn't resist include this when I saw his cute little face. Priced at £16.50.
 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
  1. Kindle cover from River Island. This is the men's version of the Kindle cover above. Priced at £12.
  2. idoodle phone case from Paperchase. This is a great stocking filler idea which allows you to create your own phone case. Priced at £13.
  3. Star Wars iPad cover from Etsy. Josh loves star wars so I'm pretty sure lots of other guys do too! Priced at £16.99.
  4. Gameboy iPhone 4/4s cover from Ebay. How cool is this and it's sooo cheap too. Priced at £1.95.
  5. Laptop case from Topman. I think this looks really smart for a laptop cover and I think it's a really good price too. Priced at £12.
So they are my picks for technology accessories, hopefully there's something for everyone on here.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Happy List #78

Well as I mentioned on last week's Happy List things have got a whole load more Christmassy on Bits and Bobs, I've planned some little gift guides and the first of those went up on Tuesday so if you missed it you can see it here. I also posted a guide on Christmas shopping on a student budget and then posted a Primark Haul which ended up having quite Christmassy theme to it! Also last week I mentioned wanting a Christmas jumper, well that wish has been fulfilled as I bought one from Primark, you'll get to see a picture in a minute (though it was in my Primark Haul video too). 
Tomorrow there's loads of stuff going off here as the Christmas lights are been switched on in the evening but during the day there's apparently going to be lots of little vintage fairs and market stalls dotted around the city and then Roy Wood (if you don't know who he is, he sung this Christmas song) is turning the lights on and performing. So tomorrow we're off out to explore everything that's happening then we're off to Harvester at night. I can't wait! 
Here's what's been making me happy this week...

 Did a bit of shopping (see what I got here) / Finally found a bar of this! / Bought an icing set you've no idea how happy it made me! / The Christmas jumper (how cute?!)
Bought a cute cat vest (it was on this wishlist) / Yummy honeycomb hot chocolate at Costa / I wore my Mickey jumper for the first time it's so snuggly to mention cute!

So that's it, a fairly quiet one this week photo wise. I'll be back Monday with a post about all the festive fun I'll be having tomorrow and I'll be holding a Christmas giveaway next Sunday so look out for that!

What's made you happy this week? Let me know!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Video: Recent Buys #11 Primark Haul

I've got a little Primark Haul to show you all today as I went shopping a couple of days ago and ended up coming away with quite a few Christmassy things! After mentioning in my last Happy List that I wanted a Christmas jumper I went and bought one but I also ended up picking up a few other things too which made me so happy, who doesn't love Christmas stuff?!

I hope you enjoy this video, as always click to watch on Youtube for all the extra information and please subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

SAVING MONEY: Christmas on a Student Budget

I know I don't write these post really regularly which is why it's been two months since I wrote my last one but they usually end up been quite long so I don't want to bore anyone! If you're new to these posts they're basically money saving tips aimed predominantly at students or anyone looking to save a bit of money. I like to try and include everyone which is why these posts usually do include general money saving tips but I'm afraid this one is much more geared towards students due to the use of student discounts, there are a couple of general tips though. Anyway I'll get on with it.

How To Do Your Christmas Shopping On A Student Budget

So as the title suggest I'm going to be offering a little guidance on how to buy presents on a student budget. When I moved to uni at the end of September 2010 I was already thinking about Christmas presents and I really didn't think I would be able to afford anything but there are means and ways of doing it even if you don't have a job. Basically I've never had a job whilst at uni and the money I have between my first loan in October and my second loan in January has always been  a smaller amount than what I have from January to Easter and from Easter over the summer this is because of how my accommodation fee's are worked out meaning I pay a large amount of money for my accommodation in this time period. So for three years in this time period I've lived on a very small amount of money but still managed to buy Christmas presents for everyone which is amazing as I'm buying for 9 people this year! So here are some tips on how to do this:
  1. Save, save, save. Ok I know this one is perhaps a little too late now but hey you'll remember it next year! Seriously though if you have lots of people to buy for the most important thing to do is save. I consider myself quite sensible with money and I know exactly what I'm getting and when and how much I have a week to live on so I know I need to start saving in advance for Christmas. Chances are you'll move back  home over summer so you'll be spending a lot less money so save it all up for Christmas.
  2. Most students have to pay some sort of damage deposit for their accommodation at the start of the rental period, you usually get this back when you move out. You've not missed the damage deposit all those months so don't fritter it away put it away and save it to buy presents. I don't get my damage deposit back until October (this is my third year living in the same accommodation so I just get in back when I move back) so recently I got a nice little bonus of £120 back, as easy as it is to think 'oh I'll just pop out shopping now' I felt much better setting aside for Christmas presents knowing that I could buy lovely things for my family.
  3. Take full advantage of your NUS card. You can get discounts on many presents online using your NUS. For example, Asos offer students 10% off everything as well as clothing they sell beauty, jewellery and other Christmas gifts for men and women, also Amazon offer students 5% off books, music, groceries, jewellery and watches, health and beauty, kitchen and home and 10% off clothing (you can only get the discount on the categories mentioned), you need to redeem the promotional code from the NUS website then enter it at the checkout on Amazon. 
  4. Ebay is your best friend. A lot of stuff can be found on Ebay for a lot cheaper so it's really worth shopping around on there. I always buy from sellers in the UK to ensure the item is delivered but if you like to buy from abroad that's fine. A lot of popular items can be found brand new on Ebay but be careful because they are often on bids not buy it now as the sellers know they can get a lot of money for popular items meaning they often end up selling for a lot higher than the RRP or for a lot higher than what they would be on somewhere like Amazon so have a price in mind before you start bidding and don't get caught up in the moment. Another top tip is don't put a bid on until the last few seconds as you'll have more chance of winning, putting a bid on a lot earlier will drive the price up quicker. There are definitely bargains to be found though.
  5. Buy as much as you can online, I can't tell you how much money this will save you. For the sake of this blog post (and to prove that Amazon really is one of the best places to shop) and to prove how much you can save I'll tell you that I currently have £119.68 worth of presents in my Amazon basket this is without the 5% discount  I told you about as I haven't added it yet and with the free delivery option. I looked around and found prices of all the products in my basket in various other shops and the total comes to a huge £157.92 so that is a saving of £38.24 and the saving will be even bigger when I add the 5% discount. Wow.
  6. Finally don't stress out if you can't afford the biggest and most expensive gifts while you're at uni, no one expects this. People know you're living on a small budget and to be honest your family will just be glad to have you home for Christmas, just make sure you write them a nice card!
So they are my tips for affording Christmas presents on a student budget. I know a lot of them such as the saving up money require a lot of forward planning but there's still some stuff here you can put into action now. 
Do you have any tips for Christmas shopping on a budget? Let me know!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty Under £30

So over the next couple of weeks I thought I'd post a few little gift guides to give you all a little inspiration for your Christmas shopping. I have a few guides planned as well as a Christmas decoration guide and a wishlist of my own too. I told you in my last post that things were going to get Christmasy around here!
For each of the guides I'm going to try and keep everything below £30 as you know I like to keep things purse friendly on here! This first guide is a beauty one and I'll be honest, it's fairly easy to pick out beauty gifts but I thought this one would be just a nice colourful, easy way to start these guides off, so enjoy!

christmas beauty gift guide

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
  1. At £14 this isn't the cheapest shower gel in the world but I do think it's great for a little luxury present. It is quite a big bottle and it can be used as a bubble bath too. I've picked Have Yourself A Cherry Christmas but there's 4 other Christmas themed scents on the Boots website so there's quite a good selection. They come in the cutest little boxes too which makes it even easier to wrap!
  2. I think this little offering from This Works is so cute, it's their shimmer balm but it comes in a bauble! The shimmer balm is for use anywhere that you might need an extra little glow (but mainly for your face) and because it's from This Works it's jam packed with moisturising ingredients. I actually really want this myself. This little bauble is also available with the This Works sleep balm inside it too. Priced at £10.
  3. I think this is a great little stocking filler and perfect for the winter months when people are in need of a good hand cream. This is suitable for hands and cuticles too and again it comes in a cute little box with a gift tag attached. Priced at £9.
  4. Again another great stocking filler containing miniature versions of Porefessional primer, It's Potent eye cream and Triple Performing face emulsion. Priced at £9.50.
  5. I'm sure you've all seen these sets by now but I think they're great for makeup lovers and I'm pretty sure we all know someone who likes Benefit. This set comes in different variations aside from Feeling Dandy which I've featured so the products shades vary but they all come with a mini tint and highlighter, mini lip gloss and 3g of blush. Priced at £24.50.
  6. Now I know Lush isn't everyone's cup of tea but some people just love it (I'm one of those people!) and you can't deny that they do amazing gift sets at a wide variety of prices from little stocking fillers at £6.50 to massive sets at nearly £100! I picked this one because I just love the pink glittery star box and it happens to have Snow Fairy smelling products in it which I love! Priced at £26.95.
  7. Earlier in the year everyone went crazy for the Clinique Chubby Sticks and pretty much every brand began bringing their own versions out but if you know someone who adores the originals then this is great. You get 5 Chubby Sticks, although these are smaller than the originals as they contain 1.2g of product each. There's a colour for every occasion in this box though with Richer Raisin, Bulky Blossom, Chunky Cherry, Oversized Orange and Super Strawberry. Priced at £30.
So that's my beauty Christmas gift guide, I've done quite a bit of research for you all there with all the information and prices included! I'm like a little Christmas elf finding all these present ideas for you!

P.S I've now added a little Tumblr icon to the side of my blog so you can follow me on there too if you like!


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Happy List #77

This week has been all about fireworks, baking and a few little treats! I also finally got round to filming another recent buys video as I had stuff from over a month ago to show you so if you haven't seen that yet you can check it out here. I'm feeling so Christmassy right now it's unreal, I swear I get excited earlier every year, I'd say it started around the beginning of October this year! I've even created a new board on my Pinterest for all things wintery so soon a few Christmas things will be making and appearance on there too. I'm currently on the look out for a Christmas jumper, yes I will wear it and no I don't care how ridiculous it looks! I also have a few Christmas things planned for Bits and Bobs including a couple of Christmas wishlists, a Christmas video (which Josh is getting involved in too) and a Christmas giveaway which will be on here at the end of the month so keep an eye out for that! Anyway that's enough of me rambling now, here's this week's Happy List.

 New MUA blush (shade 5) and a Lush face mask / My lovely new boots that Josh bought me (they're from the kids section in New Look)
 Fireworks / Big bowl of jelly / Oreo Surprise Cupcakes (recipe here)
Baking / A little present from Fireball Cinnamon Whisky / Spiced apple drink from Ikea

Am I the only one really excited for Christmas already? What's made you happy this week? Let me know!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Video: Recent Buys #10

So I'm back with another recent buys video, in all honesty these are my favourite type of videos to watch on other people's channels so I hope you enjoy them too. It's a bit of a chatty one too this one so I hope you stick with it! There's quite a lot of stuff but some of it was bought over a month ago now it's just that I've only just got round to filming it as I've been filming a couple of other types of video which you can check out on my channel.

As always click to watch on YouTube for all the extra information and please subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching!


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tuesday Treats #28

There's a little bit of a leopard print theme going on in this weeks Tuesday Treats post, it's no secret that I love a bit of leopard print though! This is pretty much a perfect wishlist for me, I feel that everything on it is very 'me' now if only I had the money to buy it all!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 

  1. I own the three quarter sleeved version of this that everyone went mad over earlier in the year but I'm a sucker for a lace dress so this had to go on my wishlist
  2. This is such a cute little basic vest, how could a resist it at a mere £7.99?!
  3. After falling in love with my first pair of Topshop jeggings that I bought in the summer I've been looking for another pair and I just love these burgundy ones, perfect for winter
  4. I would never buy these based on the price but leopard print and studs, it couldn't get much better I don't think!
  5. I have everything crossed that this bag is in H&M when I go shopping because quite frankly I'm in love with it
Has anything on my wishlist caught your eye? What's on your wishlist this week? Let me know!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

RECIPE: Oreo Surprise Cupcakes

I couldn't resist sharing this amazing little recipe with you all as I made some lovely Oreo cupcakes yesterday that I've named Oreo Surprise. These yummy little buns are topped with cream cheese frosting but if that isn't your thing then you can use buttercream or something. I will give you the quantities used but I'll be honest I tend to just put whatever in until it taste how I want it to, especially with the frosting.
Now I've named these cupcakes Oreo Surprise because the base of the cupcake is an Oreo biscuit which can't be seen until you bite into the bun!

 The front four are the Oreo Surprise cupcakes, the other buns are for Josh as he doesn't like Oreo's

What You'll Need:

Makes around 8-10
For the cupcakes: 110g butter/margarine
110g sugar
2 eggs
110g self raising flour
A drop of vanilla essence
Oreo's to place in bun cases

For the cream cheese frosting: 6 tablespoons of cream cheese 
75g butter
200g of icing sugar
A drop of vanilla essence
Crushed Oreo's


1. Make a basic vanilla sponge mix (I won't bother explaining this as surely everyone knows how to do this)
2. Take your bun cases and place one Oreo in the bottom of each then pour the sponge mixture on top 
3. Place the buns in the oven at 180C/350F/Gas 4 for 20-25 minutes
4. To make the cream cheese frosting cream together the butter and the cheese then add the icing sugar ( I just kept adding icing sugar until I got the taste I wanted I didn't really stick to the measurements). Once it's mixed together add the vanilla essence and the crushed Oreo's (just place some Oreo's in a food bag and crush them with a rolling pin) and combine it all.
5. Once the buns are cooked leave them to cool then spoon or pipe on the cream cheese frosting
6. That's it the Oreo Surprise cupcakes are done, remove from the casing and enjoy!

Oreo cupcake recipe
 The finished product

As you can see it's so simple to make these delicious little treats, the combination of the crunchy biscuit, light fluffy sponge and creamy topping is amazing and it takes no time and hardly any effort to make something that looks pretty good if I do say so myself!

Will you be making these cupcakes? What's your favourite thing to bake? Let me know!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Happy List #76

Nothing too exciting has gone on this week but I still have lots of photo's to show you. Last Saturday it was really cold so we wrapped up and went for a really long walk by the canal, my new hat even got its first outing. Then on Thursday Josh suggested going out for drinks as Wetherspoons has drinks offers on Tuesday's and Thursday, we don't go out too often as we prefer nice nights in with a film or something but I'll admit it was good to dust off my heels and go out, especially when I discovered that my favourite drink (Fireball cinnamon whisky with apple juice) is now available in a cocktail pitcher! Then yesterday when my tiny hangover had worn off (it was nothing a bacon sandwich couldn't fix!) we went for a walk to the park and fed the ducks then called at Starbucks so I could have my first Christmas drink of the year, although unfortunateley I think it may have been my last too, me and coffee don't seem to go well together anymore.

 My new hat had its first outing / Josh carved a pumpkin / Reflections in the canal
 Dressed up for drinks / Plum and glitter nails / Cocktails
Trying out my new Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick / Gingerbread latte / Toffee Apple

What have you been up to this week? Let me know!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Video: Wardrobe Favourites #1

So I thought this would be a fun little video to do, basically I've just picked out I few things that I'm currently wearing loads to share with you. As I don't have a never ending wardrobe these videos won't be extremely regular but I do plan on doing more so let me know if you enjoyed it. I just thought it was a little something different to do.

Click to watch on YouTube to see all the extra information and to subscribe to my channel, hope you enjoy the video!