Tuesday, 30 October 2012

STYLE: Geek!

I know everyone and their mum owns this Topshop t-shirt now but I couldn't resist it for the pure and simple fact that I would class myself as 100% a geek. I mean Josh and I went walking around the city centre the other weekend at 12.45am just to get a glimpse of the meteor shower when most people my age were in the bars I walked past! Anyway I just thought I'd show you a couple of outfit photo's of my new top.

Topshop geek t-shirt
Topshop geek t-shirt

It's a great over-sized t-shirt for just throwing on with jeggings or leggings or tucking into my high waisted shorts. I can see it quickly  becoming one of my most worn tops.
The only slight complaint I have about it is it's massive, the smallest size they do is a small-medium and I don't know why Topshop have done the sizing like that but I'm usually an 8 or 10 in tops and this is so so huge. I know it's available in petite but that wasn't really an option either because then I wouldn't have got the longer length that I wanted! Overall though I'm really glad I bought it.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Happy List #75

Since I've changed the layout of the Happy List I really look forwards to this little weekly update which is how it should be I suppose. This week has been quite a Christmas themed one, what can I say I just adore Christmas and I'm so excited already! I've also bought a few things this week which was a little naughty but oh well. I hope you enjoy this week's Happy List.

 Walking in the Memorial Park / Pretty red trees / A cute little dog we saw
 The Boots Christmas book is out that means I can officially get excited for Christmas! / New makeup purchases (Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold, Kate Moss matte lipstick in 107 and Collection concealer) / New book sent for review / Final ever series of House
Super cute wrapping paper from Ikea / Getting excited at the Christmas stuff in Ikea / We only went to buy candles and a small mirror and came away with those plus 3 rolls of wrapping paper, tags and ribbon!

So that was my somewhat Christmassy week! I also bought the geek t-shirt from Topshop this week but I forgot to include it on these photo's but I have an outfit post planned for next week so you'll see it then.
 What's been making you happy this week? Let me know.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

BEAUTY: Aussie Mega Shampoo & Conditioner

I've been using Aussie Mega shampoo and conditioner for quite a while now and it's safe to say I love it. I can't fault it from the price to how it leaves my hair looking it's just perfection in a bottle. I'm a firm believer in using quality products that don't cost the earth, that's why all the reviews here on Bits and Bobs focus on these sorts of things, not high end products!

Aussie Mega shampoo and conditioner

What Aussie Say

Shampoo: If your hair is already in pretty good nick and you want an effective, everyday cleanser that won't cause build up, look no further than Mega Instant. Use as often as you like and your hair will flow and shine all day long. 
No one likes flat hair. Least of all the uplifting Kangaroo Paw flower. Our new clear yet lather rich formula carefully cleanser hair of build up, leaving you with squeaky clean, bouncy locks - no matter how much product you've been plastering on.

Conditioner: If you're looking for daily conditioner and shine, reach for Mega Instant conditioner. You can use it as often as you like without leaving build up - so now your hair will never weigh you down. 
We love adding Aussie extracts to our formulas and Mega Instant is no different. Kangaroo Paw flower gets its name because of its little furry paw-like flowers. Our formula with extract of Kangaroo Paw flower brings the absolute bouncy best out of your hair. 

What I Think

Aussie Mega claims to rinse clean so it doesn't cause build up, I couldn't agree with this more as I find a lot of shampoo's and conditioner's weigh my hair down and leave it feeling dirty as soon as it's been washed. I like shampoo and conditioners to leave my hair shiny, smooth and really soft with out leaving any residue behind and the Mega range ticks all those boxes. 
The shampoo lathers up really well with just a small amount and the conditioner is nice and thick which is just what I look for. I don't wash my hair everyday so I feel like my hair is cleaner for longer with these so I would definitely recommend them.
Aside from how nice they leave my hair looking and feeling they also smell amazing and I also really like the fact they the conditioner bottle is 50ml smaller than the shampoo bottle as I always have conditioner left over.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Happy List #74

I seem to have a quite a few photo's to show you this week, I much prefer doing my Happy List this new way as I seem to have more to blog about. I've included a photo of my niece this week as the photo made me so happy, I was really unsure of whether to include a photo of her or not as she is now around 5 months old and I've never put any photo's on here but it was too cute not to share, I've checked with my stepsister though and she was fine with me just including this one photo so enjoy the cuteness!

 Baked a cake / Primark Christmas candle that smells lovely / Chocolate buttons pudding / My amazing new hat
 Signed Greg Davies tickets / Super glittery nails / Went to see Sinister - it gave me nightmares / My gorgeous niece, Alice. I could spend all day looking at her smiling face on this photo!
 Outfit for cinema / Outfit for Greg Davies
My new dress that I won in a Missguided competition it looks gorgeous on / Ignore the rubbish quality of the phone photo but me and Greg Davies, check out the height difference!


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Video: Get to Know Me Tag

All I seem to film for my YouTube channel is Recent Buys videos so I thought I'd do this fun little video as I'm looking to add a lot more variety on there, it was quite a fun video to film so I hope you enjoy watching it.

If there's any videos you would like to see please let me know either on here or on YouTube, as always click to watch on YouTube for extra information and please subscribe to my channel. Enjoy!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tuesday Treats #27

This Tuesday Treats post is looking very wintery, I'm really loving berry tones at the moment in clothing and makeup!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

  1. This dress is from Topshop but I'm really hoping Primark do a version of it like they did with the grey one!
  2. I spotted this jumper in store yesterday and fell in love, it's incredibly soft and the pockets have a pleather trim, it looks so snuggly and I feel it would be something that had a home in my wardrobe for many years
  3. I really want a deep red lipstick but I'm struggling to find the perfect one this one looks pretty could but I can't decide between the one in this post which is cranberry red or the darker one, black cherry, as I've swatched both and like both!
  4. This nail polish is part of the new limited edition collection and it looks lovely although it could be just a little too dark for my pale skin
  5. It wouldn't be a Tuesday Treats post from me without a touch of leopard print and this snood is really pretty
Are you loving berry shades this year or has something else caught your eye for this autumn/winter?
Let me know!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Happy List #73

You lucky lot are getting an abundance of posts from me this week aren't you?! Well now I'm back with another Happy List and a slight change in the layout of the whole thing. I've got a little bored of the layout of my Happy Lists and thought something a little snappier and less rambly would be better so gone are the photo's and writing for each day (because to be honest I don't always have something happy to write about for each day) and in comes a collage or two of all the happy things that have filled my week. Enjoy!

 Been in London for the weekend / Seeing Wicked / Eating a Happy Meal / Buying the Wonderful Wizard of Oz book
 Discovering that my favourite hand cream is free in Marie Claire - a picked two up for me and one for my Christmas giveaway / Eating cheesecake / Buying a Tower Bridge charm for my Nomination bracelet (it's gone next to my '21' charm seen as London was a present for my 21st) / Loving all the pretty colours of the Lush Christmas gifts

Because I have blogged a lot this week here's a little reminder in case you've missed anything: London photo diaries here, here and here and London reviews here.

What do you think of the new Happy List? Let me know!


Friday, 12 October 2012

HOLIDAY: London - Summary and Reviews

So who's fed up of me talking about London?! This is the last post now I promise but I thought it might be useful to some people if I provided a little summary of the things I did whilst in London and a few little reviews. If you're looking for something specific please feel free to scroll down as everything is split into different sections, I understand you might not want to read everything as it's going to be a long post but I hope there's some useful stuff in here for some of you! So here goes:

What I did in London

I was in London from Saturday afternoon to late Monday morning which considering how big London is isn't that long. That been said I crammed in loads of stuff and surprisingly I walked pretty much everywhere which I think shows just how accessible it all was. So on the Saturday I walked from my hotel in Victoria to Buckingham Palace, this only took around 10 minutes. At night I went to see Wicked at the Apollo Victoria theatre, again around a 10-15 minute walk from my hotel (by the way I walk really fast so it may be a tiny bit longer for other people!).

On Sunday I explored London all on foot, in total we were out for around 7 hours but this includes stopping for little sit downs, looking around museums and exhibitions, eating lunch, stopping to take photo's and looking in shops. We did walk quite far, from the hotel in Victoria all up the South Bank to the Tower Bridge, over the bridge and back down the other side to the Monument tube station where we got the tube to St James' park, along the way we saw the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, the Clink Prison museum, the Globe theatre, the Shard, HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge (and the Tower Bridge exhibition) and the Monument we then got the tube to St James' park and walked around there. At night after food we visited the Hard Rock Cafe. So as you can see we fitted a lot in, walking down the South Bank was lovely too as there was lots of little food stalls and things on the way.

Clink Prison Museum

We didn't know anything about this, we just stumbled across it whilst walking and it wasn't expensive to visit so we thought why not? It's £7.50 for adults but we got the student concession meaning we got in for £5.50. The museum is built on the original sight of the Clink prison which is thought to be one of the oldest prisons, inside there's lots of information and things to look at so if your interested in museums it's well worth a visit. The museum is around 5 minutes from London Bridge. 

Tower Bridge Exhibition

The exhibition is 42 metres above the River Thames in the high level walkways so you get stunning views across London. Inside the walkways are the great bridges of the world exhibition and cities of the modern games exhibition, your ticket also allows you access to the Victorian engine rooms which are just a very short walk away from the entrance to the exhibition. Prices are £8.00 for adults or £5.60 for students however you can get a combined ticket which gets you into the exhibition and the Monument for £9.00 for adults and £6.20 for students, we bought the combined ticket.

The Monument

The Monument was built between 1671 and 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London and to celebrate the rebuilding of the city. After a 18 month restoration project which begun in 2007 it is now open again and visitors can climb the 311 stairs to the top to be met which lovely views across London. I'm not going to lie climbing the stairs nearly killed me but it was worth it at the top (even though I'm scared of heights). It costs £3.00 for adults or £2.00 for students but as I mentioned we got the combined ticked at the Tower Bridge exhibition. 

The Hotel - The Grange Rochester 

The hotel was paid for by my parents as this was a 21st birthday gift for me so I don't think it's appropriate to go looking at prices etc, it isn't the cheapest of hotels to stay I do know that but as I say it was a gift and if your looking for something special as a present I would 100% recommend this hotel, the room was beautiful, the breakfast was delicious and the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. If you are interested this is the hotels website


My parents chose a hotel in the Victoria area as the theatre for Wicked is there, if you are looking for a lovely area of London to stay in I couldn't recommend Victoria more, as I've mentioned it's really easy to walk to things from that area, there's plenty of nice restaurants and there's a good shopping area too.

The Hard Rock Cafe

It took us around 15-20 minutes to walk to the Hard Rock cafe from our hotel. There's a huge shop selling clothes, glasses etc and you can go into the vaults at certain times and look at all the guitars and clothing they have down there. Next door is the actual cafe, if you are wanting food you have to wait but if it's just a drink you're after you can go straight in. We just had drinks and although it's not the cheapest place on earth it's well worth a visit for the good music and great cocktails!

Wicked the Musical

Again the tickets for this were a present from my parents but prices are easy to find through the website. I was so glad that I had tickets for this as Wizard of Oz was my favourite film when I was a kid, I watched it all the time so I really wanted to see a different take on it. For anyone that doesn't know, Wicked is about the witches in the Wizard of Oz. The show itself was just amazing, words cannot describe how much I enjoyed it and I highly recommend it to anyone. I wasn't sure that Josh would enjoy it as it doesn't seem his sort of thing, even he admitted that but afterwards he said he really enjoyed it and that he would see it again so I think that's a great indication of how good it was. Wicked is on at the Apollo Victoria theatre Monday - Saturday at 7.30 with Wednesday and Saturday matinees at 2.30.

You can view my photo diaries from London here, here and here.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

HOLIDAY: London Part 3

I hope you're not all bored of these posts yet, this is the final London photo diary I promise and it's a shorter one today, it basically to show outfits and what I bought in London. If you missed the first two photo diaries you can look at them here and here. Tomorrow I will be writing a sort of summary and some mini reviews of the things I did in London for anyone interested in finding out where I stayed and what I thought of the places we visited, so pop back tomorrow!

 Saturday night outfit - dress H&M
 Sunday night outfit - Dress Republic / Shoes Internacionale / Jacket Miss Selfridge / Scarf Republic
 Wicked programme
 Wicked book / L'occitane hand cream / Snow globe magnet / Hard Rock Cafe glass
 Hand cream and magnet
 Hard Rock Cafe bib for my niece - how cute?!
 Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt for me
 Close up of the print
Peplum top - Topshop

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

HOLIDAY: London Part 2

I'm going to crack straight on with more photo's of my time in London as I'm going to do a London roundup and reviews post on Friday as I'm thinking I'm probably going to do another photo diary tomorrow. The post on Friday will basically be a massive ramble about the things I did in London, prices of things, places I visited and mini reviews so if your interested in that keep a look out for it. If you missed yesterday's photo diary you can catch up here. On to more photo's...

View from the top of the Tower Bridge exhibition / Tower of London / Climbing the 311 stairs to the top of the Monument / View from the top of the Monument / Horse Guards at Buckingham Palace / Buckingham Palace at night / Hard Rock Cafe / Inside the Hard Rock Cafe shop / Sipping cocktail at the Hard Rock Cafe / Pickled Tink cockatail (love the name!) / War Memorial / A rose I was given by a waiter / Wicked / Giant cookie / The Shard / Guard at Buckingham Palace

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

HOLIDAY: London Part 1

It's official I'm in love with the Capital, I've got a taste for the London life and I love it!
Yesterday afternoon I arrived back from a weekend in London, some of you may remember that my parents booked me the trip for my 21st birthday (which was back in July but they didn't want to book it when the Olympics were on), they booked a lovely hotel and tickets to see Wicked on Saturday night. No words can describe how amazing I've found this weekend. Wicked was so good I'd highly recommend seeing it if you are wanting to go and see a show. Also the hotel we stayed in was just lovely, usually Josh and I just stay in Travelodge's which is fine for us but it was nice to have a touch of luxury for my birthday! For anyone who's interested we stayed in the Victoria area in the Grange Rochester Hotel, I'd highly recommend the area as it's pretty close to a lot of things (if you are quite happy to walk) and it's a really lovely area also the hotel is really nice. As expected I have so many photo's obviously I won't bore you with all 215 of them but I will do two or three posts on London they're not in chronological order because I'll be honest I can't be bothered ordering them on this page but basically on Saturday we went to Buckingham Palace then to see Wicked at night, on Sunday we explored and walked for hours been typical toursits and finding things the old fashioned way with a map in hand and a sense of adventure then went to the Hard Rock Cafe at night and Monday I went to a few shops then we came home. So on with the photo's...(photo heavy)

Our room / view from our room / Victoria Memorial / Josh at Buckingham Palace / Me at Buckingham Palace / London Eye / St James' Park / Our hotel / Houses of Parliament / London Eye / Thames / Globe Theatre / Locked up in Clink Prison Museum / Clink Prison Museum / HMS Belfast / Tower Bridge open / Josh at Tower Bridge