Wednesday, 29 August 2012

DAYS OUT: Creswell Crags

Last Friday my Dad and I went out for the day, I had no idea where we were going but we arrived at Creswell Crags. I'll not launch into a full history lesson here but for those who don't know Creswell Crags is archaeological site dating back to the last Ice Age, it's one of the most northerly points in the world to have been visited by our ancestors (any further north was just too frozen over). The crags are several caves where evidence of habitation by some of the earliest humans has been found and back in 2003 evidence of cave art was discovered making the crags the only place in Britain known to have Ice Age cave art. 

Now for me this was the perfect day out, I just find anything like this amazing and fascinating and this certainly didn't disappoint! Creswell Crags was not only a beautiful place but it was steeped in history and that's always a winner for me! Plus it was really nice to spend some time with my Dad. So I'll share a few pictures from my day with you despite the fact I had to wear I helmet and it looks less than great but oh well!

Me and a hyena / Me and Dad / The Creswell gorge / Me and a skull (not real) in one of the caves / Sunny gorge / Mammoth - by next year it will be covered in the leaves from the tree's they planted around it / River

I know not everyone is interested in things like this but if like me you are then you should definitely visit Creswell Crags as the photo's don't even do it justice, it's much better in person.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Video: Recent Buys #7

No Happy List this week but I do have a new video for you. It's another recent buys one, or rather what I've been spending my birthday money on! Here's a little preview/teaser, a say little because there's much more than what's pictured here.

Please click to watch the video on YouTube as there is extra information and links to things mentioned in the video and please subscribe to my channel.  I hope you enjoy the video!


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

DAYS OUT: Harewood House

A couple of Sunday's ago I had a lovely day out with my Dad and stepmum at Harewood House near Leed's. I love looking around places like this so for me it was the perfect day out. We had a really long walk around the grounds and the house, a picnic and and ice-cream to finish the day off. I thought I would share some photo's of the day with you however there aren't any of inside the house as photography wasn't  allowed.

Flowers / Back of the house / Back of the house and fountain / Front of the house / Penguin / Parrot / A bald parrot I felt sorry for / A bird (can't remember what it was) / Stream

If you enjoy days out like this then I would really recommend a visit to Harewood House. Have you ever visited Harwood House or a similar place? Let me know.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Happy List #69

After a few weeks of things been relatively quiet on the Happy List front I'm pleased to say this week's is a good one (well I think so!) as I've done so much so I hope you all enjoy it.

Saturday 11th August 2012

Went out for drinks with mum and her friend

Sunday 12th August 2012

Went to Harewood House

Also... I went to Harewood House which was really nice, I haven't included more photo's as I'm going to do a little post on it next week

Monday 13th August 2012

Me in Liverpool, you can read all about day one of my trip to Liverpool here

Tuesday 14th August 2012

Day two of my Liverpool trip, which you can read about here

Wednesday 15th August 2012

Final half a day in Liverpool, which you can read about here

Thursday 16th August 2012

Went out for a Chinese, wore my new top and jeans

Friday 17th August 2012

Josh's parents renewed their vows. Josh looked lovely and smart in his suit!

Also... the whole day for the vow renewal was lovely, I really enjoyed it. I may do a little photo post on it in the next few weeks.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

HOLIDAY: Liverpool Part Two

So yesterday I blogged about my first day in Liverpool, in this second (and final) post on Liverpool I'll be sharing photo's from the second and third days so be prepared for quite a lot of photo's. If you missed the post about the first day you can read it here.

On Tuesday we found another free museum to look around, the World Museum which was very good and I would have happily paid for it so I would really recommend visiting there, there was so much to see so we spent quite a lot of time in there. After we had a wander around Liverpool One then to Albert Dock where I bought a Beatles vest, by this point we needed a little rest so we stopped off at Starbucks too.

The weather was so nice which I was really pleased about as I said yesterday, it always rains when we go to Liverpool so it was lovely to wander around in the sunshine, we even enjoyed an ice-cream too! After that we did the traditional thing of having a little afternoon drink in the Cavern.

At night we went to the Red Hot World Buffet, neither of us had been before but my god we'll be going again. It was delicious you seriously have to go if you are visiting Liverpool, then again the night was nicely round off with a drink and more music in the Cavern.

New friend / Nemo fish / Starfish / Ugly fish / Ants and leaves / Comparing my head to a Hippo skull / Shopping / Josh in Starbucks / Hard Days Night Shop / The Cavern / Our names that we wrote last year, so happy they're still there! / Inside the Cavern / My new vest / Outfit of the night / Josh and I

Wednesday was our final half a day in Liverpool so we had a little wander around the shops where I bought a new pair of jeans, we also bought a magnet from the Hard Days Night shop as we get one every time we go! There are several piano's dotted around Liverpool One that are available for free play so Josh was determined to get on one and he did, it's a good job he can actually play seen as we were right in the centre of Liverpool! Unfortunately it then started to rain really bad so the day was cut a little short as we had to take shelter in the train station until it was time to go home.

Me and John Lennon / Fifth member of the Beatles? / Josh playing the piano

It was such a lovely few days away and Liverpool never fails to make me happy. Josh and I have said we should go somewhere else next year but I somehow don't think we will be able to stay away from the city I've fallen in love with!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

HOLIDAY: Liverpool Part One

A couple of hours ago I got back from a few days in Liverpool. Long time readers may remember that last August Josh and I went to Liverpool for a few days then too, infact this time is our fourth time there. We just love it and it's perfect for a mini break, which is something I really needed! As both of us a huge Beatles fans we love Liverpool even more, but you don't have to be Beatles fans to enjoy the city as it really is a lovely place, I'm sure you're all getting the picture by now that I adore Liverpool! I'm going to split this post into two as there's so many photo's so I'll blog about day 1 today and days 2 and 3 tomorrow. Hope you stick with this post as it's going to be quite long.

On Monday we arrived in Liverpool at lunch time and the weather was pretty good considering that everytime we've been it's rained! We made our way over to Albert Dock to go to the Liverpool Museum, last year when we went the museum wasn't complete so we didn't bother going however now all the galleries are open so we decided to see what it was like. The museum is free and I have to say it's pretty good! After we went to the Cavern for a little drink before checking into our room. 

At night we went to Buffalo Jacks, an American bar and grill, to cut a long story short don't order a burger from there if you are ever in Liverpool as it was one of the worst meals I've ever had (I had to send the first one back and the second one wasn't much of an improvement) which was a bit of a disappointment, after we headed back to the Cavern for a couple of drinks and a full night of music. The Cavern has to be one of my favourite ever places!

Arriving in Liverpool / On the docks / The Museum of Liverpool / Josh dressing up / An art exhibition of poems on doors, this one was my favourite / Hi! / Another door, I quite liked this one too / A superlambanana / Mine and Josh's heat prints apparently I was warmer than him / The Yellow Submarine canal boat hotel / Outfit of the night

So that was Monday, the first day and night in Liverpool. I'll be blogging even more photo's tomorrow so see you then!

P.S. The title of this post is from this song.