Tuesday, 31 January 2012

BEAUTY: Tangle Teezer

I'm sure you've all read reviews on this hair brush but I just thought I'd throw my opinion out there as well.

Tangle Teezer

What Tangle Teezer Say

Created by hairdresser Shaun P (who appeared on Dragon's Den and was turned away by all the Dragons) the Tangle Teezer Original professional detangling hairbrush is loved by hairdressers and used in professional hair salons. It's a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. Glides through wet, vulnerable and colour treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking. Hair peace at last!

What I Think

The above bit is taken from the Tangle Teezer website is a little misleading compared to the leaflet that comes with the Tangle Teezer which much better explains that this brush isn't just for use on wet hair or colour treated hair but anyway onto the actual product. 
I'd been wanting one of these brush for ages because my thick, longish hair get knotty so easily so I was really happy when Josh bought me one for christmas. I now couldn't imagine going back to a normal hair brush as the Tangle Teezer makes brushing my hair virtually painless whether I use it on wet or dry hair.
I love the bright pink colour and I love how there's no handle which gives you more control and allows you to smooth tangles away easily. 
I only have one small problem with this brush and that is that I find it a little tricky to brush my hair with it when it's wet as I generally brush it all back first before sorthing out my fringe etc, now when my hair is brushed back it does reach quite far down my back and it does become quite tricky to reach the ends (it's not a problem when it's dry and I  can sweep it over my shoulders to brush it) so that's where having Josh comes in handy as I have to get him to brush my hair when it's wet! I also think my inability to do anything with my right hand (I'm really left handed so always end up straightening/curling my hair with just my left hand resulting in holding things in really odd positions!) really doesn't help matters but there's nothing I can do about that so it's not that big of a problem for me really. 
Overall I think this is an excellent hair brush and I would never go back to using a normal brush. 


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Happy List #41

Saturday 21st January 2012

Bought Josh lots of presents for valentines and his birthday (they're only a month apart) / Painted my nails purple

Also... Watched Take Me Out and Million Pound Drop it's my usual Saturday night routine now

Sunday 22nd January 2012

 Chocolate cooler for me and tea for Josh at Costa

Also... Had a monopoly rematch (because we're cool!) and Josh won, made a yummy cottage pie for tea and watched 127 Hours

Monday 23rd January 2012

No pictures because Monday is the worst day of the week, spent all day at uni although it wasn't as bad as I thought then watched Mrs Brown's Boys at night (it's the only decent thing about Monday's!)

Tuesday 24th January 2012

 My hot chocolate with marshmellows and Josh's normal hot chocolate in big Eeyore and Tigger mugs

Also... Really enjoying reading Interview With the Vampire for my contemporary novel module and watched Criss Angel he's pretty good I get really drawn in by it!

Wednesday 25th January 2012

 Finally bought the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment I haven't totally made my mind up about it yet

Also... Played on Mario Kart and didn't do all that well and watched One Born Every Minute and actually cried at it which I never though would happen

Thursday 26th January 2012

 Baked some peanut butter energy bites (recipe coming next week also those aren't burnt bits they're raisens!)

Also... started back at the gym but who knows how long that'll last

Friday 27th January 2012

 Rock and roll lifestyle eating fizzy worms and playing Monopoly

Also... went to the gym again but my hard work was slightly undone at night by a bar of the new Dairy Milk bubble whilst I watched Million Pound drop followed by The Beatles and Paul McCartney shows on BBC4


Thursday, 26 January 2012


Just a quick update this week as I did a huge post last week. You can catch up on the previous posts here.

So this week I have;
  • paid for next years accomodation (yes it is very stupid that I have to pay so far in advance) so we've now secured our room for our final year at uni. However this means I'm too scared to look at my bank account as seeing minus numbers is depressing. Time to start scrimping even more!
  • Stayed away from the over priced food at uni and took my own food again and even turned down a tuna melt panini (my favourite) in order to save money and make my own lunch at home
  • Saved lots of money by buying things from Poundland that would be much more expensive it other places
  • Baked my own energy bites (recipe coming soon) instead of buying over priced energy/snack bars for my triumphant return to the gym (might be kidding myself here as I'm yet to get the motivation to go to the gym!)
  • Saved money on birthday presents for Josh. His birthday isn't until mid March but there were a few things I wanted from Topman and they had 20% student discount plus extra money off something else I bought him (can't say what he reads this!) so saved around £15 by buying early and taking advantage of the offers
So that's it. I think I've done pretty well this week, writing these posts really encourages me to save money as then I've something to actually write about!


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tuesday Treats #14

Not done one of these posts in a while, anyway this Tuesday Treats is a Lavish Alice and Missguided special as they both have some lovely stuff in at the moment.

 EDIT: These videos have been deleted as I was no longer happy with the format and with having them on my YouTube channel. Please click here to see more recent Tuesday Treats posts.

  1. Lavish Alice Leopard Print Dress - If I could only buy one item of clothing for the rest of the year this would be it! I'm completely in love with this dress and really wish I could get it. I can't stop looking at it.
  2. Lavish Alice Rust Sequin Top - you can never have too many pretty shirts and I love the collar on this one.
  3. Lavish Alice Coral Dress - I love coral and the style of this dress is really pretty.
  4. Missguided Velvet Leggings - I wear leggings loads so I really want something a little different, I'm not a fan of print leggings at all so a black velvet pair would be perfect yet still safe.
  5. Missguided Sheer Collar Blouse - Again who doesn't love a pretty shirt especially when it has a cute little bow on it like this one.
  6. Missguided Leopard Ponyskin Chelsea Boots - If I could only buy one pair of shoes for the rest of the year it would be these (well I've had clothing, I've got to have shoes too!) I don't think I'd ever take these off!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Happy List #40

Here's this weeks Happy List

Saturday 14th January 2012

Watched the second Harry Potter film from my boxset / Had a lovely chilli for tea

Also... Had a bit of a lazy day after doing coursework all week and Josh made me the best poached eggs for lunch

Sunday 15th January 2012

 Went for a lovely walk by the canal, it was so cold but really sunny

Monday 16th January 2012

 Bought some apple and cinnamon teabags, they taste so nice

Also... Watched Mrs Browns boys and had tea and biscuits

Tuesday 17th January 2012

Had a big hot chocolate with marshmellows in it

Also... Had a yummy carbonara for tea and as geeky as this sounds I enjoyed making notes about Dracula for uni

Wednesday 18th January 2012

 Went for a walk in the park / Josh made me a little scrambled egg man / My memory book got delivered / More ducks in the park, one of them had a poorly foot, poor thing

Thursday 19th January 2012

 Went shopping and got a pretty scarf and some jeans I've been wanting for ages / Put some more books on my Kindle (War Horse and Time Travelers Wife then Interview With the Vampire which I have to read for uni) / Got some pretty earrings too when I went shopping

Also... Did another money saving post which I really enjoyed doing and watched the Inbetweeners

Friday 20th January 2012

 Went to Ikea for some new cushion and candles / Had BBQ chicken fajita's for tea and got a gorgeous ring I saw on Thursday (but didn't buy so I went back for it!)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

SAVING MONEY: Films and Cinema

On this week's True Student post I'm going to be covering money saving tips for films/cinema. I've really got into the idea of these posts and spent the whole afternoon the other day researching different things so I wouldn't just be writing about things that I can save money on so hopefully there will be something for everyone in the coming weeks (aren't I good to you all!)

I'll start with a small update on how my money saving has gone in the past week and to just sum it up it's gone pretty good! We've been on a couple of nice walks which obviously don't cost anything, I've bought a few nice things but only using my christmas money or vouchers (seriously spinning that out!), we didn't go to Costa this week and I took my own food to uni on Monday which is the only day I'm in over lunch so I didn't have to pay stupid prices in the cafe. Anyway onto this weeks topic...

Film and Cinema
The first idea is having your own movie night in, obviously the cinema isn't that cheap (but hold on because I do have some money saving tips for the cinema in a bit!) and if you're like me you'll have a bunch of films that you've not watched in ages or some films that you bought then forgot about, so dig them out! I've even got popcorn covered here as well, pretty much every supermarket sells popcorn including the sort you can make yourself in the microwave (just don't burn it like I always do!) and for just £1 you can get four bags (I think) of popcorn kernels to make yourself in Iceland. Pretty good price if you ask me oh and it tastes good, I've tried it.

 Our collection of DVD's and Blu Ray's we've yet to watch

The next money saving tip is Disney codes, inside the vast majority of Disney (and Disney Pixar) DVD's and Blu Ray's there are leaflets with codes on, you simply go to this website or this one if you're American, sign up and get entering the codes.The codes turn into points which you can use to get a free DVD or Blu Ray from the list of films on the site. We've built up quite a collection of Disney DVD's and Blu Ray's and we've never thought about these codes until we properly looked into it a couple of weeks back, by the time we'd entered all the codes we'd more than enough to order a film so we ended up with the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film on Blu Ray for free! 

 Disney movie rewards leaflets, this is what the leaflets should look like in Disney DVD's and Blu Ray's

Now onto cinema offers, my local cinema is an Odeon and they have some pretty good offers, however I have researched Vue and Cineworld cinema's too to see what they had to offer. I'll start with Cineworld because frankly that's the worst in terms of offers the prices are not well explained on the site as they claim it varies between cinemas however after a little look around it seems that the student prices don't really vary depending on the time of day but the adult ones do. Cineworld also don't seem to have any loyalty cards or anything.
Next is Vue now stick with me because this takes a little explaining. Vue have a super saver ticket (which is available to everyone) this gives you at least 25% off the standard ticket price before 5pm but only on Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's. They also have a saver ticket which get's at least 10% off the standard ticket price but this is only on Wednesday's and Friday's before 5pm and Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's after 5pm. Ticket prices remain at the standard price on Friday's and Wednesday's after 5pm and all day Saturday's, Sunday's and Bank Holiday's. Vue also don't seem to do a loyalty card.
Finally there's Odeon and in my opinion this is the best one for deals and I'm not just saying that because it's the cinema I go to! First off Odeon have a loyalty card called the Odeon Premiere Club, you can buy three different types, we have the cheapest which is £1.99 (this is just a one off payment when you first get the card) and that's all you need really. With the card you get 10 points on it for every pound you spend (a standard adult 2D ticket is 800 points). When you go and see any British film and use the card you get an extra 50 points per ticket, when you see the British film of the month (which Odeon email you about if you have a card) you get another 100 points on top of that. Odeon also do an offer every Tuesday where card holders can get 25% off their ticket. Aside from that there are also peak and off peak ticket prices.

 Odeon card

So there you go, plenty of money saving ideas and deals for you. If you have any money saving tips or want me to do a post on anything in particular to do with these money saving posts then please leave a comment and I'd be happy to find some stuff out for you. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

BEAUTY: Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream

I've been after an eye cream for ages and I was really interested in trying some things from the Good Things range so this eye cream seemed a good place to start.

Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream

What Good Things Say

Eye creams need to be light, so as not to overload the delicate skin around the eye, yet hard-working, which means they need to be packed with effective ingredients. Bright Eyes has skin-calming raspberry and clarifying lychee, plus a brilliant new tri-peptide that is proven to tackle puffiness and dark circles, and brighten the eye area.

What I Think

I don't really have a problem with dark circles but my eyes do tend to be puffy in a morning so this is really what I bought this eye cream for. I was really drawn in by the fact that all Good Things products contain 'superfruit beauty boosters' meaning they're packed with good things for your skin! The eye cream contains raspberry and lychee, according to the Good Things website raspberries are good for soothing and calming the skin and lychee's contain vitamin C and potassium which helps support the delicate skin around your eyes. Superfruit ingredients aside I feel this eye cream really works for me, my eyes don't look puffy at all in a morning now I use this and my skin feels so soft after using it. At £5.99 this eye cream obviously isn't a miracle worker and it doesn't make any claims to be an anti-wrinkle cream so you have to keep this in mind however I do find it does what it says on the tin. I have one problem with this cream and that's the smell. I expected it to be a really pleasant fruity smell, however I find it smells a bit plasticy and artificial and maybe a bit 'off' if that makes sense! However this doesn't put me off using it at all as I use it twice a day and I would definitley repurchase it so it's just a very tiny issue for me!

Have you tried any of the Good Things products? What did you think of them? 


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy List #39

I've done much better this week with the new Happy List design, got pictures for every day but one so it's definitely going in the right direction now.

Saturday 7th January 2012

New snuggly pj's that a got for christmas. Worn when snuggling down to watch Harry Potter / MUA makeup that Josh got me for christmas but left in Coventry so I only got them today

Also... Came back to Coventry after three weeks at home, had a lovely chilli con carne for tea and watched Take Me Out for the first time

Sunday 8th January 2012

Made my own shepards pie / Went food shopping so we've got full cupboards for once!

Also... Looked in the homeware section in Debenhams and found so much stuff I loved and had a Costa

Monday 9th January 2012

Bought a Konad nail art set which a I can't wait to use when it comes and it was the first day back at uni so it was good to see everyone.

Tuesday 10th January 2012

Watching Mrs Brown's Boys it makes me laugh so much

Also... Got money worked out for living here next year we're going to be on a budget but it's inspired me to do a new blog feature you can read the first one here and we traded some text books in on Amazon so we got some credit on my account and bought some new blu rays

Wednesday 11th January 2012

Went for a walk around Coventry / watched the squirrells for ages the one up the tree was really cute / Josh cooked korma for tea

Also... Watched How to Cook Like Heston, I don't usually watch any cookery shows but I always watch one's with Heston in because he's really good

Thursday 12th January 2012

Yummy cupcakes from the little farmers market that's in Coventry every month/ my Konad set turned up / One of the blu rays from the Amazon gift credit turned up / burnt my Yankee candle for the first time it smelt lovely

Also... Finally got all my coursework finished it's been really difficult so I'm glad it's out of the way now

Friday 13th January 2012

Went shopping and bought a Lush face mask / Alos bought a lipstick from Boots 17 and two MUA nail polishes / the rest of the blu rays we ordered turned up

Also... Handed in my contemporary novel essay and creative spark portfolio and ordered a One Line a Day 5 Year Memory Book after seeing it on Jennie's blog


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

SAVING MONEY: An Introduction

I've decided to do a new feauture on Bits and Bobs, basically it's about saving money (so it's not just for students really). Basically earlier in the week Josh and I received an email about rebooking our room for our final year of uni and at a quick glance it didn't look like we'd be able to live here again. Things went from bad to worse when we tried to look at other accomodation and discovered that the majority of the other places were even more expensive. Thankfully when we got the proper figures for rebooking our room we discovered we could afford it which was such a relief however we are now going to have to watch things money wise.  Basically it's time to live like a true student and get strict with money, in an ideal world we'd both have jobs but unfortunately this doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon, when you apply for christmas temporary jobs and don't hear anything you know things aren't good! Obviously I don't want to be completely boring and having nothing to do because of this so to make it more fun I'm going to be doing posts about it so I can track my money saving progress and document 'cheap' things! So it's not going to be doom and gloom.

So far the little things I've thought of to save money are:
  • Walking instead of swimming. My monthly swimming pass costs around £25 walking is free. Enough said!
  • Josh and I go to Costa Coffee every week, in future we will only be going every other week
  • I usually buy More and Look magazines every week so in future I will only buy More magazine which is also the cheaper of the two!
  • Shop at Iceland more, we have one just around the corner from us so it's really convenient however we've got lazy an shopped at tesco express at the end of the street (which is so expensive) and Iceland is sooo much cheaper
  • Luckily I have quite a bit of christmas money so that will put me on for my shopping habits for quite a while. Once the christmas money has gone I won't be buying any clothes for a long time (obviously unless my jeans or leggings get holes in them!) and I won't be buying any beauty products for a long time either (except for essentials such as shampoo)
  • The one day a week I'm in uni over lunch I'll be taking my own food instead of buying the over priced food at uni
In my next It's Time to Live Like a True Student post I'll be covering the cheap day out options that are available.
If you have any money saving tips please feel free to leave a comment and if I get a collection of tips I'll do a post about those too!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Favourite Photo's of 2011

Here is a collection of some of my favourite photo's of the past year and some photo's that have captured my favourite moments of the year.

Pretty dress in spring / Me been part of an art exhibition

Top two photo's of me in one of my favourite dresses / Josh on his 22nd birthday with the cake I baked / My stepdad enjoying a huge dessert to himself

Fountains Abbey / My pretty dress in the sun / Me and Ziggy / Pennines canal boat day out

My 20th birthday with my tinkerbell gift bag / Josh's writing in the sand in Bridlington / Me dancing to the Time Warp at my stepsister's wedding reception / Me and my stepsister

Me, my mum and my stepdad at Robin Hoods Bay / Josh on Scarborough beach at sunset / Scarborough Bay / Scarborough Castle

Josh doing the 'jolly jump of joy' / Me attempting the 'jolly jump of joy' and failing it / Our names on the Cavern wall in Liverpool / River Ouse at York

Ziggy's new shoes / Josh and Joe tank driving / Packwood House / Me and Josh's grandad at Packwood House

Flowers at Packwood House / Beatles Love pumpkin made by Josh / Jack the pumpkin made by Josh / Me, Josh, Joe and Danny with the best use of a Wetherspoons menu I've seen

Starbucks red cups / Coventry christmas lights switch on / Paul McCartney live in Liverpool / Me and Josh at the end of the McCartney concert

Our presents under the tree at Josh's / Josh's happy little face with one of his presents from me / Ziggy's new years eve activity - trying to catch a fish / Me proving you can still have fun (and get drunk) when you stay in on new years eve

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy List #38

After a little christmas break I'm back into blogging! With a new year comes a new layout for my favourite little feature, the Happy List. Basically it's going to be a lot more picture based and less wordy, however there aren't as many photo's in this weeks post and there hopefully will be in future weeks posts because I only came up with this new design a couple of days ago so bare with me until I've got it right. Hope you enjoy the new Happy Lists!

Saturday 31st December 2011

Party food / Drinks / Ziggy trying to catch a fish / Josh drinking

All from New Years Eve which you can read more about here

Sunday 1st January 2012

Sorry no photos today as I this is a new layout and I failed to get photos for everyday this week. Josh and I lazed around watching DVD's in our pj's today, very relaxing!

Monday 2nd January 2012

Again no photo's. Went for a walk with my dad in the moring and got some uni work done in the afternoon. At night I watched 8 out of 10 cats and Countdown mashup it was so funny!

Tuesday 3rd January 2012

The best hand cream ever (L'Occitane) given to me by Colette (my mum's friend) / Yankee Candle Jar in Home Sweet Home

Also... Went shopping and had lunch with Josh which is when I bought the Yankee Candle, it smells lovely. Went to Colette's house with my mum at night and she gave me this hand cream which smells really nice, my mum also gave me a bag of bodyshop shower gels to keep me stocked up at uni! 

Wednesday 4th January 2012

Went for lunch with mum then after I went to see one of my gran's for the last time before going back to Coventry. I also got a fair bit of uni work done.

Thursday 5th January 2012

Went for an Indian with Josh's family

Also... Visited my other gran, stayed at Josh's and watched Greg Davies DVD again with his parents (it's sooo funny)

Friday 6th January 2012

Suitcase packed ready to go back to Coventry on Saturday

Also... Went for a drink with mum to say bye before leaving

I know this weeks post is a bit jumbled but as I've said I only thought of the new layout mid week so in future I'll try and get at least one photo for everyday. Hope you like the new layout!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Video: Favourite Products of 2011

The title gives it away really so you've probably guessed what sort of post this is going to be! I don't bother with monthly favourites or anything like that because I don't buy or use enough different stuff so I thought it would be good to do a round up of all the products I've loved in 2011 and film a video. Some of the stuff mentioned I have done reviews for and I've put the links to those reviews in the down bar on YouTube so you can have a read of those if you want (however you will have to watch the video on YouTube as opposed to watching on here if you want to see the links to the reviews, just click the little YouTube sign along the bottom to watch it on there). Enjoy!

What were your favourite products in 2011?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Catch-Up

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a good start to the new year!

This is to follow on from my christmas catch-up post seen as I haven't been doing Happy Lists on my blog over the festive period!

27th - 30th December

Had a more relaxing day on the Tuesday, I did go shopping however it was rubbish and far too busy so I didn't buy anything. On Wednesday I just went into my local town for a morning of shopping with my mum, I bought a shower gel in the Bodyshop sale, I top (which you will see in later photo's on this post) and an atomiser as my dad bought me a 90ml bottle of my favourite perfume for christmas so it's not really practical for travelling!
Went to Josh's on Thursday and watched the christmas special of Mrs Brown's Boys which was so funny.
On Friday Josh came through to mine and we both went to my mum's friend, Colette's house. We had such a laugh with her and my mum and it was fun playing on the Wii with her two kids aswell!

My new top

Me and Josh

My new bag which I got for christmas had it's first outing!

Josh playing on the Wii with Danny

Josh, Joe and Danny playing Star Wars

31st December - 1st January

Josh and I decided to stay in for New Years Eve this year, we normally go out but it's just so expensive and I'm not exactly rolling in cash at the moment so we decided it'd be much easier to buy some drinks and stay in. I'm really glad that we did now as I saved loads of money, didn't have to wait half an hour to get served for a drink, still got slightly drunk and most importantly still had loads of fun! I really enjoyed it and it didn't bother me that we didn't go out at all.
Today I woke up with a tiny hangover which was nothing compared to how I usually feel after New Years Eve so I felt much better than usual. Josh and I were going to go for a walk but I started raining bad so we decided to stay in and which DVD's instead! So I had a great New Year!

Ziggy wanted fish for tea!

Sparkly nails

Food time

Drinks time

Ziggy still wanted a fish even if it meant sitting like this!

One of the first photo's of 2012...it's going to be a good year!

Taking a break from standing up and dancing

Josh with a very large shot of Apple Sourz