Wednesday, 12 December 2012

DIY: Christmas Picture

I thought I'd share a little DIY project with you today. In yesterday's post I mentioned buying a card from Paperchase that I had a DIY project planned for, well this is it. It's super easy to do and takes around 5 minutes and in total it only cost me about £7-£8! 
Whilst browsing the Paperchase site a few weeks back (I'm obsessed with it everything is just so cute) I came across the cutest Christmas card ever. I loved what it said on the front and I knew I had to buy it and do something with it as it was just too lovely not to. Typically the Paperchase where I live didn't have the card but that was OK because I knew the huge one in Birmingham would have it! The card cost £2.50.
I already knew I wanted to frame it but because the card is square there were no frames that fitted it so Josh suggested mounting it on some card. So I bought some black card for 99p from Rymans then we headed to Ikea to find a frame, the one we ended up getting is perfect as it's also square and really chunky so the card looks perfect inside it and because it' so chunky we can just stand it on our shelf as we're not allowed to hang stuff on the walls but I personally think it looks better stood then hung anyway. The frame cost £4.25.
Rather than gluing the Christmas card to the black card we've stuck it down with blu-tack that way it'll be easy to remove if we ever want to put it in a different frame.

As the photo isn't super close up (otherwise the reflection of Josh would be even worse than what it already is!) I'll tell you what the card says:
A recipe for a Happy Christmas
5 x cups of laughter
6 x cups of Ho, Ho, Hos
1 x jolly fat man in a suit
3/4 festive jumpers
2 x large dollops of presents
An endless supply of food
A pinch of stuffing
A glug of booze
1 x afternoon snooze
A light dusting of snow
Serve with tinsel, colourful paper hats and a generous helping of friends and family

How cute?! These photo's really do it no justice as it's impossible to get a photo of the frame without getting reflections in it but it really looks lovely on our shelf, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.


Thanks for your lovely comments!