Tuesday, 4 December 2012

All I Want For Christmas...

After posting some Christmas gift guides over the past few weeks I thought I would post my Christmas wishlist today, this is more of a fantasy wishlist rather than what I've actually asked for as my Dad always asks me for ideas really early then I end up thinking of all the good stuff much later on when it's too late. Oh well! Although I am really wishing I'd included some of these on my actual list now, I guess I will have to treat myself after Christmas! So here is my wishlist...

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1. I have some boxes back at home that I keep all my stuff from Josh in such as cards, letters etc and they're pretty full. I love the look of this wooden one for keeping everything in as it looks quite big plus it looks a lot prettier than the bright pink  cardboard ones I currently have!
2. This combines two things I love, scarves and leopard print! There's definitely a gap in my scarf collection for this.
3. I'd love to own some decent quality long boots and these ones from River Island look pretty sturdy and I just love the quilting and stud detailing on them.
4. I have actually mentioned this for Christmas so fingers crossed. I love all of these polishes they look so pretty.
5. So I'm sure most of you know by know that I love the Beatles so I just need this book in my collection.
6. I have a Filofax and for years I've been buying the Filofax diary inserts every year until my Mum mentioned Dodo Pads they look so much more fun than Filofax diaries and they're made to fit the Filofax diary I have so whether I get this for Christmas or whether I have to buy it myself I will definitely be using this in my Filofax.
7. Again back to the Beatles thing... I just love this distressed wooden sign, it comes in the design I've featured or in red with white writing, either way I need this!
8.These are quite possibly the cutest candles I've ever seen. I just love candles and I've never tried any from Best Kept Secrets but when I came across the Festive Sevens I knew I had to try them, I have mentioned them to Josh but I seriously doubt he was even listening!
9. Why I didn't think to ask my Dad for this bag for Christmas I don't know as I've wanted a real leather red satchel for years! I'm seriously considering buying one with any money I get for Christmas rather than frittering my money away on lots of little things. 

What's on your Christmas list this year? Let me know!


  1. I do the exact same thing. I always feel pressuring to think of things I would like. The Best Kept secrets candles are stunning! I have 2 packs the festive and sparkling collection. I sell them in my shop - they sell out so quickly. xx

    1. They look lovely. Yeah I feel pressured too! xx

  2. Those candles are beautiful x

  3. I love the satchel and the boots! xx

    1. Me too, they're the two things I want the most! xx


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