Monday, 19 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: Technology Accessories Under £30

With more and more people owning things like iPhone's, iPad's and e-readers I thought it would be a good idea to do a gift guide on accessories for these kinds of things. As all my gift guides are £30 or under then I couldn't exactly do a technology gift guide so this seemed like a good idea. I've even included a little guide for men too! Whilst I was browsing around for ideas to include on here I noticed that the River Island site had quite a lot of things on it so I've included a lot of stuff from there. 

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  1. iPad cover from Etsy. This is so cute with the little cupcake print! It is lightly padded for protection too. There are loads of iPad covers on Etsy to choose from. Priced at £19.50.
  2. Kindle cover from River Island. I really want this myself as I think it's lovely and it has pink leopard print inside! Priced at £12.
  3. iPhone 5 cover from Etsy. Oh god this is to OTT and garish that I just love it! Although this is for the iPhone 5 there are one for 4/4s just type 'Kawaii iphone cover'  into Etsy (I always make sure they're UK sellers though). Priced at £25.82.
  4. Bunny speakers from Skinnydip. Aaww these are so cute, they can be connected to your phone, MP3, tablet or computer. Also available in a bear and koala. Priced at £20.
  5. 15" laptop cover from Paperchase. I just couldn't resist include this when I saw his cute little face. Priced at £16.50.
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  1. Kindle cover from River Island. This is the men's version of the Kindle cover above. Priced at £12.
  2. idoodle phone case from Paperchase. This is a great stocking filler idea which allows you to create your own phone case. Priced at £13.
  3. Star Wars iPad cover from Etsy. Josh loves star wars so I'm pretty sure lots of other guys do too! Priced at £16.99.
  4. Gameboy iPhone 4/4s cover from Ebay. How cool is this and it's sooo cheap too. Priced at £1.95.
  5. Laptop case from Topman. I think this looks really smart for a laptop cover and I think it's a really good price too. Priced at £12.
So they are my picks for technology accessories, hopefully there's something for everyone on here.


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