Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty Under £30

So over the next couple of weeks I thought I'd post a few little gift guides to give you all a little inspiration for your Christmas shopping. I have a few guides planned as well as a Christmas decoration guide and a wishlist of my own too. I told you in my last post that things were going to get Christmasy around here!
For each of the guides I'm going to try and keep everything below £30 as you know I like to keep things purse friendly on here! This first guide is a beauty one and I'll be honest, it's fairly easy to pick out beauty gifts but I thought this one would be just a nice colourful, easy way to start these guides off, so enjoy!

christmas beauty gift guide

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  1. At £14 this isn't the cheapest shower gel in the world but I do think it's great for a little luxury present. It is quite a big bottle and it can be used as a bubble bath too. I've picked Have Yourself A Cherry Christmas but there's 4 other Christmas themed scents on the Boots website so there's quite a good selection. They come in the cutest little boxes too which makes it even easier to wrap!
  2. I think this little offering from This Works is so cute, it's their shimmer balm but it comes in a bauble! The shimmer balm is for use anywhere that you might need an extra little glow (but mainly for your face) and because it's from This Works it's jam packed with moisturising ingredients. I actually really want this myself. This little bauble is also available with the This Works sleep balm inside it too. Priced at £10.
  3. I think this is a great little stocking filler and perfect for the winter months when people are in need of a good hand cream. This is suitable for hands and cuticles too and again it comes in a cute little box with a gift tag attached. Priced at £9.
  4. Again another great stocking filler containing miniature versions of Porefessional primer, It's Potent eye cream and Triple Performing face emulsion. Priced at £9.50.
  5. I'm sure you've all seen these sets by now but I think they're great for makeup lovers and I'm pretty sure we all know someone who likes Benefit. This set comes in different variations aside from Feeling Dandy which I've featured so the products shades vary but they all come with a mini tint and highlighter, mini lip gloss and 3g of blush. Priced at £24.50.
  6. Now I know Lush isn't everyone's cup of tea but some people just love it (I'm one of those people!) and you can't deny that they do amazing gift sets at a wide variety of prices from little stocking fillers at £6.50 to massive sets at nearly £100! I picked this one because I just love the pink glittery star box and it happens to have Snow Fairy smelling products in it which I love! Priced at £26.95.
  7. Earlier in the year everyone went crazy for the Clinique Chubby Sticks and pretty much every brand began bringing their own versions out but if you know someone who adores the originals then this is great. You get 5 Chubby Sticks, although these are smaller than the originals as they contain 1.2g of product each. There's a colour for every occasion in this box though with Richer Raisin, Bulky Blossom, Chunky Cherry, Oversized Orange and Super Strawberry. Priced at £30.
So that's my beauty Christmas gift guide, I've done quite a bit of research for you all there with all the information and prices included! I'm like a little Christmas elf finding all these present ideas for you!

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  1. great post! i've bought my sister a benefit set for xmas :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  2. Hey gorgeous, I am currently having a giveaway over on my blog at the moment, I would love for you to check it out :)
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  3. Ooh great post lovely! That Benefit set looks amazing! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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