Thursday, 28 June 2012


Just a little post today to show you all a DIY project I did last week. Dip dying for clothes seems to be everywhere at the moment especially when it come to shorts, but with places like Topshop charging £35 pounds a pair I figured I'd have a go myself. 
If you wanted to you could do this project for around £10 that's a huge £25 cheaper than Topshop, all you would need is a pair on cheap shorts from Primark and all the other stuff I'm going to tell you about. I did use more expensive shorts for my DIY (vintage Levi's) as I love the fit and feel of them so it was worth paying a little more, so my finished shorts came in at around £21 which is still £14 cheaper than Topshop.

Now I ignored most of the rules for dip dying these shorts so if your not feeling as brave follow the instructions, if like me you just want to get on with it then take a look at what I did. 

You will need:
 Item of clothing to dye
Dye that is suitable for hand dying not machine dying (I used Dylon in Pink Flamingo which is available from Wilkinson's for £2.99)
A bowl big enough to fit the clothing in
Washing up gloves

Method (my way)
Fill the bowl with hot water and add the amount of salt it tells you to on the packet
Get the dye and mix it in the warm water (the pack says you should dissolve it in some other water first but I didn't bother)
Get the item you want to dye and hold it in the dye for as long as you want (the longer you hold it the deeper the colour) I should also point out that some people recommend rinsing the item of clothing first as more dye is retained in wet clothing, however I didn't as I wanted a more faded look anyway so it's really up to you what you do at this point
Once you've dyed the item rinse it in cold water and be careful not to splash any of the colour onto any of the undyed parts as it will dye those bits too, rinse until the water is clear
The item will also need to be washed on it's own after, however I waited until my shorts were completely dry before washing them to ensure all the day was locked in.

The shorts before they were dyed / Me wearing them (although they look a little pale here) / This photo is more of a true reflection of how they look

It's really really simple to do, it took around half an hour to do my shorts and I love how they've turned out, like I said I didn't want them really vibrant pink as it would have been a huge contrast to the denim, I wanted a more faded, washed out look so I didn't hold the shorts in for a long time but it's really up to you what you do depending on the look you are after!


  1. Oooh these look so nice! Was it messy? I would be interested in doing something similar but don't know where to do it for fear of making a mess/smell xxxx

    1. No not really, it was a lot better than I expected, I did mine in the bathroom because it's all white plastic (easy to wipe clean!) and when I'd done I carefully poured the water down the shower plug hole, it got a little messy with rinsing as obviously the water was pink but that just washed straight away and any dye on the floor wiped straight off. You could try it outside with some newspaper down then just tip the water down the drain. Oh and it didn't smell at all! xxx

  2. These look super cool :) x


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