Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tuesday Treats #21

I've gone back to my old way of doing these wishlists now so no more videos. I've been thinking of going back to this for a while as I actually prefer them this way. I'm still going to write little bits about each item though like I did for the videos just so it's a bit more personal then putting a photo on and going 'I like everything on here'.

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  1. I only own blushers from the Topshop makeup range but the lipsticks have really been on my mind lately. This one is Whimsical but there are a couple of others I want too which aren't featured on the site (Nevada and Oh La La) all three look really pretty colours
  2. I love these boots. Ok they're not the cheapest ever (£65) but... they're nubuck leather and I always keep telling myself that one day I'll save up and get a really lovely pair of boots rather than buying cheap pairs that get holes in them after a month!
  3. I really like the spikes on this jumper (I featured a similar one from Topshop a bit back on a wishlist) I just think the effect on the shoulders looks really good
  4. If the weather ever improves then I pair of nude wedges are on my list of things to buy. You can't go wrong with nude shoes and me and heels don't get on so I always buy wedges instead. These would be lovely for summer if it ever happens!
  5. Ok so a clutch bag is the last thing I need considering I don't go out often of anything but hey thats why I do wishlists so I can window shop! I really want a neutral coloured clutch and I lot of what I own would go with this
  6. I really want a jumper like this, I love. I was hoping that Primark would come up with something similar as I think they have some really good dupes in at the moment for more expensive items from Topshop etc but sadly I've yet to see anything. I'll keep looking though

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