Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Things To Look Forwards To!

My blog posts probably won't be that regular over the next month as I have a couple of exams and the start of another module coming up soon so I'm revising than I'll be doing my work for the module. I just thought I'd share with you a little list of things that I'm looking forwards to after my exams and when uni has finished for summer so I can keep myself motivated through revision.

  1. When uni is over I've got a little DIY project planned - I'll probably do a post on it when it's done but it involves a pair of shorts, some pink dye and some studs.
  2. Sun bathing and picnics in the park (if it ever stops raining)
  3. Days out in the sun
  4. Going for a meal to an Indian on 26th with Josh to celebrate the end of our exams
  5. Going to a vintage fair on the same day
  6. A weeks work experience over summer that I'm really looking forwards to
  7. My 21st birthday is at the end of July and I cannot explain how excited I am for it. My parents have planned a meal for it and even though they're not together I like that they've planned something jointly so that should be really good as there will be about 10 people going to that
  8. Going to Liverpool for a couple of days in August. It's no secret that I adore Liverpool (see here, here and here for evidence!) and we've been for a few days away there for the past couple of years. I'm a huge Beatles fan and I never get bored of going to Liverpool so I'm really excited to be having a little break there again
 The dress I'll be wearing for my 21st / Can't wait to be back here having a drink in Liverpool / The last vintage fair I went to (post here) / Sunbathing / Picnics

What things are you looking forwards to over summer? What happy things keep you going through exams and revision? Let me know!


  1. That's good news about your birthday meal! I hope you smash your exams and revision! Good luck!xxxxx


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