Tuesday, 29 May 2012

STYLE: Everything was rosey

Well the title should be everything was rose gold but it doesn't sound as good! And in fact it's one thing not everything but we'll ignore the small details considering the title comes from this song!

I thought I'd do a post on what I got up to this weekend as there are too many photo's to include everything on the next happy list. I decided to treat myself to celebrate the end of my exams and the fact I will have finished my second year of university this week (I can't believe it, this year has gone so fast). There are quite a few photo's so please don't get too bored!

On Saturday I want to a vintage fair, just like the one I blogged about here and picked up another pair of Levi shorts that I will be doing a little DIY project on soon, I wasn't overly impressed with the vintage fair this time and only spent around 10 minutes looking round, but I did only go for the shorts and I got what I wanted so it wasn't too bad. There was an amazing cupcake stall at the fair which sold so many lovely looking cupcakes but I settled on a coffee one which was delicious.

What I wore to the vintage fair (vest H&M, shorts vintage Levi's, necklace Scarlett Hearts, lipstick Topshop Oh La La)
 Cupcake stall at the vintage fair
 Coffee cupcake
 Coke in a glass bottle
 Nails Barry M Blueberry Icecream and Models Own Indian Ocean, it doesn't photograph well but it looks stunning in real life!
 New Levi shorts from the vintage fair

At night Josh and I went out for a meal to an Indian restaurant, Indian food is my favourite and it was nice to go out as we can't afford to do it too often.

 What I wore at night (dress Primark, lipstick Topshop Brighton Rock)

On Sunday I decided to do a little bit of shopping, I've been really good at saving lots of money which left me with spare cash to treat myself whilst the rest went into the savings account (if anyone is interested I did do a blog post on how I save and split my money between different things here). I didn't buy loads but I love what I got.

 Top from Primark £6 - very impressed with the little collar tips!
 I adore this tshirt dress from Primark I don't own anything this colour but I really like it. It's just like the grey one I bought from Primark and they're so comfy, this was £3 in the sale which I didn't realise until I went to pay for it so it made it even better!
 And the inspiration for the post title is this rose gold collar from H&M £7.99 I love it and I think it will look lovely with the dress I have for my 21st birthday (it's not for another two months but I like to plan!)

So that's what I got up to this weekend it was so nice to go out and do things and treat myself rather than worry about exams! Sorry it's a bit of a long post!



  1. I love the dress you wore to your meal, the lipstick is way nice as well, I love a good bright lipstick! I hope that collar as well, you're so organised! xxxx

    1. Aaww thanks! The lipstick is pretty bright in real life which was a little scary at first, but I love it! xxx

  2. aah, i have the same necklace and i agree it's pretty good.
    love the nail polish and those cupcakes look amazing!

    from, helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com

  3. Thanks, they really were it was so hard to pick which one I wanted! xx

  4. Love that rose gold h&m necklace - it's awesome! Cute outfits too xx


  5. Love the collar. Need one in rose gold!

    1. Thanks, it is really nice and goes with a lot of stuff too xx

  6. Your post is beautiful! follow each other?:X



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