Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Scarlett Hearts Jewellery

When I read Becca's post about Scarlett Hearts jewellery I popped straight over to have a nosey at the jewellery.

Two necklaces caught my eye (amongst a few other things!) and I knew I had to buy them. They were lovely pieces and amazing prices. When my little parcel arrived with the two necklaces I certainly wasn't disappointed. Both necklaces came in little pink bags and I also received a badge and a little note on pink love heart sticky notes.

Aside from the fact that the jewellery is really nice, I loved the personal touch with the little note. I much prefer ordering from independant online stores especially when things are handmade like the are on Scarlett Hearts. It feels much more personal and you know you are getting something a little different.

So onto the necklaces...

As you can see I ordered a bronze one with an antique birdcage with a heart in it called 'Caught Up' and a silver spike one called 'Spikes'. The spikes one is currently sold out but it may come back in stock the heart one is still in stock. I was just going to order 'Spikes' at first as I've been after a necklace like this for a while and I liked that this one was a little more delicate with just three spikes on it but then I saw 'Caught Up' and couldn't resist it. Both necklaces were just £3.50 each which it really really could for how lovely they are.

 Caught Up and Spikes

I seriously reccomend taking a look at the Scarlett Hearts shop. I have no doubt I will be ordering from here again in the future.


  1. In my region, people love to wear diamond. It is very costly. What is the cost of bronze jewellery and what type of jewellery people love to wear in your region.

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  2. glad you liked the shop too :D the bird cage necklace is gorgeous!

  3. The bird cage necklace is so nice! I want a statement necklace, I don't own any! xxxx

  4. That spike necklace is gorgeous! I love ordering from smaller online stores which have little personal touches too, much nicer than a generic receipt!

    Gillian x

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