Thursday, 5 April 2012

BEAUTY: Nail Polish Collection

Last week I added four new nail polishes to my collection which now means I own quite a few so I thought I'd do a collective post on all the ones I have.

As an avid nail biter for as long as I can remember I finally kicked the habit in around November last year and I can safely say I no longer bite my nails. I love having longer nails and buying pretty polishes for them so there's no way I'd go back to biting. This is the longest I've ever stopped biting my nails for so I always love buying nail polishes now I can finally wear them!

So onto the polish's I own....

Models Own

Models Own Nail Polish
Golden Peach / Indian Ocean (Beetlejuice) / Pink Fizz / Tropical Sun (Beetlejuice) / Lemon Meringue / Red Alert

Models Own aren't the best polishes as some can be thin and streaky but they do have a good colour range and some really lovely colours. The two Beetlejuice ones are from the latest collection and are my newest polishes along with Pink Fizz as I got them on 3 for 2 in Boots. 
My favourites are Indian Ocean, Tropical Sun and Pink Fizz.

Barry M

Barry M Nail Polish
Peach Melba / Bright Pink / Blueberry Icecream / Cobalt Blue / Mint Green

I love Barry M polishes as they have a great shade range and I really long lasting (I find) for the price I think they are amazing quality. Peach Melba is one of the new one's I have bought.
My favourites are Peach Melba and Bright Pink.

Natural Collection

Natural Collection Nail Polish
Hibiscus / Burgundy / Antique Coral

These are the cheapest polises I own but I do think they are really good for £1.99. They quite small bottles which I do actually like as they take up much less from than Barry M and Models own bottles.
I can't pick a favourite from these as I like them all!

Random Polishes

Technic Carnival / Barbara Daly Coral Reef / 17 Glitter Top Coat / Missguided Misscellaneous/ Missguided Misschievous

These are just all the random polishes I've got. The only one I don't like is the 17 glitter topcoat as it's a bit crap so I may get rid of that soon. The technic carnival is amazing and glittery and the two Missguided polishes are really good the nude one as perfect every day colour. I actually haven't tried the Barbara Daly one yet as it was sent in a secret santa but it looks a lovely colour.

So they are all my polishes. I don't think I'll be buying anymore for quite a while as I have a few and a good range of colours, although I do own a lot of peachy/coral colours but they are my favourite so that doesn't really matter.

Do you own any of these polish? Do you have a favourite nail polish? Let me know!


  1. I bought the tropical sun models own one today, im looking forward to trying it out! :) xx

  2. Don't be surprised if your Barry M collection doubles overnight out of nowhere! In March 2011 I had two Barry M's and now I have about 25 :D

  3. Pretty jealous of your collection right now..



  4. not a bad start ... I think my collection has about 500 more polishes lol ... the models own does have nice colors you should check out the rest of the bettlejuice collection they are beautiful


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