Friday, 9 March 2012

My Perfect Dress

I am currently in mourning. I have lost the love of my life. 

Ok that was a bit dramatic but I found my perfect dress this afternoon and couldn't buy. It's just a dress I know but let me explain...

The dress in question is a lovely little lacey thing from H&M it comes in white and purpley blue. I first saw the purpley one almost three months ago in a magazine in a spring fashion feature, 'that's a nice dress' I thought but after careful deliberation I also thought 'but I won't buy it if I see it in H&M it's not my sort of colour'. Skip forwards a month and there I am browsing the H&M site when a disover the purpley dress also comes in white. It was love at first site. I needed that dress.

So for the past two months I've been in H&M every week looking for the dress and finally found it today. It was pure perfection on a hanger, soft lace, a silky underdress and best of all there was a size 10. It was meant to be. So off I went to the changing room clutching my beautiful dress, a huge smile on my face. I slipped the dress on and it fitted perfectly and I mean perfect. Where dresses usually cling in all the wrong places on my, I would say, larger than average derrière this one effortlessly skimmed my 'curves'. I didn't think it was possibly but I fell even more in love.

So I left the changing room to show Josh and he confirmed what I already knew, it was a lovely dress that really suited me. So I had my card ready before I'd even took the thing off. I'd decided I was going to wear it for my birthday (I should point out that it isn't until the end of July but I like to plan!) and I'd decided on accessories already. I took it off and carefully placed it on the hanger and admired it whilst getting dressed. Then I noticed it...

Huge orange and brown marks all over the front of it. Someone had tried it on with a face full of makeup and ragged it over their face when taking it off. It's ok I thought I'll get Josh to look for another size 10. Then the worst thing happened, there weren't any 10's left. Devastation took over, I contemplated buying the dress and trying to wash the stains out but when I looked closer the makeup was literally all over the top part of the dress, I mean the front, back and shoulders. How someone even manages that I don't know.

Oh I should point out the makeup didn't come from me because I wasn't wearing a scrap of the stuff. When I looked at all the dresses they all had makeup on them, and a lot of it. I really wish people would be more careful and not try white clothes on when they're wearing that much makeup. 

So that was that I'd lost my one true love, my white laced vision of perfection. I did consider buying the purpley one but it's just not the one I wanted. So I'm going to hold out in the hopes that H&M get more in and I can snap one up before that tangoed brigade of Coventry try them on. I refuse to order online due to the amount of terrible things I've heard about H&M delivery. Me and that dress are meant to be so I'm going to wait patiently for the day we'll be reunited!

By the way this is the purpley version of the dress just so you know what it looks like, there's no point in putting the white one on because it looks terrible on a white background.


  1. As if you blogged about your genuine devestation over the white dress! You should have just got the blue (and it IS blue) dress. Cos you looked hot in that one too! Fact! Urgh...women and their clothes!

    1. Nooo you said the white one suited me better and I agree, don't want to settle for 2nd best :) don't go changing your mind now! x


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