Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tueday Treats #15

This Tuesday Treats is a Topshop special. I never ever buy clothes from Topshop as I find it so over priced, the quality isn't extremeley fantastic for the price and you can often find similar things in other shops. That said I do like a good browse on the website every now and then and a few things have caught my eye recently so here is my Topshop wishlist and sadly it is going to remain just a wish because as pretty as these things are they are pretty basic items and very over priced!

 EDIT: These videos have been deleted as I was no longer happy with the format and with having them on my YouTube channel. Please click here to see more recent Tuesday Treats posts.

  1. There's a few different variations on these shorts on the website but I like the more classic blue ones
  2. I have a big love for cardi's and I've a feeling that if I owned this I would live in it
  3. I really want some leggings like these but these don't look anywhere near as tacky as most of them I've seen and they're petite which is perfect for my little legs
  4. This would become an absolute wardrobe staple but I just cannot justify £30 for such a basic top even if it is a pretty colour
  5. Same as above (seen as it's the same top!) I really want these!
  6. I have a thing for skull jewellery and clothing and this would look nice with a basic little outfit
  7. Josh has described this as 'a crazy goth necklace' but I love it
  8. Again just a nice wardrobe basic however this is a little more justifiable



  1. I always seem to be making lists of things i want off Topshop, it's like you say though it's really hard to justify spending so much money on one thing when you can get it cheaper somewhere else :\ x

  2. Yeah way too over priced but lovely stuff xx

  3. Ooooh I would love some wet look leggings as well! I also love the dress at the end! xxxxx

  4. I've tagged you in a TAG! http://sianemilyl.blogspot.com/2012/02/tag-no-make-up.html When you're done, tweet me the link to your blog post @sianlacey



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