Thursday, 26 January 2012


Just a quick update this week as I did a huge post last week. You can catch up on the previous posts here.

So this week I have;
  • paid for next years accomodation (yes it is very stupid that I have to pay so far in advance) so we've now secured our room for our final year at uni. However this means I'm too scared to look at my bank account as seeing minus numbers is depressing. Time to start scrimping even more!
  • Stayed away from the over priced food at uni and took my own food again and even turned down a tuna melt panini (my favourite) in order to save money and make my own lunch at home
  • Saved lots of money by buying things from Poundland that would be much more expensive it other places
  • Baked my own energy bites (recipe coming soon) instead of buying over priced energy/snack bars for my triumphant return to the gym (might be kidding myself here as I'm yet to get the motivation to go to the gym!)
  • Saved money on birthday presents for Josh. His birthday isn't until mid March but there were a few things I wanted from Topman and they had 20% student discount plus extra money off something else I bought him (can't say what he reads this!) so saved around £15 by buying early and taking advantage of the offers
So that's it. I think I've done pretty well this week, writing these posts really encourages me to save money as then I've something to actually write about!


  1. It sounds as though you are doing a pretty good job of saving :) I live at home and travel to uni so a lot of my expense comes with that, so i know how you feel about money disappearing fast! I think it's time i started to be a bit more saving conscious because im in my final year so no more student loan after may :( xx

    1. I know I need to save as much as possible whilst I'm still getting loans! xx

  2. I bloody love a good bargain from poundland. I used to get all my uni cleaning products from there. Also good work on the student discount for presents! I'm impressed! xxxx

    1. Yeah I get all my cleaning stuff from there. And thanks!! xxx


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