Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Catch-Up

I hope everyone has had a really good christmas and got some lovely presents!
I've decided to do a little catch-up post seen as I didn't do a Happy List last week and I won't be doing one this week so you can all see what I've been up to in the past week and I can show off a little and show you some of the amazing presents I got (of course I am joking! In no why am I bragging about my presents!), now obviously I've not took photo's of everything but there are quite a few photo's so sit back and relax and enjoy!

20th - 24th December

Now the majority of you will know that on 20th of December I went to see Paul McCartney in Liverpool with Josh as that was my main present from him, if you missed out on the you can read my post about it here.
After that I had a quiet few days before going to Josh's and having an early christmas with him, we always open our presents from each other on christmas eve as sometims we don't see each other at all on christmas day and sometimes it isn't until the night when we both go to my mums, so it's nice to have our own little christmas. We spent the Friday not doing all that much except watching chritmassy things then we watched Polar Express at night, it's such a lovely film. On christmas eve (our christmas day!) we opened all our presents from each other. I just got bits and pieces from Josh because of the Paul McCartney concert but I loved everything sooo much he'd really put a lot of thought into the presents.

Presents at Josh's

Josh with his main present

All the presents we bought each other. Josh got me Paul McCartney tickets, selection boxes, Festive Friends biscuits, Paul McCartney book, Gok Wan book, 1984 book, huge bottle of Lush's Snow Fairy shower gel, Tangle Teezer brush, McCartney II record and a leopard print jumper. He also got me some MUA makeup but accidently left it in our room in Coventry so I've still got that to look forwards to!

Presents from parents, Josh's mum got me some bath and shower stuff, pj's and a little Benefit travel set and his gran got me the photo and frame

Ziggy wanted presents

Then Ziggy wanted to be a present under the tree

Festive nails

25th - 26th December

Christmas day was so good and again I got some amazing presents and a real good surprise from my dad. My mum also got me some lovely bits and pieces as I only asked her for the money but she gave me quite a few things to unwrap too. Dinner was so yummy but I was soooo stuffed afterwards, I couldn't move. At night I went to my mums with Josh and we both had a nice night there.
On boxing day I didn't do all that much, my mum made a lovely meal then we spent the afternoon watching Open All Hours boxset that my stepdad had got her for christmas so we've watched all series one already. At night me. my dad and my stepmum went through to my stepsisters and had a really nice night there. She's got a really cute cat called Toffee so I had lots of fun playing with her!

Some of the presents from my mum. Pj's, book, body scrub, chocolate reindeer, russian doll keyring and russian doll style cats they're so small and cute the smallest one is proper tiny!

Bag from my gran from Love Hearts and Crosses

 Some of the presents from my dad, the surprise was the Kindle as I really wasn't expecting that but I love it so much the pink case for it was from my gran. He also got me a Beatles calendar, Harry Potter boxset, curling wand, huge bottle of my favourite perfume, Soap and Glory lipglosses and a big fluffy dressing gown which isn't on these photo's.

I can easily say this was one of the best christmasses I've had in a long time so thanks to my family and Josh for making it so good!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

On The Run

As some of you will know from this blog post and from my many tweets over the last few days, I went to Liverpool on Tuesday to see Paul McCartney live at the Echo Arena. It was my second time seeing him (the first been last June in Glasgow) and ever since the first time I saw him I'd really wanted to go again, it was even a goal on my 'Not Quite 25 Before 25' list. However after only creating this list in July I didn't expect to be able to cross this goal off so soon (the only problem now is I really really want to see him again despite the goal been achieved!) Thanks to my lovely boyfriend Josh though this was achieved way earlier than expected, as he bought me the tickets for christmas.

Liverpool Wheel and Echo Arena
Paul McCartney

The show was amazing, even better than I expected and I feel so lucky to have been able to go especially seen as he only did three UK gigs as part of his 'On The Run' tour. As some of you will know from this post Liverpool is one of my favourite places so it was even better seeing him there!

Rusty Anderson (Paul's guitarist)
Rusty Anderson, Paul McCartney and Brian Ray

I thought it was much better than the Glasgow concert, especially seen as he played my favourite song Maybe I'm Amazed and I'll admit my eyes did well up as it's a lovely song which is dedicated to his wife Linda (who died in 1998). Paul also played Something in memory of George Harrison and Here Today which was written as a conversation that never took place between him and John Lennon, both of these songs also made my eyes fill up!

Paul with the drummer Abe Labroiel Jr dancing during 'Dance Tonight'
'Something' - a tribute to George Harrison

As cheesy as it is, the highlight for me had to be Paul singing Wonderful Christmastime. I can't really explain why as obviously the concert was filled with his hits and songs that have more meaing than a christmas song, but ever since a was little, Wonderful Christmastime has always been my favourite christmas song, before I even knew who Paul McCartney was and before I even liked his other music. So to hear that live was amazing because short of going to one of his gigs right near christmas like I did, it's not a song you're ever going to hear in another of his shows. Plus there was fake snow which made it even more christmassy!

My video of Wonderful Christmastime

The seats we had were amazing (even though we ended up standing obviously, you've gotta get in the spirit, it's no good just sitting there). We were only 11 rows back from the stage so had a pretty good view without having to just watch the big screens all the time!

Fireworks during 'Live and Let Die'
Paul and his magic piano

It's hard to get across just how much I loved this concert as I know a fair few people who read my blog won't feel the same as me about The Beatles and Paul McCartney but it's one of the best moments of my life and I honestly didn't think after the first concert that I would get to see him again. Glasgow was sort of my once in a life time opportunity so to get to do it all again at an even better concert feels amazing, so I just want to say a huge thanks to Josh for the best christmas present in the world!

'The Word'/ 'All You Need is Love'
Mull of Kintyre
Confetti at the end of the concert

Monday, 19 December 2011

BEAUTY: Glitterbug

In last weeks Happy List I gave you a sneak preview of my new nail varnish and promised you a full post on it. Well here it is! The polish is even better in real life than in the photo's and it's sooo cheap (99p I think, I can't really remember! Available from Bodycare) I'm in love! So let me introduce you to Carnival...

I only wore it on my thumb nails as a sort of accent nail as it is really glittery and I was only going to the cinema when I had it on! I think it looks amazing though. Like a christmas party in a bottle!

In these pictures I have 5 coats on as obviously you can only brush on a few flecks of glitter at a time, that was enough coverage for me, however I do have really tiny hands and really little nails so obviously other people may need more than 5 coats! For such a cheap price the polish is amazing quality, I don't own OPI's Rainbow Connection but after seeing many blog posts about it I would say this is an amazing dupe and there's obviously a big price difference between them.
I'm going to wear this polish at christmas as it is above but with a red nail varnish, but then on new years eve I'm going to wear it on every nail as my dress is black so I need some sparkle!
By the way the other colour on my nails is Missguided's MissCellaneous which I got free in a magazine earlier in the year and it's become one of my favourite nail varnishes, I have just checked on Missguided's website and it is available to buy on there. I'm quite pale but the colour has a purpley undertone which I love as it doesn't wash me out.

MissCellaneous and Carnival

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Happy List #37

For the next couple of weeks there won't be any Happy Lists as next week is Christmas Eve which is mine and Josh's Christmas Day and the week after that is New Years Eve so obviously I won't be blogging on those days. I will do a little update in the week between Christmas and New Year and I have a couple of posts still to do before Christmas too.

Saturday 10th December
  1. Lazy morning in bed reading the newspaper and various magazines
  2. Tuna melt panini for lunch. After doing loads of work for uni I was starving but we didn't really have anything in so I popped to eat for a gorgeous panini and settled down to watch The Mummy Returns
  3. Watching Ricky Gervais Animals, it really made me laugh
Sunday 11th December
  1. Finally finished my coursework, I have never been so happy to see the end of a piece of coursework, it took me so long and really wore me out. I just hope I get a good mark now because I out so much work into it
  2. Went to Costa and had a lovely mint hot chocolate
Monday 12th December
  1. Handed in the coursework so glad it's out of the way
  2. Made some plans to meet up with my best friend next week when I'm back for christmas. Off to pizza hut buffet and for a good catch up
Tuesday 13th December
  1. One of my journalism lecturers held a little christmas party for us. Thankfully I managed to stay fairly sober (I wasn't in a good way after the party he threw at Easter) however the same can't be said for Josh, I won't go into detail as to what he actually did because it's not pretty but never have a been more embarassed in my life. He was the perfect example of why alcohol is bad
  2. We baked a cake in the morning, vanilla sponge with buttercream and topped with Dairy Milk
  3. Luckily Josh sobered up pretty quick after collapsing into bed and woke up feeling fine so we had some of the cake which was lovely

Our yummy cake

Wednesday 14th December
  1. Filmed a video for my blog, it's going up at the end of the year/start of the new year as it's a my favourite products of 2011 video. I've really got into doing video's for my blog
  2. Bought a gorgeous nail varnish for 99p from Bodycare, it looks so much like OPI's Rainbow Connection (even though I don't own that). It's soo glittery and I can't stop looking at it. It's that good it's getting a full post dedicated to it next week!
  3. Watched the Royal Variety show which was pretty good
A sneak peak at my lovely nail polish, full post on it coming next week because this photo doesn't do it any justice!

Thursday 15th December
  1. Went to see Arthur Christmas, there was only me and Josh in the cinema! It was so good though, I really enjoyed it. I wrote a review for it here
  2. We had a little christmas picnic (indoors obviously!) with so much yummy food
  3. Watched Nativity which was really good but all the songs get stuck in my head
Little buffet, sticky chicken, tikka chicken, crisps, chips, egg custards and yorkshire puddings (because Josh loves them!)

Friday 16th December
  1. Packed my case ready to go back tomorrow, now packing didn't make me happy but the fact that it's going to be christmas soon and I've a lot to look forwards to next week makes me really happy
  2. Went to Costa and had a mint hot chocolate
  3. Had chips and curry sauce for tea, bad I know but it tastes so good
  4. Watched Muppets Christmas Carol my favourite ever christmas film. It just makes me so happy!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

I heart...Christmas #2

Here's the second (and final!) part of I heart christmas, reasons why I love christmas. Again all these images are my own (except for the video clip of course). If you missed the first part of this you can catch up here. Enjoy!

Lush Snow Fairy

I love it when all the Lush christmas stuff comes out but my favourite is Snow Fairy shower gel. Yes it's really sweet, bright pink and packed with glitter but that's exactly why I love it.

Christmas Markets

I love huge christmas markets, it really gets me in the festive spirit. These photo's are from Birmingham last week. I love all the little stalls and of course the wide variety of food on offer for me to try!

Cosy slippers

Nothing better than keeping your feet warm with fluffy slipper socks complete with pom poms.

Josh and I started going out

We got together on 18th December 2007 so christmas is even more special for me. This is one of the earliest photo's of us I could find (my god I look different!) unfortunately my dad accidently deleted the first photo of us from new years eve 2007 but luckily we have a print of it at Josh's!

Starbucks red cups

I get so excited when Starbucks start doing their christmas drinks, gingerbread latte is my absolute favourite.

Coca Cola christmas advert

Who doesn't get excited when they see this for the first time?!

Furry boots

These obviously aren't real Uggs, far too expensive! But I do love wearing furry boots to keep me toastie. It's practically like wearing slippers.

Christmas magazines

The Boots christmas book (sadly I threw this in the bin so the one below is another magazine from Boots with a christmas gift guide in it) and the Cosmo gift guide, perfect for looking at christmas ideas (for myself too of course!)

Unwrapping presents

I covered buying presents last week with the christmas shopping but who doesn't unwrapping gifts too (and just for added soppyness Josh buys me the best presents!)

Advent calendars

Chocolate for breakfast? Yes please! The one below is this years, and yes it has my name iced on it. My dad posted it to me along with one for Josh too. What a star!

Christmas candles

I bought this candle holder this year and it's so cute. Perfect for the christmas Yankee candles that smell delicious.


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

BEAUTY: VO5 Revive Me Daily

I bought this shampoo and conditioner a couple of months ago for a change from my usual (Herbal Essences Drama Clean for normal hair). When I first started using the Herbal Essences one I'd been having a lot of trouble with my hair feeling dirty straight after washing it. I have quite greasy roots anyway so I wash my hair pretty much everyday but it was feeling dirty straight after washing it. The Herbal Essences completely fixed this problem, however the only problem I had with it was the conditioner it wasn't very moisturising seen as it wasn't meant to weigh hair down. I was reluctant to stop using the Herbal Essences incase my hair went back to been dirty but I thought I'd give VO5 a try and I wasn't disappointed.

VO5 Revive Me Daily Shampoo and Conditioner

What VO5 Say

Refresh tired, limp or dull hair for stunning results. Infused with extract of White Tea it won't weigh your locks down. A gorgeous tropical fragrance combining sweet apple, mango and pineapple with a hint of jasmine and rose, refreshingly delicious.

What I Think

I can't praise this shampoo and conditioner enough, it's completely transformed my hair. I would say it's the best it's ever been. I don't agree with the tropical fragrance described above but it does smell lovely and clean which I like. The shampoo and conditioner are really nice and creamy but they don't make my hair dirty at all. The conditioner provides the right amount of moisture to my hair without weighing it down which is even better as I have pretty thick hair which is longish.
The new VO5 products have been made with Adaptive Haircare Technology which is supposed to adjust to give your hair the nourishment it needs where it needs it, so basically it's unique to you.
Aside from the fact that my hair is in great conditioner another major thing I've noticed since I've started using this shampoo is the colour of my hair has changed. Now bear with me I'm not talking about a dramatic change here. I don't dye my hair so it's naturally a mousy brown sort of colour which goes blonder in summer. Whilst I was using my old shampoo and conditioner I'd never really thought about my hair looking dull as it always had a shine to it. However since using this shampoo it's really lifted the colour of my hair and a lot more of the natural blonde and reddy tones I have in my hair are shining through, making it look even better!
This shampoo and conditioner (infact I think it's all the VO5 shampoos and conditioners) contains 5 essential oils which are avacado, argan, apricot, grape seed and jojoba and I think it's thanks to these that my hair is in such great condition.
One more point to make about this is it lasts ages. I bought the 500ml bottles and I've been using them pretty much everday for around two months and they're only around half empty. As I've said I have thick, longish hair and I can get away with only using a small amount.
This really is the best shampoo and conditioner I've ever used and it's made such a difference to my hair. I highly recommend it!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Happy List #36

Saturday 3rd December
  1. Had quite a lazy day after doing coursework all week, Josh and  I snuggled down and watched The Mummy
  2. Had a snuggly night too, lit some candles, put christmas tree lights on, had a glass of Baileys and watched the X Factor
Sunday 4th December
  1. Went for a little walk, only around the city but it was better than been stuck in all day
  2. After our walk Josh and I went to Costa where I had a mint hot chocolate and we chatted loads
  3. Watched Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror which was sickening, very odd but really good!
Monday 5th December
  1. Finished my advantage module, no more Capturing the Creative Spark, yay! I still have coursework due in for it after christmas but today was the last time I had to attend the lesson which I so glad about because I hated it
  2. Wrote a more personal post on my blog which I enjoyed as it was something different from the usual stuff that my blog has got lost in so it brought I more personal element back to it
  3. Got some lovely comments on my post which were really nice to read
  4. My blog has actually been doing really well lately which I'm so happy about as I put I lot of time and effort into it
Tuesday 6th December
  1. Got my first coursework back from one of my modules. I got quite a good mark so I'm pleased about that
  2. Bought some Cadbury's Festive Friends biscuits, so nice and christmassy

Wednesday 7th December
  1. Watched Frozen Planet for the first time even though it was the last episode.I really enjoyed it so I want to watch the others now
  2. Had a Baileys hot chocolate, it was so yummy and made me feel really christmassy
Thursday 8th December
  1. Watched Million Pound Drop, I was pretty good at getting the questions right and really got into it
  2. Got some cupcakes from the little farmers market that comes every month

Friday 9th December
  1. Josh and I went to Birmingham to have a look around the shops and the christmas market. I bought a dress for New Years Eve, it's a black lace one. I wanted to buy a dress this year that I'd wear again and I don't actually have a LBD (shocking!). I have a white lace dress that I love so I'm really pleased with my black lace one plus I can put lots of nice stuff with it to dress it up more for New Year. I also got a black skinny belt with studs. I've wanted a skinny studded waist belt for ages so I was pleased with the one I picked up in Forever 21. We then went to Selfridges where I picked up some stuff from Paperchase for one of Josh's christmas presents (DIYing it this year!). After we had a look around the christmas market which was lovely and I got some things (I don't know what they're called) they're covered in chocolate and have marshmellowy stuff inside, I got after eight, irish cream and marzipan flavours. It was a really nice afternoon
  2. When I got home I'd got my secret santa present from Hannah's secret santa. I'd been sent a coral nail polish and a coral lip balm which are both nice
  3. Had an indian takeaway for tea which was gorgeous, I was so full up with indian food after
  4. We watched A Christmas Carol (the Jim Carrey one) it was sooo good. I'd seen it before but Josh hadn't and he really liked it too. It was a perfect day and I enjoyed it so much! 

All from Birmingham christmas market

Josh wasn't impressed when I tried this on!

The yummy marshmellowy things

My secret santa presents

New dress for new years eve

My new belt

Just a little reminder that you have until midnight tonight to enter my christmas giveaway!