Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tuesday Treats #13

This weeks Tuesday Treats is a christmas list special. Unfortunately non of these things ended up on my real christmas list as my Dad (aside from Josh he's the only one who really buys me presents now as everyone else gives me money) asked me what I wanted really, really early so I scraped together a few ideas before I'd chance to look around properly. Anyways Josh has already got my present which is a trip to Liverpool to see Paul McCartney live again (little post here if you're interested) so he's only buying me a few bits and pieces. So this list is just incase Santa does actually exist or if Josh is feeling extra generous (I'm only joking Josh and on the very slight chance that a child sees this...don't worry kids Santa is real!) So enjoy!
EDIT: These videos have been deleted as I was no longer happy with the format and with having them on my YouTube channel. Please click here to see more recent Tuesday Treats posts.
  1. Amazon Kindle - after looking at these for quite a while I've decided I really like the look of them. The new one looks perfect for what I'd use it for too
  2. Marc Jacobs Oh! Lola perfume - this has featured on a Tuesday Treats post before but I love it. I got one of those little sample wipe things of it in Cosmo a couple of months back and thought it smelt lovely so I'd be really happy if I got this
  3. Benefit I'm Glam...Therefore I Am makeup kit - who doesn't love a bit of Benefit?! And this set looks so cute, I definately use everything in it
  4. Pink Tangle Teezer - again this is something that has featured on Tuesday Treats before but I really want one of these, my hair gets so tangled after swimming (and I got pretty much everyday) so I need one of these in my life
  5. River Island jumper - I love pink, I love cats and I love jumpers so what's not to love about this?!
    6. Pink cupcake hat - how cute? I really want this to keep my head toastie, I already have the River Island panda hat and I need this to add to my little collection
  6. Models Own Beetlejuice collection - I wasn't sure about some of the colours but after seeing them all swatched I loved them all so I really want this set
  7. Lush Snow Fairy shower gel - this is my favourite christmas Lush product and get a bottle without fail every year. I really want the big bottle they do so I could keep smelling like snow fairy for quite a long time
  8. Missguided jumper - I got so excited when I saw this as there's a similar jumper in a boutique in town but I know it'll be really expensive. Everytime Josh and I have walked past I've said how much I love it so when I saw this one on Missguided I was so happy because I love it loads
I've noticed that this wishlist is quite pink and girly! Oh well! What's on your christmas list this year?

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Happy List #34

Saturday 19th November
  1. Watched A.I after reading the short story it's based on for one of my uni modules. I've never seen it before but it was really good however I found it really sad, I was in floods of tears by the end
  2. Had a tuna melt panini for lunch, not had one for ages and this one tasted so good!
Sunday 20th November
  1. Saw the chrismas lights been switched on which was quite pretty. It made me feel even more christmassy
  2. Went to Starbucks after the lights and had a toffee nut latte
  3. Watched E.T because Josh really wanted to watch it. I wasn't that bothered but I actually quite enjoyed it because I've not seen it in ages
  4. Saw some reindeers in the town centre as they were there for the christmas lights switch on. So cute!
Tired reindeer

Pretty snowflake lights

Christmas tree

Starbucks times

Monday 21st November
  1. Bit of a boring day today and our microwave-oven broke meaning we had nothing in to eat that didn't need an oven, it wasn't too bad though as we ended up having bacon, eggs and toast which was quite nice. Not too good for losing weight though!
Tuesday 22nd November
  1. Made my CV look more professional for my professional experience module at uni so it looks much better now
  2. Didn't have to go to uni today as the lecturer was ill so that was pretty good
Wednesday 23rd November
  1. Got the rest of my professional experience planning done
  2. Went shopping just as it was getting dark so it was really nice with all the christmas lights on. I got all the stuff for my little christmas giveaway (which will be open on 1st December) I've not got much but it's all nice with suitabley christmassy and wintery names! I also got myself a nail polish which is a lovely metallic red, perfect for christmas. I also got some more fluffy pj's which are so snuggly. I really liked that Josh actually came shopping with me too
  3. Got a parcel from my dad, he'd bought Josh and I an advent calander each from Thorntons, they even had our names iced on!
Our advent calanders

My new fluffy pj's

A footless christmas onsie I found whilst shopping, didn't buy it though!

Thursday 24th November
  1. Filmed my recent buys video which I've been meaning to do for ages. It's only my second YouTube video that actually has me in it and I was really happy with how it turned out. You can watch it here
  2. Not really done much else today, I decided to give myself a days break before starting some more coursework
  3. Had my fringe cut (I can't afford a full hair cut that's how poor I am!) but at least I can see again now!
Friday 25th November
  1. For some reason Josh and I ended up listening to loads of 90's songs. BWitched, S Club 7, 5ive, A1, Vengaboys. All the greats! It actually made me so happy
  2. Watching the Jimmy Carr marathon on C4. So funny

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Video: Recent Buys #1

So here's my second ever YouTube video (the Tuesday Treats one's don't count seen as I'm not actually in them!) I've been meaning to film this video for so long but just never got round to it! Anyway hope you enjoy it!

If there are any videos you would like to see please leave me a comment.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tuesday Treats #12

This weeks Tuesday Treats video is a Makeup Academy special. I'm sure you're all aware of the super cheap brand that's stocked in Superdrug and I'm really impressed with the products after seeing them in the shop and other peoples blogs. Unfortunately the MUA stand has currently disappeared from my local Superdrug to make way for christmas stuff but I'm off to Birmingham in a few weeks so I could be treating myself to a couple of these pieces then.

 EDIT: These videos have been deleted as I was no longer happy with the format and with having them on my YouTube channel. Please click here to see more recent Tuesday Treats posts.

  1. Felt liner - I've been after a felt tip style eyeliner for ages and at £2 this one seems a good one to try
  2. Heaven and Earth eye palette - ok so practically everyone has/wants this palette but it is really nice and so cheap
  3. Trio eyeshadow in Pink Sorbet - MUA have a variety of trio eyeshadows but this one really caught my eye as I think it would create a really nice smokey eye in different shades to the traditional neautral/dark shades
  4. Nail quake nail polish in Shattered Ice - the silvery colour would be really good for the party season and at £2.99 it wouldn't really bother me if I didn't get much use out if it after
  5. Professional primer - I've been wanting to try a primer for quite a while but as I don't wear makeup everyday I don't really want to spend much on one, so again this seems perfect
  6. Blusher in Shade 2 - so none of the products have amazingly fancy names and this product is no exception but it looks a really nice peachy colour which is just the sort of shade a like so I'm not really bothered about pretty names!
What are your thoughts on the MUA range. Have you tried anything from the video or do you have any products you'd recommend from the range? Let me know!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Happy List #33

Saturday 12th November
  1. Did lots of lengths at swimming which was a good job really because...
  2. ...we bought some pick and mix to eat whilst watching X Factor
Sunday 13th November
  1. My mum and stepdad came to visit with mum's friend Colette and her two kids.We went to the Transport museum and there was a big craft fair on there too, Josh bought me some lovely red heart earrings and I got him a present from santa as a joke, it was a bag of different sweets like Haribo's etc and the tag said 'from santa'. Colette also bought me some white chocolate and cranberry fudge which is so nice and I got some cookies. After we had a little look around the shops then came back to ours so Josh and Joe could play with Lego. It was a really lovely day
Me, Danny, Josh and Joe. With the best use of a Wetherspoons drinks menu ever!

My little chauffeur Joe

A present from Santa!

My earrings from Josh

Monday 14th November
  1. Planned out what I was baking Josh for our anniversary
  2. Made myself a sweet chilli prawn stir fry, it was so nice
Tuesday 15th November
  1. One of my lecturers in Journalism got out his guitar and started playing flamenco music, he was so good. Just some sun and a glass (or jug!) of sangria to accompany it!
Wednesday 16th November
  1. Had some toasted fruit teacakes. I've been wanting some for ages so I finally bought some
  2. After uni in the morning Josh and I spent to rest of the day in pj's watching tv!
  3. Got some more christmas presents. Is it wrong that I've done the vast majority of my christmas shopping already?!
Thursday 17th November
  1. Baked all the anniversary buns for Friday. Now it's out of the way and Josh knows I can say what I baked. 2 mint aero buns, 2 Haribo mini cakes (idea stolen from a cake in Sainsbury's), 4 butterfly buns and 4 Dairy Milk mini cakes. I wasn't going to give them to him until Friday but I couldn't wait so we tried one tonight and they're so yummy!
  2. Watched a Youtube video about a sloth orphange. The babies were adorable, well they were a bit ugly but so ugly they were cute!
All the buns I baked

Friday 18th November
  1. Josh and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary a month early today as our actual anniversary is too close to christmas and we won't actually get to see each other then. We give each other a card and a present in the morning, I got Josh Cars on Blu Ray and he got me the remastered Beatles 1 album to go with the box set of Beatles remasters I bought a couple of years ago. We then had some bacon sandwich's later followed by a bun that I'd baked. At night we went to a chinese buffet which is just across from where we live. It was so nice, I'd definately go again. I was so full after. We then came back and just watched Children in Need
What I wore to the chinese

Josh and I before we went out

Our presents


Thursday, 17 November 2011

BEAUTY: Collection 2000 Cream Puff

I'm sure the Collection 2000 Cream Puff's aren't new news to any of you (but just incase they are, they are a lip cream with a matte finish) but I just thought I'd give my opinion on the two I own. I have been meaning to do this review for ages but I've only just got round to it.

Collection 2000 Cream Puff
Left - Fairy Cake
Right- Cotton Candy

What Collection 2000 Say

Velvet vibes have been all over the catwalk, high street and your favourite celebs. Now you can wear it on your lips with our new velvet-feel, matte-look lip cream!
Enriched with a hyper-moisturising, vitamin-rich formula, the creamy colour hugs lips to give your pout the perfect powdery finish.
Available in four snoggable shades - Cotton Candy, Fairy Cake, Powder Puff and Angel Delight - for a beauty look that's bound to wow.

Left - Cotton Candy
Right - Fairy Cake

What I Think

I own the shades Cotton Candy and Fairy Cake because for me the other two shades look too light and I think they'd just wash my pale skin out.

So first thing to mention is the colour. Cotton Candy is a deep pinky (I want to say pinky purple but I think that might put people off) but as you can see from the swatch it is a lovely colour and Fairy Cake is a pinky coral colour. I think both look really nice on and they are quite pigmented and the colour lasts quite a long time.

Even though Collection 2000 say the Cream Puff's are moisturising, I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. Athough I don't find them dry, nor do I find that they settle into the cracks, I still use a lip balm underneath which is why on the photo's below they don't look completely matte. Also I do have dry lips and I don't like anything to feel too dry on my lips so I much prefer to use a lip balm underneath.

The packaging is quite nice, a small, simple design and the lip has a soft velvety feel to it to reflect the finish of the product. For £2.99 from Boots I think these are amazing value for money. I really hope Collection bring out some more shades because I'd definitely buy them.

How Fairy Cake looks on me

How Cotton Candy looks on me

Have you tried the Collection 2000 Cream Puff's? What did you think of them?

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

BEAUTY: Aussie Take The Heat Leave-In Spray

I bought this product quite a while back when it was on offer in Boots along with the Aussie Miracle Leave-In Conditioner, which you can read the review for here. Seen as the Aussie products were on offer and I was already going to buy the leave-in conditioner I thought I might as well get this heat spray for a change to my usual one.

What Aussie Say

Hangovers. Boyfriends. Deadlines. They all hang around for too long. We love quick exits, but some things do need a little TLC. Like your hair! Aussie Take the Heat Leave in Spray sticks around (way longer than you need to). Just spray and style. No more scorched, singed locks (or wearing a hat in the middle of summer ahem).
When you really want style, your hair can't let you down. So spritz a little Take the Heat Leave in Spray into your hair and Hallelujah! Gorgeously protected hair that's ready to keep up with you!

Aussie Take The Heat Leave-In Spray

What I Think

My usual heat protect spray is the Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray one which is £4.99 for 300ml in Boots. This Aussie one is usually £4.69 for 150ml (but as I have said I got it on offer) so that got me wondering if I would buy it again before I'd even used it. Now I've used this no more than five times and already a fair bit of the product has been used up and you've got to bear in mind I can use my Tresemme spray on wet and dry hair which I much prefer in a heat protect spray whereas you can only use this on wet hair and the Tresemme spray lasts me literally months, so again another minus for the Aussie spray.

Next thing is my Tresemme spray 'mists' the hair making sure the product is evenly and easily distributed over the hair where as this one just sprays so it only targets small sections unless you hold the bottle quite far away from your head, now I've got longish hair so it's an absolute impossibility for me to get the ends of my hair at the back meaning I have to get my boyfriend to do it for me where as I can easily mist the back of my hair with my Tresemme one.

Another downside to the Aussie spray is the smell, don't get me wrong it's not unpleasant it just really doesn't smell of anything, it certainly doesn't have the distinctive Aussie product smell that I love.

To be honest I wouldn't buy this product again because it's just not worth it, it's quite expensive compared to Tresemme and especially for a smaller bottle. Had it been some sort of miracle product that dramatically improved the look and feel of my hair I would have considered it but it doesn't. I wouldn't say it improves the shine (although I do have pretty glossy hair anyway thanks to my shampoo and conditioner), my hair doesn't feel any softer after using it and to be honest I've my doubts as to how well it protects my hair from heat due to the product not distributing very well. Obviously I'm not saying that it doesn't do great things for some people it just didn't do anything for me and I personally don't think it's worth it, My Tresemme is no miracle worker but it does what it says on the tin, proctects my hair from heat giving it a smoother style so I think I'll stick with that for now!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Happy List #32

Saturday 5th November
  1. Bought Josh a little present for our anniversary on the 18th, as I said in last weeks Happy List we always celebrate our anniversary a month early because it falls so close to christmas
  2. Went to a firework display which I did a post about here
  3. After the fireworks we came home and had a couple of Magners, watched X Factor and then watched An Idiot Abroad so it was a pretty good night

Sunday 6th November
  1. Had a toffee nut latte from Starbucks, it was so good! Quite possibly better than the gingerbread latte which has always been my favourite
  2. Watched the film Everybody's Fine, it was really really good

Monday 7th November
  1. Went in the jacuzzi after swimming, it was so warm and relaxing
  2. Watched the last episode of Mrs Browns Boys and I was crying with laughter. Seriously, watch the clip below!

Tuesday 8th November
  1. Had a KFC for tea, really bad seen as I'm supposed to be getting fit but it tasted so good
  2. Swimming was a disaster because it was so busy so we sat in the jacuzzi for ages instead
Wednesday 9th November
  1. Made myself a spaghetti bolognese, Josh doens't like it so I never really get to have it
  2. Looking at christmas Boofle things in Clintons, so cute I want all the little christmas bears!
Thursday 10th November
  1. Watching American Tool Academy - so much more dramatic than the English version which makes it funnier too
  2. Relaxing in the jacuzzi...again!
Friday 11th November
  1. Handing my first piece of coursework in for my second year at uni. So glad its out of the way
  2. Went to Costa because Starbucks had flooded, had a frosted mint hot chocolate
  3. Adding more books to my Amazon wishlist, seriously the list is longer than both my arms now

Friday, 11 November 2011

Raffles Bizarre Christmas Collection

Raffles Bizarre is a jewellery website specialising in quirky, handmade jewellery with a twist. The christmas collection has just launched and I think you'll agree it's so cute! There are subtle little hints to christmas or full blown tinsel-tastic pieces so there's something for everyone. I thought I'd share with you my favourite pieces from the collection.

Pearls and Stars Bracelet - £10

Christmas Bling Cluster Necklace 2 - £8

Christmas Earrings Stars - £6

Silver Snowflake Earrings - £3

Snowflake Disc Earrings - £7
These are my favourite from the whole collection. I love the little snowflakes on them!

Aside from jewellery, Raffles Bizarre also has some christmas decorations, how cute are these?

You can check out Raffles Bizarre and the full christmas collection here!

This post was created after Raffles Bizarre tweeted asking if  any bloggers would be interested in featuring the christmas collection.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tuesday Treats #11

This weeks Tuesday Treats post is slightly different in that it's not fashion or beauty related. It's full of journals, I love writing lists and things and of course there's my Happy Lists that I write down so I'm always looking at pretty journals. Here a few I've found recently.

 EDIT: These videos have been deleted as I was no longer happy with the format and with having them on my YouTube channel. Please click here to see more recent Tuesday Treats posts.

My absolute favourites are the Listography, Bon Voyage and Skywriting ones. I have some Amazon vouchers and I'm so tempted to buy these ones!


Sunday, 6 November 2011


Josh and I have never been to a proper fireworks display together, we've been to ones at local pubs but lets be fair sometimes they can be a bit crappy! So when I found out that the rugby club in Coventry were doing one I begged Josh to go. I revert back to been a child when it comes to fireworks and I still love them as much now as I did when I was a kid so I was pretty excited. I had it all planned out in my head, it would be a nice cold night where I could wrap up and Josh and I would stand near a warming bonfire drinking hot chocolate and watching all the pretty fireworks! (Basically everything I put in this post). Well I really need to learn not to build everything up so much in my head because quite frankly none of the above happened! For starters there was no bonfire (correct me if I'm wrong but it's called bonfire night, how can there not be a bonfire?!), then due to the amount of people that filled the rugby stadium there was no way I was going to battle the queues for an overpriced, less than average tasting hot chocolate, due to the weather been quite mild here recently I didn't wrap up all that much so ended up freezing and then the fireworks really hadn't been well planned, they put them right at the end of the stadium near where we were stood and unfortunately half of them went off behind the stadium meaning because of where we stood we couldn't see some of them, this lead to people breaking the barriers and standing where they shouldn't in an attempt to see. Now I know this sounds like I'm complaining, and well I am a bit but the fireworks were really good I just wish we could have seen more and there wasn't the same atmosphere without a bonfire! I did enjoy the night (despite my moaning here) but I'm just not sure it was worth the money that we paid for 25 minutes of fireworks some of which were difficult to see! I'll be honest I wanted a bonfire, I know Josh was secretly pleased there wasn't one as he'd already said he didn't want to smell of smoke (he doesn't share the same love for bonfire night as I do!) but I did. Anyway we did manage to get quiet a few photos so here are a small selection of them!


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Happy List #31

Saturday 29th October
  1. Josh's grandparents came to visit for the weekend so we did all the usual stuff that we do when people visit us for the first time. We looked around the cathedral ruins, went in the new cathedral and went around the transport museum. Actually we saw some bits of the new cathedral that we've never seen before plus we went in the little cafe and I had the nicest caramel shortbread ever!
  2. Went to the nice Indian again that we went to last week with my Mum and Stepdad. It's so lovely there
  3. Managed to get Josh a christmas present that I've been trying to get for weeks

Little outfit post for you all there!

Sunday 30th October
  1. Josh's grandparents took us to Kenilworth, it's only around 10-15 minutes away from us but it's so different to Coventry. We looked around the castle which was huge, I'd definately go back seen as we can get there on the bus
  2. After Kenilworth we went to Packwood House in Solihull. It was a really lovely day and made a nice change to get out of Coventry. I did a post about both places here
Packwood House

Monday 31st October
  1. Watched Psychoville halloween special. We decided against doing anything for halloween this year as all the costumes we looked at seemed so expensive. We did get dressed up last year which I loved even if I did have to spend the following week scrubbing red hairspray off the white bathroom walls and floor! Actually I think I'll put a little photo on of last years outfits for you!

Last years halloween outfits and our bathroom after I'd used loads of red hairspray, it looks like a murder scene!

Tuesday 1st November
  1. Josh cooked us a lovely chilli, it was so nice and warming
  2. Eating black treacle parkin that Josh's gran made us
  3. Thought of a couple of nice things to get Josh for our anniversary. Our actual 4 year anniversary isn't until 18th December however we've always done something a month early with the actual one been so close to christmas!
Wednesday 2nd November
  1. Cooking a really nice chicken korma
  2. Eating some of the chocolate cake that Josh's gran baked
  3. Seeing that Starbucks red cups are back, that means christmas drinks which I love!
  4. Cute little monkey on Bing!

I couldn't find it without the Bing search bar over it, but how cute?!

Chocolate fudge cake

Thursday 3rd November
  1. Had my first Starbucks christmas drink of the year (gingerbread latte) and it was so nice. Unfortunately Josh forgot his phone so I couldn't get a decent photo to document the moment!
  2. Planned lots of blog posts so there's plenty to come on little Bits and Bobs
Friday 4th November
  1. To be honest there isn't really anything for today except watching Derren Brown (amazing!) and eating chocolate cake! I wasted 3 hours trying to start an essay and only got around 600 words done, emailed councillors for quotes for my essay and got very brief answers and then no replies from them (rude!) and then to top it off I discovered that Josh and I have lost almost £100 from last years damage deposit which I'm quite pissed off about because they've charged us for things that we've already paid for and that aren't even damaged. I swear to god if the rooms weren't so nice here and that Josh and I didn't get to have our own little place I'd be out of here like a shot because toddlers would have better management skills than the people here and they'd be a lot bloody nicer! Little rant over!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

I Heart...#3 Bonfire Night

This coming Saturday sees one of my favourite times of year, bonfire night. I love wrapping up and drinking hot drinks whilst watching all the lovely fireworks! Josh and I did have plans for bonfire night but to be honest I'm not sure what's happening now because the weather forecast isn't great (typical) so it looks like I'll be missing out on bonfire night this year but in celebration I've done a I Heart bonfire special. Enjoy! 

All images except the final one (which is my own) courtesy of weheartit.com