Monday, 31 October 2011

DAYS OUT: Kenilworth Castle and Packwood House

Over the weekend Josh's grandparents came to visit us and we had a really good weekend. On Saturday we did the usual things we do when someone visits us for the first time (looked around the cathedrals and in the transport museum) then at night we went out for an Indian. After a year of living in Coventry and moaning that I miss the countryside and the greeness of been in Yorkshire, I was pleasantly surprised when they took us out on Sunday and 15 minutes from Coventry we ended up in Kenilworth, a cute little village that couldn't be more different to Coventry despite being very close to it. Anyway we looked around the castle there which was huge then we went for a drink. After that Josh's gran suggested we go to Packwood House which is in Solihull again it was a lovely place surrounded by greeness! So in all I had such a good day yesterday, it much a really nice change to go out and do stuff like that, which Josh and I both like anyway and to find somewhere so nice so close to us was great!

Kenilworth Castle

Packwood House


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy List #30

Saturday 22nd October
  1. My mum and stepdad came to visit for the weekend, we always have loads of fun when they come to visit
  2. Went shopping with mum, got Josh another christmas present. It was nice spending time with mum too
  3. Spent the evening in the pub drinking wine and chatting
Sunday 23rd October
  1. Did a little bit of shopping in the morning, bought some carrott face cream from Body Shop
  2. Went to Costa and had my usual (Creme Brulee latte)
  3. Went for an Indian in a restaurant thats just opened around the corner from us. It was one of the nicest Indians I've had. We got so much food and it was really cheap
  4. Went to the pub after and ended up having conversations about old comedies, it made me want to watch them all
Outfit for the Indian - head to toe Primark except the boots they're from New Look

Monday 24th October
  1. Ordered Josh a christmas present so all his stuff is coming together nicely now
  2. Mum's christmas present arrived, I'm very organised this year!
Tuesday 25th October
  1. My Lady Umbrella t-shirt arrived and I couldn't be more happy with it. Take a look at my post about it here
  2. Somehow got drawn in by lots of cute animal videos on YouTube, however this funny video was a highlight for me, found it so funny!
The funny YouTube video

Wednesday 26th October
  1. It was my best friends 21st today and although I couldn't be there I got a nice text from her saying she loved all her presents. Really happy that she likes them. I've been putting on previous happy lists that I'd been buying presents for her but obviously I couldn't put what I'd bought - well now I can just incase you're wondering. I got her some pj's and slippers, Lush stuff (snow fairy and happy hippy shower gels, a bath melt and a little gift set) and some Vivienne Westwood earrings
  2. Went to see Contagion with Josh, it was really good. Go and see it! I did a review here
  3. Watched Mrs Brown's Boys (well actually we watched it last night but seen as it was after midnight I figured I'd stick it on todays!), it's the first time I've seen it but I found it so funny
Cinema outift with my new Lady Umbrella top

Thursday 27th October
  1. Lovely meal of spaghetti carbonara with smokey bacon, one of my fave meals
  2. Booked to go to the Indian on Saturday (yes the same one I went to less than a week ago!) as Josh's grandparents are visiting overnight on Saturday so I'm looking forwards to that
Friday 28th October
  1. Carved two pumpkins, a traditional one and a Beatles Love one (Josh's idea) I can't take credit for them as Josh is the creative one! They look really good though
Intense concentration!

Hollowing out duties, Josh didn't trust me to carve it!

The finished products. They look so good!


Thursday, 27 October 2011

STYLE: Lady Umbrella Meets Peter Pan

I've known about Lady Umbrella for quiet a while now since they followed me on Twitter however I've never bought anything from them. Last week I was looking around on the internet and decided to take a look at their website. I loved pretty much everything on there but one thing really caught my eye, the Lady Umbrella Meets Peter Pan top. I love peter pan colours and I love coral so a coral coloured petar pan collar was perfect!

After looking at the top I tweeted about it and shortly after Lady Umbrella got in touch asking if I would like a discount code, well I was hardly going to turn that down. They very kindly sent me a code for 15% off so I wasted no time in ordering the top in black. After ordering they even got back in touch with me to make sure I wanted the black one as I'd originally tweeted that I liked the white one. So far I was very impressed and I'd not even received the top yet.

When the top arrived I was even more impressed with Lady Umbrella's service. In the parcel there was a printed sheet about Lady Umbrella and underneath Elena and Rob (the lovely people behind Lady Umbrella) had even wrote a little personal note. The top itself it gorgeous and looks lovely on, even my boyfriend said he liked it and that it suited me and he isn't one for taking much notice of clothes!

It really made a change to buy something that was different to what's available on the high street and the service that Lady Umbrella offer is amazing, it has a much more personal feel to it which sort of makes what your buying seem more special. I definitely wouldn't hesitate in ordering from them again. A big thanks to the guys at Lady Umbrella for a lovely top and great service!

I'd just like the point out that I was not paid for this review, I paid for the top from my own money and although I received a discount through Twitter all first time buyers who sign up to the mailing list also receive a discount.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

BEAUTY: Pop Topshop Powder Blush

I'm a huge fan of coral and peach blushers as pink really doesn't suit me. I have quite natural rosy cheeks with red/pinky patches so pink toned blushers tend to exaggerate these patches which isn't a good look. My first Topshop makeup purchase was a cream blush in Head Over Heels which I reviewed here and it's become my favourite blush since I reviewed it, it's such a lovely colour.
When I saw Topshop had released a coral powder blush I knew I had to buy it.

What Topshop Say

Soft, blendable pressed powder blush to add colour and radiance. Smile and brush onto apples of cheeks for a rosy glow.

What I Think

Topshop Blusher in 'Pop'
The first thing I noticed was that the blush looks much brighter in the pan than the pictures on Topshop's website. It looks quite a bright pink/coral colour so like the Head Over Heels blush I wasn't sure if it would be too pink for me. Once I applied it, I found it to be a really lovely colour on, it is a matte colour so there's no shimmer like the Head Over Heels one but I quite liked this as it still give me a really healthy looking glow without the shimmer. I found it best to apply this a little bit at a time and build up the colour to avoid the clown look as I think with it been so bright it would be easy to apply too much. In moderation though this isn't a bright colour on, it just gives you a healthy looking flush of colour. For £6 I think this is good value for money. I'm really glad I bought this blusher and I think it will quickly become one of my favourite blushers alongside Head Over Heels.

Topshop Blusher in 'Pop'

What are your favourite Topshop makeup products?

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Happy List #29

Saturday 15th October
  1. Went swimming at 50m felt really good after
  2. Watched X Factor, Craig and Janet are my favourites
  3. Drinking wine and eating mint aero. Not at the same time obviously, but mint aero is so yummy
Sunday 16th October
  1. Costa Sunday - had another Creme Brulee latte because they're so nice
  2. Finished buying presents for my best friends 2lst
  3. Bought myself a cardi from H+M. It's so snuggly and it's fast become my favourite item of clothing (I promise I'll do a vlog of all the stuff I've bought soon, that's why there's no photo's!)
Monday 17th October
  1. Today was so good. Josh told me about the earlier christmas present he's got me and I'm going to see Paul McCartney live in Liverpool on the 20th December. I'm so excited, I love Liverpool and I can't wait to see Paul McCartney again! I did a post here about it because I was so excited!
Tuesday 18th October
  1. One of Josh's christmas presents arrived (yes I've started christmas shopping already!) I can't say what it is because he reads my blog but I'm quite impressed with it. Just hope he likes it too
  2. Went for cocktails at Old Orleans because it shuts permanently on Sunday. I loved the food and cocktails there so it's sad that it's shutting. Anyway I had 4 lovely cocktails (quite a few pictures of these to follow!)
What I wore (not too dressed up because we only had a few drinks and it was cold outside). Jeans, shirt, scarf and cardi from Primark and boots from Newlook

Mint Madness cocktail, actually I had two of these because they taste so good! Quite possibly the best cocktail ever

Cherry Daiquiri - wasn't a huge fan of this. It tasted funny!

Going, going gone

Dennis the Menace. I like this one it reminds me of holidays!

Wednesday 19th October
  1. Boxed all my best friends presents up ready to post to her. I must say I think I've done pretty well with the presents!
  2. Saw a t-shirt on a website (Lady Umbrella) and the kind people who run the company offered my 15% off, bargain
Thursday 20th October
  1. Ordered the t-shirt from Lady Umbrella can't wait for it to arrive!
  2. Bought some Ugg boots (not real ones just £5 primark ones) some thick brown socks that will look good scrunched down with boots and tights and a rust/pinky coloured bodycon skirt from H+M. I was so pleased that the skirt fitted so well as I didn't think it would fit me. Swimming must be paying off!
The top I ordered - not very clear but I will be doing a post about it when I receive it

Friday 21st October
  1. Swam 50 lenghts so I was really proud of myself and felt really good
  2. Redesigned my blog, after two hours of stress I got it looking how I wanted. What do you all think?
  3. Bought a powder blusher from Topshop, I love the colour it just takes a lot of building up. I'll be doing a review on it soon
New blusher 'Pop'

As I've been typing this I've realised I've been buying lots in the past couple of weeks. I really need to stop especially when I've christmas presents to buy but I've a feeling I won't stick to that, oopps!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

BEAUTY: Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner

Since I've started swimming daily my hair has suffered thanks to the chlorine so I was after something that would restore my dry, weak hair. When I noticed that Aussie products were 2 for £6 in Boots the other week I decided to give the Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner and Take the Heat Leave in spray a go. This review is for the leave in conditioner.

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner

What Aussie Say

Makes weak hair big and strong. A leave-in little miracle that conditions and nourishes hair so it's tangle free and protected from everyday wear and tear. The secret to happy, confidant hair - in a bottle. Native Australian folk have relied on the healing properties of Jojoba seed oil for centuries. In the 21st century we've added it to this special conditioner which strengthens and protects hair weakened by the stresses of modern day life.

What I Think

I was a little worried about using a leave-in conditioner as although my hair desperately needed fixing I didn't want the conditioner to weigh my hair down as a have quite thick hair. The first think I noticed when I used this was the smell. I love the smell of Aussie products and this didn't disappoint, it gorgeous! Infact I didn't stop smelling my hair all day after I'd used it. The conditioner also helped to detangle my hair a little meaning I wasn't pulling on it as much. The result after drying my hair? Shiny, soft and healthy looking hair. I was so impressed with how well this worked and how lovely it left my hair looking. The smell really lasted and I loved that. I must admit I spent the majority of the day after the first use swishing my hair like I was in an advert because I couldn't believe how good my hair looked (plus swishing it meant I could smell the conditioner more!). The conditioner didn't detangle my hair as much as I'd hoped but I can overlook that for the other great qualties it has. I wouldn't think twice about repurchasing this as it does exactly what it says on the bottle and it's a really good price (I paid £3.67 from Boots). Oh and it didn't weigh my hair down so thats another big bonus. I really do think I'm a little bit in love with this conditioner! 

What are your favourite Aussie products? Have you tried this leave-in conditioner?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday Treats #10

Tuesday Treats this week is a beauty special as there aren't really any clothes I want! It will still be in the new video format as a now post them on my YouTube channel but there will be a little bit of writing on here as I've noticed the previous Tuesday Treats video posts have looked a little empty!

 EDIT: These videos have been deleted as I was no longer happy with the format and with having them on my YouTube channel. Please click here to see more recent Tuesday Treats posts.

  1. Eylure ready to wear false eyelashes - I'm a false eyelash virgin, yes really. I've tried but I really can't get my head around sticking glue onto my eye! It freaks me out, I worry I'll put too much glue on and I won't get them off, or too little glue and one will end up fluttering to the floor like a drunken spider half way through the night. So maybe I'll get over my glue fear as these have already been done for you
  2. Elegant touch super short false nails - all about the fakery today! Again I don't have much success when it come to false nails either. I have ridiculously small hands the nails of a new born baby so false nails never fit properly and despite filing them down I still look like I've got claws and it feels so unnatural wearing them. However these look perfect, I'll definately be trying these
  3. Lee Stafford hair growth treatment - jumped on the bandwagon here with this but I do really want to try it, I'm not stupid and I'm not expecting Rapunzel tresses within a week but I would like to buy it in the hopes that it will improve the condition of my hair
  4. Tangle Teezer in pink - again a popular item but my hair is pretty thick and longish so it tangles so easily, especially now I've started swimming daily brushing my hair after being in the pool is a nightmare
  5. Oh! Lola by Marc Jacobs - I smelt this on a little wipe in the October edition of Cosmo and fell in love it smells gorgeous. I'll have to see what father christmas (aka Josh hehe) brings me for christmas
  6. Collection 2000 extreme 24 hour felt tip liner - I've been after a felt tip liner for a while and this one looks like it'd do the job for a very good price
Have you tried any of the products in the video or would you like to?

Monday, 17 October 2011

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time (Already!)

Ok so by the title you can gather this is going to be a christmassy post, yes I know it's over two months away but I had to share this with you all because I'm so excited. Now I'm pretty sure most of you won't share my excitement but anyway!

A couple of weeks ago Josh told me he had booked me an early christmas present for on the 20th December, well instantly I was curious and Josh isn't one who can easily keep a surprise. He originally planned to tell me on the 1st December but unable to keep the secret any longer he's told me tonight what the surprise is...I'm going to see Paul McCartney live in Liverpool!!! As a huge Beatles fan and a Paul fan I'm so excited. Now I have seen him before for my 19th birthday in Glasgow and it was amazing and I'll be quite blunt, I thought it'd be a once in a lifetime thing because a) I don't have the money to pay for his concerts and b) Macca is knocking on so you know...!
So I'll even get to listen to my favourite christmas song live from the man himself. What makes it even better is I'm seeing him in Liverpool and I love Liverpool, we even went for a few days away there this summer.

I'll leave you with some photo's from the Glasgow concert whilst I go back to jumping up and down and screaming (literally)!

Thanks for the best present ever Josh, love you x


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Happy List #28

First off sorry I've been pretty quiet on here for the past few weeks, I've started back at uni and to be quite honest I've been focusing a bit more on my professional blog so I haven't really had the time to focus on Bits and Bobs I don't actually have anything to blog about at the moment either so please feel free to leave suggestions of any posts or vlogs you would like to see in the comments or tweet me!
Secondly I actually only have one photo for this week so I'll be using the aid of for some of the days!

Saturday 8th October
  1. Baked a simple chocolate sponge, it was lovely
  2. Made a start with watcing the latest series of House on DVD, I love House!
Terrible photo of me but lovely sponge and custard

Sunday 9th October
  1. Bought myself a new uni bag and another Collection 2000 cream puff lip cream. I'm really liking them (I don't have photo's of these as I am planning a vlog in the next few weeks with things I've bought recently so you'll see them on there)
  2. Bought my best friend another present for her 21st, I love buying presents. I'm actually quite impressed with everything I've got but I can't say on here incase she reads it!
  3. Creme Brulee latte in Costa, it's the first time I've tried one and it was gorgeous, definately think it will become my new favourite drink there
Much love for Costa Sundays!

Monday 10th October
  1. Went shopping with one of my mates from uni to fill a 5 hour gap we had, I bought nothing however he came away with a bag from every shop we went to resulting in a lot of bags and almost 4 hours spent shopping!
Shopping - except Michael had double this amount of bags!

Tuesday 11th October
  1. Bought a monthly swimming pass and went for the first time today, really hope I can get fit so I'm going to try and go every day
  2. Found a video of a dog dressed up, it was so cute and funny. Josh had to tell me the dog was dressed up like something from Star Wars because he's a geek!
Star wars dog video!

Wednesday 12th October
  1. Went swimming again, hope I can keep up going every day
  2. Went to the cinema to see Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. You it was ok, not the best or scariest film ever though. You can read my review here
Thurday 13th October
  1. Having a couple of hours to myself whilst Josh was at uni, sometimes its nice just to have a little space apart
  2. Managed 40 lengths at swimming
  3. Finished my book Banquet for the Damned
Friday 14th October
  1. What set off as curiosity as to how much a Chiuaua puppy cost turned into an hour of looking at jack russell puppies, alaskan malamute puppies and and chiuaua puppies for sale. I'll have one of each!
  2. Watched Ricky Gervais Science, it was pretty funny
I'm not going to lie, this made my day!

So cute!

Really want an Alaskan Malamute

All images except the first photo are coutesy of

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Happy List #27

Saturday 1st October
  1. Did lots more sunbathing
  2. Decided to go for an afternoon drink, I had a marzipan cocktail and sex on the beach cocktail
Sunday 2nd October
  1. Sat outside for a bit but the sun kept going in so we couldn't fully enjoy it
  2. Costa Sunday! The first one since we've been back
  3. Reading lots, I'm currently reading Banquet for the Damned and it's pretty good
Monday 3rd October
  1. First day back at uni so it was really good to see everyone, I missed all my friends over the summer!
  2. Bought a new pair of shoes to cheer myself up as uni was rubbish, also I had a little rant here
New shoes!

Tuesday 4th October
  1. Had a Daim bar milkshake it was so yummy
  2. Had a wander round town to look for some present ideas for my best mates 21st, unfortunately I can't afford to go back home and go out for here birthday which I feel crappy about so I want to get some good stuff to sort of make up for it. Plus I love buying people presents!
Wednesday 5th October
  1. Went to Ikea for lunch as we needed to drop the form of for an Ikea card
  2. Reading my book. I'm reading so much lately and really enjoying it. Making the most of it though because I start my contemporary novel module soon so I won't have much time to read my own stuff
Thursday 6th October
  1. Introduction to my contemporary novel module, it looks quite good and I'm glad there was a literature option this year
  2. Going out in Birmingham with all my uni friends. It was sooo much fun with everyone back together after the summer
What I wore to go out, dress - Zara, tight and shoes - Primark

All of us out in Birmingham

Friday 7th October
  1. Seen as I was nursing a hangover I've spent the majority of the day in bed having a duvet day. Quite enjoyed it though
  2. Watching Aristocats with Josh. It's my favourite Disney film (I'm still a child at heart!) so Josh bought it me for my birthday. He's never seen it before so I quite enjoyed watching it with him.
  3. Watching Idiot Abroad. The funniest moment was when Karl was comparing some monkey's to him, Ricky and Steve and when asked which monkey was Steve he went 'that one in the corner touching itself' I was crying with laughter

Monday, 3 October 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

Never has the above phrase been so apt. What is about to follow is a small rant so I do apologise!
Let's just say my first day back at uni has left me feeling like this...

...pissed off!

I've basically spent 6 hours trying to find how to access my timetable and cobbling together a mediocre news story on something I have no interest in (George Osborne freezing the council tax for another year incase any of you were wondering). Uni, in all their wisdom have decided to save the planet one student timetable at a time by no longer printing off hard copies of timetables, instead I had to root around for an hour online wondering where to hell it was only to print my own version off anyway (sorry trees!). Then it turns out they've put all the modules for my year on one timetable so I've had to go through and highlight what I'm actually doing. Oh dear.

On a lighter note it was good to see everyone from uni again and hopefully a night out in Birmingham is on the cards soon. To cheer myself up on the way home I bought some shoes I wasn't going to until Josh suggested it, they're going to be my only treat from my student loan (aside from night's out, meals out etc, now I can see why I'm always poor!) and they're so pretty, they're the brown shoe boots from this Tuesday Treat's post. I plan on doing a vlog soon on my new buys so you'll get to see them. On an unrelated note I came across this picture whilst searching for the cat one above...

Sooo cute, it cheered me up even more!

All images courtesy of

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Happy List #26

Saturday 24th Septmeber
  1. Spending the day at mums
  2. Shopping with mum
  3. Finishing my book, it's took me all summer to read it but I loved it. Easily one of the best books I've ever read. You can read my review here
Sunday 25th September
  1. Coming back to Coventry, despite the fact that I'll miss Yorkshire and my mum and stepdad, it's nice now Josh and I are all unpacked and settled back in Coventry (we've got the same apartment as last year so it's home now)
  2. Lots of food thanks to Josh's parents who took us food shopping on the way down to Coventry so we're stocked up for quite a while now
Monday 26th September
  1. Going to the Freshers Fair, even though I'm no longer a fresher you have to take advantage of freebies!
  2. New things such as plates and placemats
  3. Getting an orchid from Ikea, it's very pretty
  4. Buying Monopoly and the new season of House so we've plenty to do
  5. Doing my first proper video blog. I was very nervous and the video came out very quiet, but we've sorted that problem now so my next video should be much better (and louder!) You can watch it here
Fresher's Freebies

Orchid, plates, mats and House

Tuesday 27th September
  1. More Freshers Fair freebies
  2. New jeans and jumper (I may do a video soon about the things I've bought recently)
Wednesday 28th September
  1. A new Indian has opened in Coventry so Josh and I went for a look and they let us have a look inside. It seems really nice so I can't wait to try that
  2. Sat in the sun reading my book
  3. Josh and I decided to go to Wetherspoons at night for a couple of drinks, I tried a marzipan cocktail and it was lovely. I'll definately be having it again
Thursday 29th September
  1. Finding a new park, I'm not sure how we ever missed it but it's a good place to sit on sunny days, it has a lake with swans and huge fish
  2. Went to another park in the afternoon to sunbathe and read
The new park we found

Friday 30th  September
  1. Went back to the park with the swans to get some photo's
  2. Had a picnic which I really enjoyed because Josh and I have never had a picnic together. We than spent the afternoon sunbathing
Little picnic and tanning times

Are there any video blogs people would like to see me do?