Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dreamy Designs #4

If you've missed any of the other Dreamy Designs posts catch them here. Enjoy this weeks pictures!

Yes window seats appear almost every week but I really want one!

Cosy bedroom, with a mini window seat (I swear I only just noticed the seat!)

I  also really like fairy lights!

Pastel kitchen

Huge bathroom

This would look really good in a conservatory where I could relax

All images coutesy of
Obviously my favourite image this week is of the window seat (as it is every week one appears!) but I really like the last picture too. What are your favourite images from this weeks post?

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tuesday Treats #6

Right now there aren't really any clothes I want so this Tuesday Treats is a makeup special.

Have you tried any of these products?

Monday, 27 June 2011


Just a quick post to show you my new bag. I'm going to Liverpool in August for a few days so I wanted a bigger bag than my normal one to carry some of my stuff around while I'm there. I came across this one in Primark today and it's perfect. I like bags to go across me so I'm glad this one has a strap that extends quite a bit. I also really like the leopard print inside (my normal everyday bag also has leopard print inside, I'm noticing a trend!)

My new bag

Inside the bag

Inside the bag - leopard print


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Happy List #12

Saturday 18th June
  1. Mine and Josh's 3 and a half year anniversary. I got him a Beatles t-shirt, a scarf and made him something and he got me a dress which was feautred on a 'Tuesday Treats' a bit back. He also cooked me a meal, we had salmon which I though I didn't like but I really enjoyed it
  2. Ordered a lovely ring that looks vintage and 60's, it'll go lovely with the dress Josh bought me

Our anniversary cards and my new dress
Sunday 19th June
  1. Mocha coffee cooler - this is on almost every week but we go to Costa every Sunday and the mocha coolers taste so nice
  2. Going to the gym
  3. Drinking vodka and red bull
Monday 20th June
  1. Chocolate chip muffins
  2. Pineapple and coconut juice - it tastes so nice
  3. Numerous episodes of House
  4. A full fridge and cupboards. As (poor!) students we only do one big supermarket shop a month so you really appreciate it when everythings fully stocked
Tuesday 21st June
  1. My new flower power ring arrived. It a wooden buttin with a flower print, it's really unique. I blogged about  it here 
  2. Watching Phone Booth, after much reluctance I actually enjoyed the film
  3. Finishing my book, Brixton Beach so I get to submit my first Judging Covers review
My new ring
Wednesday 22nd June
  1. Going to Ikea and buying two new storage boxes for all my hair and beauty products that were cluttering up the shelf
  2. Submitting my first review for Judging Covers - so happy I'm writing for something like that. You can read my review here
  3. Looking at expensive properties with Josh and wowing at how nice they all were all whilst wishing I was a millionaire. Not sure how we ended up doing this but we got drawn in with the huge mansions and pools!
Thursday 23rd June
  1. Eating a mini milk lolly. It was my favourite ice-cream when I was a kid
  2. Drinking 7up, this is a bit simple but I rarely drink anything but water now. So I realy enjoyed this
  3. Getting my Graze box - I got Cheddar Gorge, fruit and seed flapjack, banana split and taste of summer fruit sundae
Latest Graze Box
Friday 24th June
  1. New top from H&M. It's only a basic red/orange one to go with leggings but I do need some more tops and this one is nice
  2. Watching BB King at Glasto, he looked so jolly or as Josh described him 'like a cute old turtle'!
My new H&M top


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dreamy Designs #3

This is the thrid installment of my new blog series. If you missed the previous two posts catch them here and here!

Desk space with old trunks as storage

Day bed with book storage and fairy lights (I love this!)

Old suitcases as storage

Fairy lights and dressing table

Simple bedroom with flowers on the bed

This looks so comfy!

All images courtesy of

I really love the idea of the day bed in the window with all the book storage so that's definately my favourite image this week but I also really like the idea of the old suitcases as storage and the last image looks sooo comfy!
What are your favourites from this week?

Off subject but I know have a blog post signature as you can see below

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Flower Power Ring

After coming across Bijoux Dolly I fell in love with the flower power wooden button ring on there so I bought it. It arrived yesterday and it's so beautiful. It'll go perfectly with my yellow dress that Josh bought me (pictures coming on Saturday). It's got a lovely retro feel to it.
Katie, the lovely lady behind Bijoux Dolly sells handmade, vintage and recycled jewellery and accessories. I can't wait until she gets more wooden button rings because I'll definately be buying some! I highly recommend you check out Katie's shop because she has some really beautiful, unique pieces.

My ring wrapped up

My ring

Me wearing the ring


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

BEAUTY: Body Shop Honey Bronze Gel for Face

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Face Gel
I recently bought this bronzing face gel from Body Shop's new Honey Bronze makeup collection. There are 5 products in the new collection. The bronzing gel I'm reviewing was £11.

What Body Shop say

This moisturising, honey-enriched gel gives skin an instant bronze glow.

• Moisturising
• Light, non-greasy formula
• Suits all skin tones

What I think

As I bought this online, I'd not actually seen what it looked like, when it arrived I was worried I'd just wasted £11 as the gel is very dark (as you can see from the picture below) and I'm pretty pale. However I gave it a try and I'm very impressed. Everything the Body Shop has said about it is true. It goes on very smooth leaving my skin feeling soft and silky, it's an incredibly light formula so you don't even realise your wearing it and it suits my very pale skin tone. I've only worn this once so far and I mixed it with a bit of moisturiser however after swatching it on my hand today I found it blended very well so I'll probaly give it a try without moisturiser next time. The photo's haven't picked the gel up incredibly well because it blended so easily but you can see a bit of colour. You only need a very small amount when your applying it as a little goes a long way with this gel. I would definately buy this again as it gives me a really sunkissed healthy glow (without being too shimmery) and it will last ages. If you plan on buying this don't be put off by the colour it doesn't make you look orange at all (although when I took it off my makeup wipe was fairly orange!) I would never go out looking orange and I know Josh would be the first to say something if it didn't suit me. I would reccommend this to anyone looking for a light healthy glow as I truely believe it would suit anyone.
Honey Bronze gel swatch

The gel blended in


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Happy List #11

Saturday 11th June
  1. Sorry but there's absolutely nothing for this day, it was so boring. I was a little disappointed that I didn't have anything to write as this is my 11th week of doing this and I've always found at least one thing to write for every day. I wasn't sure whether to continue with the Happy Lists after this but I've decided I will!
Sunday 12th June
  1. Oreo cookie milkshake
  2. Love heart shaped rice
  3. Watching Definately Maybe which was actually really good
Oreo and Haribo milkshakes (they weren't both mine), heart shaped rice that Josh did for me!
Monday 13th June
  1. Sitting in the sun chatting
  2. Josh setting up 'Shit Lel Says' on twitter - long story!
  3. New favourite song of the week - Waterfalls by Paul McCartney
Tuesday 14th June
  1. Sunbathing and reading magazines and listening to music. However I did manage to get burnt which resulted in really bad strap marks from my dress - oopps!
  2. Noodles, prawns and red pepper in a lemon sauce - homemade

My dress I went sunbathing in, out in the sun, the result of sunbathing with lovely red skin and horrible strap marks (I've cut my head off because I'd just got out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around my hair!)
Wednesday 15th June
  1. Josh bought me the yellow dress from this wish list for our 3 and a half year anniversary on Saturday (today!). It's just gone in the sale £10 from £24.99, I'm so glad he didn't pay full price because as much as I love it the quality of it definately isn't worth £24.99! Anyway there will be pics of me wearing it in next weeks happy list
  2. Eating fairy cakes
  3. Buying things for Josh for our anniversary
Yuumy fairy cakes
Thursday 16th June
  1. Making something for Josh for our anniversary
  2. Getting my next Graze box
  3. Going to Old Orleans for a meal and cocktails (look here to see what I wore)
Friday 17th June
  1. Watching Se7en - ok so it's not a happy film but it was really good!
  2. Going to the gym and actually enjoying it
  3. Cheese and onion focaccia in my Graze box, it was so nice
  4. Another favourite song for the week - Blue Sway by Paul McCartney

Friday, 17 June 2011

STYLE: Old Orleans

Technically this is my outfit from last night but anyway...Me and Josh went to Old Orleans for a meal last night, the food is sooo good there plus they have Facebook Thursday deals with vouchers which is even better because it makes it cheap! (Well we are students). The cocktails there are pretty good too and they're usually on offer so it's all good. I decided to wear heels (well wedges) because I haven't really worn these shoes much. I really don't do heels because they hurt me so much so all my high shoes are wedges because they're much comfier. However after 5 minutes of walking in these I remembered why I haven't worn them much, they rubbed the balls of my feet so much and they still hurt today so much for wedges been better!

Dress - Zara
Shoes - New Look
Tights - Primark

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dreamy Designs #2

If you missed the first installment of my new blog series you can catch it here. Enjoy this weeks Dreamy Designs!

Nice bedroom (plus how nice is that brown bag?!)

I love this work area

I'd love to have all my clothes out on show like this, although I'm sure Josh wouldn't!

If only my underwear was this neat and organised

Another pretty bedroom

Nice clean and tidy work space, really like this desk

All images coutesy of
Which are your favourite images from this weeks Dreamy Designs?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Graze Box

I ordered my first Graze box last week. For those of you that aren't aware what Graze is it's a box of healthy snacks delivered to you for £3.49 a box. You choose which type of box you want (there's a nibblebox where you have the maximum variety of foods to choose from for tasty yet healthy nibbles and there's the nutritionbox which offers just the healiest snacks) I've chosen the nibblebox. You also rate the food Graze offer you with bin (you'll never get that food in your box), try (your willing to try the food), like (you'll be sent that food occasionally) and love (you'll be sent that food more regularly. You get four punnets of healthy snacks in the Graze box. I really enjoyed my first box and will probably continue to order the boxes for now despite the fact that the majority of the food from Graze is available from health food stores I find I'm more likely to eat the healthy snacks because they're in a cute little box (yes I am that simple). I wouldn't say that Graze's mantra of 'get nature delivered and eat more healthy food (fewer biscuits)' has worked just yet seen as I only have one box a week because of the price of them and I have just eaten a mini muffin...but at least I am eating more healthy food and it actually tastes nice!
My first box complete with a booklet about the nibblebox concept (on the left) and a nutritional info booklet on the food in my box (on the right)

The Food in my Box
Apple and cinnamon flapjack, these were my favourite thing in the box. Very very tasty
Yin and Yang - almonds, cherries, raisins and dark chocolate buttons. This was my least favourite because of the almonds so I've binned these on the Graze site
Sweet goan curry crackers. These were ok not the best in the box but not the worse
Golden honey nut cashews, these were so nice I could live on them!

If you are interested in ordering a Graze box I have a code the entitles you to get you first box free, you then get the second box half price. The code is LY4P7QY.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Girlondon Feature

As most of you know I was recently contacted by someone from the online clothing company Girlondon to do an interview (have a read of my interview). I really enjoyed this experience so thanks to everyone at Girlondon! I just thought I'd do a little feature of some of my favourite clothes currently on the Girlondon site.

Erica Dress - £15

Tilly Playsuit - £18

Eliza Dress - £18
Judith Trousers - £21

Care Jeans - £22


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Happy List #10

Saturday 4th June
  1. Nice walk and a sit in the sun
  2. Watching BGT final - can't believe Jai won he was the most boring one on there!
  3. Eating cookie dough ice-cream
Sunday 5th June
  1. Getting a bodyshop card and ordering a couple of things online with 30% off
  2. Having a mocha coffee cooler at Costa Coffee
  3. Going on a really long walk down the canal (I did a post about it here)
  4. Josh doing an interview for me for my Behind Bits and Bobs page (read it here)
  5. Watching Role Models
Walk on the canal
Monday 6th June
  1. Ordering my first graze box
  2. Watching last episode of Psychoville - hope there's a third series
Tuesday 7th June
  1. Going to see Hangover Part II (read my review on it)
  2. Looking at booking Liverpool for August
Wednesday 8th June
  1. Been offered a place writing for Judging Covers (female book reviewing site)
  2. Booking Liverpool for two nights in August - we went overight last year so I can't wait to go for a bit longer this year, so excited!
  3. Eaing cookie dough ice-cream and watching House (I'm aware cookie dough ice-cream has featured quite a lot in the last two Happy Lists!)

Pictures from Liverpool last year
Thursday 9th June
  1. Feeding the ducks at the canal
  2. Getting my first graze box (I'll be doing a little write up about it over the next few days)
  3. Getting my bodyshop order (again I'll be doing reviews in the near future as I plan on ordering some more things soon)

Bodyshop products - honey bronze face gel and hemp foot protector, my graze box, feeding the ducks
Friday 10th June
  1. Happy meal for lunch!
  2. Honey nut cashews in my graze box - they taste so nice
  3. Getting my interview with Girlondon clothing published (take a look at my interview here)

Obviously I didn't eat both, one was Josh's!