Saturday, 30 April 2011

Happy List #4

Here's this past weeks happy list. There aren't too many photo's this week and some that I have got are from my phone so they're not the best quality. Sorry!

Saturday 23rd April
  1. Three pairs of earrings from Josh - Leo, princess crowns, and Hello Kitty ones
  2. Coming back to my accomodation in Coventry to two little easter eggs and a note from the housekeepers saying 'Happy Easter from Study Inn'
  3. Britains Got Talent auditions - my favourites were the singing grandad so cute! (watch it here), the matrix dancer, I felt so sorry for him when he got upset (watch it here) and the best one of the night I thought.... the guy how sang all the nursery rhymes! I loved him, it really made his audition stand out too (watch it here)

My new earrings
Sunday 24th April
  1. Finding bits of Coventry we've not seen before (remains of a castle)
  2. 10 easter eggs!
  3. Starting walking to get fitter, me and Josh are finding loads of new places by doing this
Monday 25th April
  1. Finding a park in Coventry that's not too far away from us.Finally somewhere to go in the lovely weather
  2. Burger King chips - the best!
  3. Finding another bit of Coventry we've not seen before, this time we found an old Medievil manor house that is now part of the registry office here. It makes a nice place for wedding photos

The manor house
Tuesday 26th April
  1. Homemade fruit smoothies very tasty and healthy!
  2. Starting a blog for Safekidz campaign. In the village I live in back in Barnsley a campaign has started focusing on various aspects of safety for children. I've now started a blog for them, it can be found here
  3. Looking at scrapbook materials on Ebay for my journal

Safekidz campaign t-shirts
Wednesday 27th April
  1. Going back on Josh's student radio show after 3 weeks off over easter
  2. Minnie the Moocher by Hugh Laurie. Josh played this on the radio, I'd never really heard it but I love it! Listen to it here
  3. Going for a walk by the canal and watching the fish
  4. Quote of the day from Josh: 'There's plenty more fish in the sea but you're my only Nemo'. Bless him
  5. Ordering the above mentioned scrapbook materials, I can't wait until they come
  6. Casual afternoon Costa Coffee - iced vanilla latte's are the best

Iced vanilla latte in Costa
Thurday 28th April
  1. Lazy day eating easter eggs and watching The Incredibles
  2. Finding new places to go in the Midlands courtesy of Becca at Diary of a Diva. Thanks!
Friday 29th April
  1. Watching the Royal Wedding despite hating all the hype and being determined not to watch it. Kate looked beautiful and the two kisses on the balcony were so romantic
  2. Going for a meal and drinks to Wetherspoons
  3. Loving my outfit I wore to go out in
My outfit when we went for a meal

David and Victoria Beckham at the wedding I thought they looked very nice, the best moment of the wedding - the kiss


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Northern Delight

Now I’m at university I spend the majority of my time living in Coventry, when I first moved I couldn’t wait. I pretty much hated living in Barnsley (South Yorkshire) and couldn’t wait to be moving away to the Midlands. After nearly 7 months at university I can safely say I much prefer the North. I never ever imagined myself actually liking Barnsley, ok it isn’t the best place in the world but it’s in the North meaning I can get to some of my favourite places such as York and Liverpool.
   I like Coventry but it’s seriously lacking in the green stuff – grass. So in this lovely weather there’s nowhere to go! Thank god I was home for a few weeks at Easter so I could get a bit of a tan and sit outside in the garden.  There’s some lovely countryside around Yorkshire, Coventry is only good if you like the colour grey! Although saying this, when I first typed this post I hadn’t found a park in Coventry (not one that was close enough to walk to) but the other day me and Josh went for a walk and find one, so one point to Coventry for that!
   I only realised the other week just how much I love the North, I went out with my Dad and step-mum to see a band. Ok so it was in a Working Men’s Club and it was pretty much like Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights but I enjoyed it!
   I’m yet to find anywhere in Coventry that I like as much as my favourite Northern places. I love nights out and shopping in Birmingham but it doesn’t have the character of York and I don’t think it’s as nice as Liverpool.
   For the past two years my mum and step-dad have gone on holiday to Scarborough and me and Josh have joined them for a few days, we go off to some lovely places. In Coventry we can’t really do anything like that although we are planning to go to Stratford-upon-Avon and Leamington Spa soon.

 I’m sure there are some really nice places in the Midlands, but I’d pick the North any day!

Northern favourites - Fountains Abbey in Ripon North Yorkshire, canal boat in the Pennine's

Northern favourites - Beatles Story museum and site of original Cavern club both Liverpool

Northern favourites - York Minster, Scarborough


Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy List #3

Saturday 16th April
  1. Going out to see a band with my dad and stepmum
  2. Realising how much I love the North (I will shortly be doing a blog post about this)
  3. Going to a local gala with my mum and Tony
Sunday 17th April
  1. Josh buying me a lovely shirt and dress
  2. The best sandwich ever - no joke. Everyone has to try a roast chicken and tomato panini from Starbucks. At £4 they're pretty expensive but it was sooo nice!
  3. Bright pink sunset
New shirt, new dress, sunset out of my window
Monday 18th April
  1. Going to Bakewell with my mum, Tony and Josh
  2. Having a Bakewell pudding - yummy
  3. Spending the afternoon with Josh
Bakewell pudding shop
Tuesday 19th April
  1. Buying Barry M lipstick in Pillarbox Red
  2. Seeing some miniature horses in town
  3. Final visits to my grandma's
Lipstick in Pillarbox Red - my new fave thing
Wednesday 20th April
  1. Going to Fountains Abbey
  2. Having a really nice day in a beautiful place with my mum, Tony and Josh
  3. Josh buying me a new bracelet
  4. Going for an Indian with Josh and his parents
  5. Staying at mum and Tony's
My new heart bracelet, Fountains Abbey, Tony, mum and me at Fountains
Thursday 21st April
  1. Going out for lunch with mum and some friends
  2. Sitting in the sun chatting over lunch
  3. Going out for drinks with mum and a friend
  4. Staying at mum and Tony's
Friday 22nd April
  1. Despite been at mums all day we still found something to talk about over Facebook!
  2. Spending my last day at home with mum and Tony
  3. Picking out summer clothes to take back to uni - I love summer clothes

Friday, 22 April 2011

There's No Place Like Home

I'm currently sat on the edge of my bed surrounded by clothes and shoes. I'm packing my case to go back to uni tomorrow and I'm trying to pick my summery clothes out (whilst still keeping in mind that British summertime can be pretty rubbish) the thing is I won't be back until July now when I'll be back in Yorkshire for good (well until the second year) so I need a variety of things. I'm in the middle of dilemma too, black wedges or brown wedges? Lol. Right now I'm sat with one on each foot and I can't decide which pair should make it into the case as I can't fit both =[.
   When I came back to Barnsley 3 weeks ago I did a short post here about being home. I really wasn't that bothered about coming back, I was looking forwards to seeing people but being home didn't bother me. Now I don't want to go back to Coventry, I know I'll feel fine by tomorrow night when I'm back with Josh and watching Britains Got Talent to cheer me up, but right now I'm not liking the thought of leaving.
   'Home' doesn't seem to be one set place now, I call my place in Coventry home, but I also call my house back in Barnsley where I live with my dad home, I even call my mums house (I don't live with her but stay loads) home. Confusing! So I think from now on I'll be a little bit unique and have three places I can call home! =]
Black or brown? Decisions decisions. Suitcase and clothes

Some pics from my time home from uni. Ziggy the kitten, day on a canal boat, icecream in Bakewel and my stepdad, mum and me at Fountains Abbey
Do any of you feel the same about coming home from uni and vice versa?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

BEAUTY: Face care routine

After reviewing the Naturally Thinking face cream here. I decided to share with you my full face care routine. I’ve been using facial cleansers and moisturisers since I was around 10. I used to hate my mum buying them me and making me use them, but I couldn’t thank her enough now for getting me in to a good routine that will stick with me for life and making me realise the importance of looking after my skin.

All images are mine except the soap and glory and the face mask.

  • I use Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash daily. I’ve used this for a few years now and it’s the best face wash for my skin that I’ve ever used – £4.50
  • Twice a week I use Soap and Glory The Greatest Scrub of All. I got this in a set for Christmas and it has little exfoliating spheres that  burst when you wash your face – £8.17  
  • After I use Body Shop Vitamin E serum. I’ve not been using this for very long but I love it, my mum got me onto it, I have quite dry skin so this is perfect under my face cream. You only need a small amount so it lasts ages – £10
  • My moisturiser is the Naturally Thinking Lavender and Geranium face cream, as I explained in the review I’ll use this in summer but I’ll go back to using the Naturally Thinking Orange, Lemon and Vitamin C face cream – both creams £7
  • I also use Boots cucumber eye gel as it really wakes me up; it’s so cool and refreshing – £1.52
  • I also try and use a face mask once every 1-2 weeks for a deeper clean, I use Body Shop Tea Tree face mask - £8
Have you used any of the above products? Or do you have facial products you couldn't live without?


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Happy List #2

Following on from last weeks post heres the second installment of the happy list!

Saturday 9th April
  1. Wearing my favourite dress to Josh's grandparents anniversary meal
  2. Strawberry cupcake from the meal
  3. Going to the pub with Josh at night

My favourite dress and strawberry cupcake
Sunday 10th April
  1. Only one thing for today as the majority of my day was spent on a canal boat. It was a lovely day on a boat in the sunshine with a picnic

Me on the canal boat
Monday 11th April
  1. Shopping with mum
  2. Helping mum decide on paint colours as I will be helping her decorate the kitchen in summer
  3. Body Shop shower gel bargains (4 for £6 so mum and I split them)
  4. Staying at mum and Tonys
  5. Note in my jacket pocket from Josh

Shower gel bargains and the note from Josh =]
Tuesday 12th April
  1. Day with mum having a laugh
  2. Having one of our many book discussion as a result of...
  3. Watching Faulkes on Fiction
  4. Going to football with my dad
Wednesday 13th April
  1. Going shopping with my little cousin
  2. Having chance to look around shops at my own pace when my cousin had left (something I can't do when I shop with Josh!)
  3. Painting my nails my favourite colour - coral

Coral nails
Thursday 14th April
  1. Having a good catchup with my best friend
  2. Going to pizza hut buffet
  3. Staying at mum and Tonys and drinking champagne! (Only because my mum was given a bottle!)
Friday 15th April
  1. Watching last two episodes of Faulkes on Fiction
  2. Lots of food and wine at mums
  3. Watching some programmes about Robert Plant and really enjoying them!

List of books I want as a result of watching Faulkes on Fiction

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Review: Lavender and Geranium Face Cream

I've been using face cream from Naturally Thinking for years now. They use all natural ingredients, don't test on animals, are vegan friendly, parbens free (chemicals which are widely used in cosmetics) and are made by hand. I like to look after my skin so picking something like this is perfect for me.
I usually use the Orange, Lemon and Vitamin C facial cream which can be found here. It really brightens my skin and is quite thick so is very good for my dry skin.
As I was nearing the end of my last pot of face cream I decided to try something else so went for the Lavender and Geranium facial cream. I have to say it was a big decision for me to try something new as I love the orange cream!
After using the lavender cream for around a week now I can say I'm very pleased with it. As it's from Naturally Thinking I expected nothing less anyway! It isn't as thick as the orange cream but now its warming up my skin isn't as dry so that's ok. Lavender is one of my favourite smells so I love applying this cream. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth but not greasy.
On the website Naturally Thinking recommend this cream for normal to combination skin. Also they say it is a good cream for skin that has to deal with a changing environment such as central heating to cold outside air, air conditioning and sun. 
I think in winter I will continue to use the orange cream however in summer I'll definately be using the lavender one.
I find these facial creams extremely good value for money, both creams mentioned here cost £7, which is very good for hand made, all natural products. Even better I find that one pot of face cream lasts me around 6 months!


Saturday, 9 April 2011

Happy List #1

So as I mentioned here I've started to do a 'happy list'. Each day I write down things that have made me happy that day. They're nothing spectacular just simple little things. I thought it would be nice to reflect on each day and find happy things in every day. So every week I'm going to share the previous weeks happy list. Here's the first one starting last saturday and finishing yesterday. (There are a few pics to go with some of the stuff)

Saturday 2nd April
  1. Coming home from uni and staying at my mums
  2. Having a laugh all night with my mum and stepdad
  3. Eating lots of lovely food and drinking wine
Sunday 3rd April
  1. Early morning fresh coffee
  2. Mums food
  3. Making plans to stay with mum again
  4. Having a bath (I only have a shower at uni)
  5. Funny but cute text from Josh
Monday 4th April
  1. My big,comfy bed all to myself (sharing with Josh is nice but I like lots of room and my bed at home is sooo comfy)
  2. Old photos (came across some pics of me and my grandad when I was young, he died when I was 7 so I like to look at all the pic of me and him)
  3. Playing with Josh's kitten, Ziggy
  4. Tortilla chips from Marks and Spencer (the best ones EVER!)
  5. Going to Josh's for the day like old times

Me and Ziggy, old pics, my grandad when he was young and my first visit to Santa
Tuesday 5th April
  1. Lazy day at Josh's
  2. Good day smelling stuff like my coconut handcream, coconut lipbalm and lavender face cream
  3. Healthiness, planning out some healthy meals for back at uni and I'm going to make the most of the free gym....hhmm not sure how long it'll last!

Face cream, hand cream and lip balm
Wednesday 6th April
  1. Having lunch with mum and her friends
  2. Making one of my favourite meals, carbonara
  3. Time to myself to just watch TV and read

Spaghetti carbonara
Thursday 7th April
  1. Seeing one of my grandma's for first time in 3 months
  2. Fun in the sun with Josh and the kitten
  3. A good hair cut
  4. Pretty sunsets

Sunset view out of my window
Friday 8th April
  1. Waking up to blue skies and sunshine
  2. Seeing my other gran
  3. Sunbathing and first BBQ of the year!
  4. The kitten falling asleep in my hand, cutest thing ever
  5. Staying over at Josh's


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lunch Time Outfit

Just thought I would do a quick outift post. I had lunch with my mum and some of her friends today so I thought I'd show you what I wore (it's nothing special but I'm loving these trousers and this tshirt recently!) The outfit pics aren't great because I'm just trying to get to grips with taking the pics myself!
Cardi - Topshop
TShirt - H&M
Trousers - Primark

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Home Sweet Home

Just a quick update. I came back home yesterday for 3 weeks. I have to admit that I wasn't that bothered about coming back this time as I quite like living in my own place in Coventry. However after just one day of been back I'm loving it! Spent all last night and today at my mums house which I've really enjoyed. Unfortunately I couldn't afford much for mothers day but I think she liked her card and little box of chocs. Anyway I've decided to write down things that have made happy each day, I just think it'll be something that adds a cheery element to each day! I'll share these things with you on here but rather than posting each day I'll do a weekly round up every Saturday. You can look forward to the first of these posts next Saturday. Bye for now.