Monday, 5 December 2011

What Do I Want to be When I Grow Up?

When I started Bits and Bobs a mere 9 months ago I wanted it to a place for me to write about beauty, fashion and life I wanted it to reflect me and my thoughts and I feel that’s what little Bits and Bobs is lacking right now. Whilst my happy lists are a little weekly delve into my personal life I want more! Don’t worry I love the wishlists and reviews etc so they’re staying but today we’re going to get a little more personal. So sit back and relax because this isn’t going to be the world’s shortest post.

So let’s start with a little confession…

…I have no idea what I want to do after uni.

There I’ve said it. And whilst some of you will reel back in horror at that statement (good for you, you have your life planned out and you have a goal, I salute you!) please tell me that some of you are reading it and thinking well neither do I. Well welcome to my little ‘clueless’ club girls (and boys).

I’m currently studying journalism and English at university. Whilst I enjoy my degree (most of the time) I can’t really see myself as a journalist, well not in the respect of writing for a newspaper or even a magazine for that matter.

Lets take a little step back in time and discuss my past career options. From about 5 years old my heart was set on been a vet and I’ll be honest that’s the longest career option I’ve had, however this all went to pot at around 14 when I began my GCSE’s I chose Business Studies, Double Science, Expressive Arts and Food Technology as my ‘options’ in case you’re wondering. Now the double science was chosen to help me along with my vet aspirations, the expressive arts was a back up career choice in something drama related. Not long after starting the Double Science GCSE I realised it just wasn’t something I was good at which mucked up the vet plans there and then because I certainly wouldn’t be able to go on and do biology at college. I passed double science (surprisingly) but the whole experience had put me off my vet dreams and this is where my career plans changed a lot over the coming years.

I went off to college without a clue what I wanted do, I’d briefly entertained the idea of doing drama until I found out you had to audition to get on the course and well that’s just not me either! So I picked Psychology, Sociology, English Language and History. Next career option was something psychology based as at first I loved my psychology AS Level however those dreams were squashed too when I came out with a big fat E grade (I’ll be honest I think it was more to do with certain people at that time than the course itself and I grew to hate it hence why I failed so bad!) so I ditched the psychology after the first year.

So the next step was applying for uni, by this point I was loving my sociology course so I applied for sociology and criminology at two fairly local uni’s and it finally seemed as though I’d got somewhere until I went to the open day for my chosen course at my first choice uni. Someone asked us all to name 5 reasons why we wanted to do the course. I could hardly think of one, I don’t think ‘Because I enjoy A Level Sociology’ was the sort of answer he was looking for. Shortly after that I decided no matter what my results said I wasn’t going to uni that year and that I’d go back to college for an extra year. When results day came it turned out I’d made a wise decision as my results weren’t fantastic (my first choice uni didn’t accept me however my second choice did) so off I went to college for an extra year. I did have the opportunity to resit my previous exams and I admit I regret a little bit not resitting my English Language one. This time I went back as a part time student and did AS levels in English Literature and Citizenship.

Now there’s not really anything I regret in my life except from my time at college. In a nutshell my first two years were a bit of a waste, I hated it and if I could go back I’d choose my A Levels differently (English Literature, Citizenship, Sociology and History should the time ever come when I can time travel) but I loved my third year and I saw it as a bit of a chance to start again. I really regret not been able to do the full A Level English literature but in the year I had it did reignite my love for books and it did go a little way in helping me decide to do Journalism and English at uni. When it came to applying for uni the second time around I mainly looked at English based courses before settling for the one I’m doing and thankfully my results were much better the second time around and I got into my first choice uni.

So we’re back to the present day (I’ve skipped the brief flirtations with beauty just before I went back for a third year. And nursing) and I’m still no wiser as to what I want to do. Part of me does wish I’d done straight English but there’s no point dwelling on that because to be honest even if I had have done straight English I’d more than likely still be writing this post today! The thing that has sparked all this is that a couple of weeks ago I had to make my CV more professional for my Professional Experience module and I had to have some sort of aim on there, as in my ideal career/what I wanted to do after uni so as you can imagine I was pretty stumped on that one. I freely admit I don’t know what I want to do but at times I feel that I’m been pinned down to know exactly how my life is going to go and I hate that.

So are any of you still at uni and not sure what you want to do? Have you left uni and you’re still not sure what you want to do or have you always known where your career was heading?

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  1. Oh Lauren I hope you are ok my lovely! I still have no idea and my degree in history and sociology is definitely not helping! I keep getting asked at interviews how my degree ties in with the job and I just reply with that I chose it as both subjects were something I really enjoyed. I think you just have to stick at it and not worry too much. There is always the possibility of gap years, internships etc where you can take time to explore other options. You never know what is around the corner :) xxxxxx

  2. Hey hun, sending you a big hug!

    I'm in my last year and uni and I have no idea what I want to do. I'm applying for a PhD, but I worry that I'm only doing that to put off the inevitable.

    It stresses me out, but you're not alone. It'll come to you, I'm sure xxx

  3. Wow, the English education system sounds so different from the Scottish one! I was very lucky, I freely admit I'm one of those people many people hate - I'm very successful academically. I got top grades in all my subjects, and got into every Uni course I applied to. I had loads of interests, so I applied to zoology, primary teaching, marine biology, communication and mass media, journalism and pharmacy. I ended up picking teaching for some unknown reason, studied for five years, walked out with a first class honours, and now I'm on job seekers with no idea what I'm doing with my life.

    Sometimes its really hard not to feel depressed about the whole situation, but on the other hand I still have so many options. I can go travelling, apply for a graduate scheme, go back to Uni... It's like a fresh start.

    Don't be disheartened that you don't know what you wanna do yet - in my experience 90% of graduates still don't know what they wanna do!!

    Keep positive!

    ~ Lauren <3


  4. Everything just takes time I guess.

  5. Thankyou for all your lovely comments everyone :) xxx

  6. oh sweet, i know EXACTLY how you feel. i'm experiencing nightly panics and the odd tear session over the lack of surety that graduating is going to bring. i was all set on doing postgraduate study but got rejections from them all despite my really good grades and what not. just cannot win, sometimes and it really knocked me. i'm not sure what or where i'll end up come summer time.

    we will manage though, time can only be on our sides as we're only young. us english graduates have to stick together.

    thank you so much for linking this to me, such a comfort knowing someone else feels the same. xx


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