Monday, 19 December 2011

BEAUTY: Glitterbug

In last weeks Happy List I gave you a sneak preview of my new nail varnish and promised you a full post on it. Well here it is! The polish is even better in real life than in the photo's and it's sooo cheap (99p I think, I can't really remember! Available from Bodycare) I'm in love! So let me introduce you to Carnival...

I only wore it on my thumb nails as a sort of accent nail as it is really glittery and I was only going to the cinema when I had it on! I think it looks amazing though. Like a christmas party in a bottle!

In these pictures I have 5 coats on as obviously you can only brush on a few flecks of glitter at a time, that was enough coverage for me, however I do have really tiny hands and really little nails so obviously other people may need more than 5 coats! For such a cheap price the polish is amazing quality, I don't own OPI's Rainbow Connection but after seeing many blog posts about it I would say this is an amazing dupe and there's obviously a big price difference between them.
I'm going to wear this polish at christmas as it is above but with a red nail varnish, but then on new years eve I'm going to wear it on every nail as my dress is black so I need some sparkle!
By the way the other colour on my nails is Missguided's MissCellaneous which I got free in a magazine earlier in the year and it's become one of my favourite nail varnishes, I have just checked on Missguided's website and it is available to buy on there. I'm quite pale but the colour has a purpley undertone which I love as it doesn't wash me out.

MissCellaneous and Carnival


  1. I have Rainbow Connection, and I have to say, I totally agree with you this seems like a total dupe! What a bargain too! The missguided polish looks lovely with it too! x

  2. Oh my goodness this is so pretty and festive! I recenly painted my thubs silver glittery and when I was texting I was loving looking at them! I love the pink underneath as well xxxx

  3. Love it! Anything glittery always gets a thumbs up from me! :D xoxo

  4. beautiful nail art! I love it!!
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  5. Lovely nails, I love the aparkles.

    Happy Holidays to you!


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